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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 1

Yay! The third season has began and we alreayd have The Awesome at the start of the episode xD And I'll never get tired of the Italian and the North American brothers~

Gilbo: Dammit! That degenerate aristocrat! I'll make him cry for this! 'cuz I'm barking mad! Why do they alone get to do all the good stuff with Feliciano-chan? But they won't know the ultimate weapon I've got up my sleeve!
(UPDATE): That's his line in the manga, but in the anime, he was blaming the staff instead of Austria for the lack of screentime xD THAT WAS GENIUS xD (Thanks for the correction, Kiseki-chan!)
He is cursing his favorite victim but there's actually to more than one person he wants to complain to. Oh you really can't handle Elizaveta, huh~

Gilbo: The diaries that I kept continually since I was born! Detailed here in my diaries are your most embarassing moments! Now unearthed!
A punkass dude has his diaries as his ultimate weapon.... could there be more epic crack than that? LOLz

Gilbo.... you're seriously FREAKIN' RICH! You have a rose GARDEN and a MANSION and a LIBRARY with JUST your diaries! xD Wow~


Volume 128

Boy, was I cool! And that Elizaveta guy is totally creepy!
He is the fearless shounen boy but finds Elizaveta creepy... that's just awesome~
Oh, for those who don't know, he thinks Elizaveta's a dude xD Same goes for Elizaveta, LOLz~ MY OTP'S SO AWESOME!!!!!

(Fufufuf... yes I combined them =3... it's a love story!!!! xD)
Elizaveta: I have nothing else to ask of you, save that you defend some territory for me. Don't let the Cumans take Burzenland. And don't prickle at their offenses, they're seasoned warriors to watch ou-
Gilbo: AWESOME! I'm on it!
Elizaveta: Er, I haven't finished-.............. that guy gonna be alright? He didn't listen to a word I said...
Elizaveta gives orders to Gilbo.... and Gilbo is so obedient.... and she got worried about him.... daaaaaw

Gilbo: Mission complete! Praise me! Hail me! On your knees!
Elizaveta: ... you won too freakin' fast!
Oh shounen boy is really so awesome~

Gilbo: So, as my due reward, I now claim Burzenland!!! *gets beaten up by Elizaveta afterwards*
Chibi Gilbo is love~

Gilbo: Keep yourself outta that Elizaveta's way! He's barbarous! Violent! Pure evil!
You are warning fellow nation-tans for Elizaveta has pwned you xD Wahahaha!

Gilbo: Fufufu... was I cute back then.
Chibi narrator: Not at all.
You just got yourself beaten up but still find yourself cute and awesome. Oh Gilbo~ SO LOLz xD


Lovino goes to Ludwig and blaming him for Feliciano's behavior. But later he stepped on a banna and landed flat on the floor (reminded me of what happened to Alfred and the ice cream). Oh chibi nation-tans are weak against banana peels, huh?

Feliciano treats his wounds and wonders what happened to him. As usual, Lovino blames him for it.
Oh they're so adorable~

Lovino goes back to Ludwig for revenge. He brought a secret weapon this time, and Ludwig just went: "^^; err.. good luck".

He attacks with a grenade.... but he just did what Feliciano had back then. This made Ludwig panic and worry for him instead. LOLz. Oh they're really brothers~


Alfred: Hey Matthew, you wanna play catch?
Matthew: Okay! Come on, brother of mine!

But Alfred was too fast and strong... poor Matthew ^^;

Matthew: Aaarrrgghh, you're too weird Alfred! You always push too hard! How about taking things slowly for a change?!
Alfred: YOU SURE? No way! You're just way too slow!

Matthew: What did you say, damn bastard!
Alfred: Hahahah, now that's slow!
The soft one is calling the other a bastard~ That's so awesome~ But his hits are so.... light and slow. Makes him adorable xD Haha!

So okay, most likely the strips with Kiku and Greece will be in next episode since the news of Gilbo's diary featuring in this episode had been right =D YAY!

~ Translations are based on scanlations; obviously not by me.
~ Not counting this as episode 53. I'm resetting the count like what the official site did.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hetalia Anime Episode Guide: Season 2

I've completed my marathon upto the last episode of the second season~

Here's an episode guide of the second season~ Each contains quick descriptions of its main events/segments/portions/whatever, the characters that appeared/debuted/cameos, the ending theme singers, and also links to my impressions post.

