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Monday, May 11, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 16

Finally! An episode focused on Wang Yao (China)! He greets us in Chinese and I think he also talks a little about the episode.

This episode is focused on China and Japan's relationship. Well, it's about time we get to see more of Asia from this series! And who says Hetalia's Japan doesn't show any negative qualities?!
Yao was walking around complaining about his aching body and political troubles, when suddenly he spots a little child who seems to be the same as him, a nation.
I am amused with the spotlight on Kiku (Japan). Haha!

Yao talks to the child and introduces himself. He also asked the child's name.

The little boy, though looking adorable, had been greeting a little rudely, which Yao totally didn't expect. Haha!

Little boy grew up . . . with a voice even deeper and manlier than Yao's! Haha! Anyway, Yao spotted Kiku drawing, and he realized that Kiku can't write words yet. So Yao introduced to him Chinese characters.

Yao was so proud that Kiku seemed so studious but only to find out later that he simplified the Chinese characters that Yao showed him. Haha!
Even if I'm used to writing Chinese characters, I have to admit they're still pretty difficult to write. It's hell more difficult to write those with a brush. I even had to cheat with a pentel pen at times when our Chinese teachers requires us to do such exercises! Haha!

Even while he's under Yao's influence, Kiku's already developing as a nation. Yao is so proud of him.

Yao spots someone familiar: PANDA!

Yao was so proud to show off his little brother, but Kiku doesn't seem to to acknowledge it, at least not proudly. Haha!
I just noticed that many of the siblings of this series have one of the pair cruel to the other. For example: Lovino (South Italy) to Feliciano (North Italy), Alfred (America) to Matthew (Canada), Arthur (England) to Peter (Sealand), then now Kiku to Yao.

Yao and Kiku had a chat while moon gazing. Yao asked what are Kiku's plans in the future, and Kiku sure had a lot in mind. He also looked very deep in thought. Yao couldn't comprehend such stuff so he changed the subject. They talked about the moon this time, and even if they're both from Asia they still had differences in superstitions/beliefs/tales.


"Hey England! After all, I want freedom!"
We get more scenes from the battlefield! Whoa . . . difference in number is so obvious. Alfred still has his men while Arthur is all alone.
Yes, there was English/Engrish in the preview, but I have no complains. At least it was more understandable compare to the ones from the other previews.
Alfred's voice sounded kinda old and hoarse though. A friend suggested that it might be because he was in pain. I like that reason. Haha! And hey, it does make sense you know! *smiles*
As for Arthur . . . the animation is actually so smooth you know . .. but his eyebrows had been really out of place! Haha! It made the scene a little comical!

"I won't allow it!"
That's Arthur's response to what Alfred said. Even if he's obviously losing the battle, he still charged.
Of course I'm sure those are Arthur's boots . . .or boot rather.
I really liked the voice acting on it. Nice delivery. I love Arthur's English voice. At least, from this scene. So hopefully it's as good as in the actual episode's . . .if ever it will be in pure English.
The video of that part was so quick though. But I've managed to take screencaps of almost every frame of his short appearance on that part. Someone should do an animation though *stares at a particular friend at LiveJournal*

Aside from those, there's a short scene of Arthur taking young Alfred's hand to go home. It was done in slow motion. Captures the emotion of the scene. It makes me teary.

From what I've read, the most awaited episode will FINALLY air next week. At least, according to the text, from how they've translated it. We'll confirm from the subs. Oh wow! I can't wait!
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~ Post may be edited a little when subs are out

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