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Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Flavors: Azrael's Edge

Azrael’s Edge
by Yugyoji Tama
In Transbal, there is the Youheibutai, alias Boreas. Leto was assigned to learn under Alpha, an able young man. Acknowledging Alpha, Leto breaks away from his learning and is involved in various struggles and incidents. What encounters are awaiting for this pair?

When I saw the volume/chapter cover and the word "supernatural" as one of its genres, I already knew that this series is my type. Hehe. Much more when I was the name "Azrael" in the title. I freakin' love angels and I know an angelic name when I see one. Hehe~ And it's the Angel fo Death's name!!! Coolness~ So I expected some religious stuff in this series!

To my disappointment, there was no such. *sobs* Or maybe not yet? It's just like an introductory chapter for the main duo. So we're not yet in the actual story. I hope there really will be some religious stuff, but even if there aren't, I like the first chapter so no complains if there won't be any religious references in the future. Azrael can be just a name of some character there who just happened to have the same name as an angel. Ehehe.

Now about the main characters of this series, Alpha and Leto have the typical awesome-dude-who-claims-he-doesn't-care-plus-weaker-yet-very-kindhearted-guy-and-they-don't-really-get-along-very-well-at-the-beginning relationship. I don't see how they have the mentor-apprentice relationship though, because Alpha isn't exactly teaching him anything. He just keeps on commenting on how weak Leto is. While Leto complains about being paired up with Alpha a lot. Seems that the pair-up isn't to their choices.

But like other duos of this type, no matter how many times they keep on saying that they don't care about the other or exclaim how much they hate the other, deep inside they actually both mean a lot to each other.

This isn't shounen-ai, nor are these two actually a gay pairing. But this is a Zero-Sum comic. Seeing pretty boys together is unavoidable for some fans to have some wild imaginations. Especially with scenes like this:

Oh yeah, Alpha's thinking of killing Leto on that part. So even pretty twisted and morbid fans may be able to enjoy this. Haha!

As for the art, it's pretty and cool. There were some kinda-bloody, semi-grusome, and pretty-freaky stuff . . . I like that. Intense scenes are presented . . . really intense. Haha! But though the art's nice, it's not exactly pretty nor attractive enough to force me to stare at wonderful panels. Ehehe.

The story was kinda dull in the beginning. It was your usual monster-fighters-for-hire kind of thing, where fighters show up to their client's places then do the job then that's it. But later I realize how wrong I was when I continued reading. Alpha in the panel above already says my thoughts on the overall story of the chapter. Hehe. I thought it would end up being a boring mission, but it seemed to have become unexpectedly interesting later! Hehe!

I am pleased. I like this manga. Hopefully the actual story will be just as interesting. It seems too short though, since it has already finished with just one volume. This seems more like a pretty long series, especially when the main duo is still not close to each other in this chapter. Hopefully it had ended nicely. And hopefully scanlation will be finished.

Sapphire Pyro
Read: 1 chapter (complete: 1 volume; scanlation: 1 chapter only so far)
Verdict: Following and covering if I liked Chapter 2
I thought it was stereotypical at first, but story became interesting for me later. The characters didn't appeal to me much yet, but they're not bad. I'm liking this~