Hetalia Anime Episode Guide: Season 1

Hehe, I had been marathoning the Hetalia anime (subbed this time, I've only been watching the raw). And I felt like posting something like this:

Here's an episode guide of the first season~ Each contains quick descriptions of its main events/segments/portions/whatever, the characters that appeared/debuted/cameod, and also links to my impressions post.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Chapters 13 to 18

Oh I miss my monday bloody awesomeness... and I just got my hopes up on the return of the one I fully adore in this series~


I'm so relieved that it didn't take too long for the enemy to realize that Takagi's a spy because HE'S ALREADY BEING FREAKIN' OBVIOUS!
But it seems true that Alexei had trusted Beast.... the betrayal must have hurt him a lot.
I didn't have to worry about him dying... knowing Bloody Monday... and he's a main character. Can't easily kill off a main character especially when he had been kept alive with so much effort in the first season o_o
Bad guys had been successful though... good guys are trying to do the counterattack in the recent chapters.... but still, bad guys had won. That's what I so love with this series~


So it's the strongest nuclear bomb ever created.... so to be specific it's a Tsar Bomba?
I got lazy to do more research.... perhaps it's because I'm not that interested in bomb stuff....
But just one hour left before it detonates? And whole Tokyo is in danger? It should take a miracle to be able to stop that at such time limit.... but ah well, shounen miracles get applied to this series... I don't care 'coz BM's awesome xD *bias is obvious*


Oooo~ We have a new terrorist member introduced. It's not yet that clear to me on what his specialty is....
I hope we get to learn more about him soon *_* He's pretty cute after all *is shot*


Oh what twist for yet another ordinary girl turning out to be someone super extraordinary! I LIKE HER REAL SELF! She's a spy, knowledgeable on terrorist tactics (even a walking WIkipedia-chan as Kanou says xD Haha!), and she's sort of like a ninja for being able to see in the dark! *_* Cool cool cool~
I'm happy that she's currently their ally, sort of. We need more kickass young girls in this series~ I prefer this hell more than that other girl.... whose name I already fail to remember because Hibiki's just to awesome xD Haha!


Fujimaru is having that theory... and Otoya doesn't want to think about it... BUT OH PLEASE I WISH HIBIKI IS INDEED WORKING FOR J!!!!! I WANT J FOR AN ALLY!!!!! THEY NEED J AS AN ALLY!!! OR EVEN IF HE'S AN ENEMY AGAIN (which I really doubt because he's not really a bad dude) I WANT HIM BACK!!! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW xD
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! *obvious J fan is obvious*

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Manga Discoveries: Guys turn to Girls, Unconditional Love, Rock Star's Love, Artist's Life, and Bishies for Romance & Friendship (ft. Otoyomegatari)

I finally caught up to Otoyomegatari... and I wanna know more about Smith *_*

I am not a sewing freak but the patterns featured in the latest chapter are indeed very gorgeous *_* I really love this series, and I discovered recently that one of my favorite mangaka, Akizuki Sorata, actually has a copy of its first volume! Fantastic mangakas also have awesome tastes xD I knew it xD Ohohohoho!

Anywayz, I've been manga hunting once again! Hahahah! I don't like missing an awesome series so I check out new titles as much as I can xD So anyway, I've discovered a number of series but for this batch I will be including those that I recommend. ;D

[ Featured in this Post ]

(This manga is not featured in this post but that's the portion of the Belca portrait to be given away in the ZeroSum anniversary. *_* Kyaaa! And oh, +C is one of those that I like... so sort of fits in this post? o_O)
:: Agape ::
(criminal profiling and catching crooks... police stuff hell yeah!)
:: Ame Nochi Hare ::
(traps in the next level!)
:: Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou ::
( rock star x epic fail baker girl FTW!)
:: Chibi-san Date ::
(what a Hetalia fan shouldn't miss!)
:: Seishun Kouryakubon ::
(yay for bishies with friends and in love)

[ Agape by KASHIMA Jun and ISHIGURO Masakazu ]

