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Monday, January 2, 2012

My Short Fandom Blogging History... and Old Blogs Re-Opened!

My "Short" Fandom Blogging History:
  1. [deviantArt] I used to blog about my fandom a bit on the journals at my art account (@ deviantArt).
  2. [Expression of Deviance] I used to blog about my fandom on a personal journal (@ LiveJournal).
  3. [Impressions with Deviance] And then I thought of creating a blog with only my reviews (@ Wordpress).
  4. [Fiction Hunter] I wanted a book blog because lots of book blogs made me jealous (@ Blogspot).
  5. [Imagination Complex] I think this name was cooler. And yeah, still a book blog (@ Blogspot).
  6. [Hyper Parfait] And then my friend and I decided to create an anime and manga blog (@ Blogspot).
  7. [Daydream Sanctuary] Hyper Parfait closed. But I wanna continue on my anime/manga spam. I don't want just an anime/manga or just a book blog. I want an all-around! (@ Blogspot)
Yes, we're doing pair blogging again xD My partner, xtine06, is less busy lately, so we can blog like we used to before~
The difference though, is that it'll only focus on anime. I'll be posting my anime reviews, first impressions, commentaries, fangurlings, etc. over there instead.
Inu x Boku SS is what I plan to follow this season (Thank goodness it airs on Thursdays! YAY!). Possibly Miniskirt Pirates too (it's on a Saturday). Mirai Nikki, I might post by batch (or it depends on the episode). For the rest, it depends....


I think its name is cooler than "Daydream Sanctuary"? Ahahaa... "sanctuary" is a word that's kinda hard to remember for some. (I see so many TYPOS on Google search keywords)
This was supposed to be a surprise next month or late this month (since I couldn't start it early this month ^^;) but oh well, might as well say it in advance ;P
It will be like Daydream Sanctuary, minus the anime stuff... and more organized ^^; I won't be transferring my posts because the current ones are such a mess >_< It's confusing me. @_@ I'm thinking of proofreading and reposting my reviews though.
I'll announce about it when it's somewhat ready. It's still full of... drafts ^^; And I might change my mind on some parts, ahahaha.
Sorry for being so fickle-minded and such an organizing freak >_<