The metropolitan police have a special squad of negotiators for talking down violent criminals in hostage situations and so forth. The two top negotiators have great knowledge of human psychology and experience in dealing with criminals, but they are missing something important.
They are searching for someone who is capable of agape love-- unconditional and selfless love for all people. Such a person would be able to develop rapport easily with criminals, and therefore be a natural negotiator. Instead of finding a person like this on the police force, they find her in the form of the teenage girl Haruka. Will they be able to persuade her to become a negotiator for the police?
I love a series that emphasizes the power of a form of love that isn't eros love. I'm already a sucker for psychology and police stuff... and I find it really cool when cops don't just barge in, but actually study the criminal's actions and behavior. What made me more pleased with this series that being able to understand criminals and having the ability to apprehend them isn't everything that is needed to fully solve a case. Being able to reform the criminal is something much better than just by imprisoning him to make him repent. Oh the power of love... this is how incredible it is.
However, I don't fully agree to how this series presents agape through Haruka. Yes, she was indeed able to show that during the crime scene (and it was WOW!). But the beginning part... when someone confessed to her... she says that she only laughs with the guy because he does... and she doesn't understand passionate love either. Hmmm... for me, if it was really agape, she should be laughing with him because she does think it's fun, not just because he's having fun as well that she should follow to please him. And I think someone capable of agape could also know passionate love, she just doesn't have extreme favoritism.
Nonetheless, this is still a very interesting series. I'm liking the psychology dude... knowledge is power xD Yay nerds~

[ Ame Nochi Hare by BIKKE ]

Amagai Gakuen, a prestigious school for boys, was hit by an unusual spring storm during the entrance ceremony. Four boys - Hazuki, Toma, Yusuke, and Junta - were all caught in the storm's violence and were affected by a strange phenomenon. All of them were transformed into girls!!
Inevitably they will meet someone and fall in love. Bikke wholeheartedly introduces this new, beautifully drawn series about boys and girls coming of age.
There's a lot of manga wherein guys crossdress as girls... but there isn't actually much that I know of wherein they actually turn into girls (except for 3 of them... I'm not that sure of the third one because there's someone else taking over his body). So that alone easily convinced me to check it out. But before that, I already got interested on it because it's by a ZeroSum author xD I enjoyed Bikke's oneshots from the Arcana Anthology, so I expected Bikke's series would be as good. And I'm glad I was right =)
The guys in this story have an interesting dilemma: they always turn into girls when it rains, but they study in an all boys school and that will be a problem to explain to families. Because of this they are forced to study what being a girl is like to be able to act like one, and fortunately they hadn't been perverted enough to harass themselves (I'm not that sure of one of them, LOLz) because they don't need to buy porn to see naked women. Haha! In other words, this is no ecchi manga. I don't have to worry about them getting pantyshots or anything as stupid.
Interestingly, since deep inside they're guys, they would naturally fall in love with girls... but the problem is that they turn into girls and the girl that they may like may only know them when they're in girl form. I find it very interesting on how these things develop and get resolved!

[ Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou by AMANO Shiro ]

Jin is a rock artist in the making, and in a relationship with Tama, a wanna-be bread maker. However, as Jin's popularity grows, he feels he doesn't have enough time for Tama, and breaks up with her. Tama agrees to call it off... A little too easily. The two go off their seperate ways and decide to meet new people, but is their relationship really truly over? Watch their piping hot love slowly unfold!
I do not ignore love stories wherein the main couple is canon form the very beginning... seriously it's not common in animanga. I'm so happy that even though this kind of love story is not common, it's also very entertaining! They're so sweet but at the same time veyr hilarious! Hahahaha!
Yeah, they broke up, but they broke up out because they care. They're idiots for that but it's difficult to hate them for it because they still genuinely love each other. The moments wherein they worry about the other falling for another person (or are simply worried about the other's condition) are so amusing xD (my favorite is the part wherein Jin's tone in his song changes if the word "tama" is part of the lyrics xD Bwahahha!) And those times when they reminisce their happy moments are just so touching... makes me teary.
They're idiots but their fun personality (wifely boyfriend ftw xD) and their love for each other make them such adorable characters. The other characters had been fun as well! I enjoy reading this so much! It's not often for me to appreciate a manga wherein the focus is romance~

[ Chibi-san Date by HIMARUYA Hidekaz ]

On the crescent-shaped island of Nantucket lives Seiji, a young Japanese artist. This heartwarming story is about his daily life and interactions with the people there.
I admit that this would never have gotten my attention if I didn't know the author. "Chibi" just screams loli and "date" implies to me that it'll be some crappy romance. Bah. But well, since I knew that this is by Hetalia's author, I didn't need to think twice in checking this out.
It turns out that the main character isn't actually the title character but the artist named Seiji and in this manga we watch his daily life. An no, this isn't your typical teen manga.... because the main characters are mostly adults. Anywayz, we see him try to find something to draw, get inspirations, learn new ideas, and so on. The story is highly influenced by the people he interacts with (and what's interesting that he's actually in a foreign country, so more culture and new things for him to learn and explore!), so far he's been having positive relationships... but they're still various. It appears boring but if you have a thing for cute, you won't have any problems with this. Haha!
I admit that there are things that I dislike in this series... for one is the girl from Japan who used to like Seiji... I thoguht she had an everlasting love for him and the reason why he's not interested in other girls romantically is because of her... but later we find out that she got married already... perhaps she couldn't wait for him any longer. Meh. And I also can't stand Chibi-san... she's all "Seiji" Seiji" that she even dreams about him o_O Creeps me out...
I love this series but I can't imagine loving it as much as Hetalia. Hetalia is really in a much different level, and brilliant in more ways xD Hehe. But still, don't like/read Chibi-san Date because they look similar to Hetalia characters. This series is great on its own.

[ Seishun Kouryakubon by AKIZUKI Sorata ]

Isesaki, a second year from Kamiyama Boy's High, has had his heart captured by a girl he saw in the window of the neighbouring girls' school. A school route madonna!! After 2 months, it's time for her to graduate...!? It's a 17-year-old's summer starting from spring, chockful of idiocy and friendship enough to make you cry.
Most crappy love stories are shoujo... but this is shoujo by Akizuki Sorata! As I've expected, it won't be something typical!
Yeah, yeah, it's one of those school life stories wherein a guy from an all boys school quickly falls in love with a girl from an all girls school. So what made it so different? He fell in love with her non-smiling face. Yes, she's pretty and she hadn't been the type to ignore him, but what really captivated him is that expression. And no, it wasn't an angry, mean, grumpy or cold look either (which would be the actual opposite of a non-smiling face). She's just not smiling. Seriously, that's something uncommon, if not something new.
And is this manga teaching its readers to prioritize love over everything else? NO! Our guy has acknowledged that the love of his life studies very hard... so he won't be neglecting his studies his studies like skipping a test just for the sake of being with her. She has even became his inspiration to study harder. That's what love should be.... changing you for the better.
And you think it's just about romance? NAH! It also deals with relationships between friends and in understanding people. Friends like you for who you are, hang out with you because they like being with you, and they will also help you out in whatever way they can. There are people not being appreciated by the majority, but once you get to know and understand them... they turn out to be someone you'll enjoy hanging out with. This has been beautifully presented by Isezaki and Kurata, and even Isezaki's other friends (they get more spotlight on the later chapters).
Akizuki Sorata has impressed me so much on Akagami.... and she still hasn't failed me even with her new series. *sniff* Oh I'm crying from so much joy~

ALL OF THESE ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Fine, if I have to rank them... the one I enjoyed the most in this batch is Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou. Then followed by Seishun Kouryakubon because Akizuki Sorata is really a shoujo prodigy xD (And I freakin' love Kurata and Isezaki!!! KYAAAA!!!!) After that would be Agape, because it's quite a different police seinen manga. Next to that would be Chibi-san Date; I really love it when Hidekaz explores art and culture... and his characters are really freakin' cute xD Last would be Ame Nochi Hare; I really adore it and one of them looking similar to Fem!Tieria doesn't help xD LOLz~
All of the titles in this batch are something different from the usual/typical. They are awesome in their own way... they make me cry for being so wonderful xD And ah, another similar thing with them is that I like MOST of the FEMALE characters in these titles (because I don't like some of them... particularly those I've mentioned in Chibi-san Date, and I don't know the personality of the female in Ame Nochi Hare yet)... my favorites from this batch would be Tama from BtWnHJ... she's so cute xD
More manga should be like these.... Anywayz... *sigh* unfortunately, even though I love these series so much... I don't think I can blog them x_x But hhhmmm... maybe I'll be blogging about them as the "Random Parfaits" that I do at times... either that or I'll change my mind on the blogging thing. Gah... I wish I had all the time in the world ^^;

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 11 (+ New OP and ED News)

Ohmygod.... this episode shows that even modern (or earlier/previous rather, since it's set like 6 years ago) technology can be so incredible.... and even ordinary people could be badass.... oh Mikado got me so thrilled~


I'm so relieved that it didn't take too many freakin' episodes just in search of the annoying girl. She was found quite quick... and I'm happy that it's our Dollars peeps so Mikado was able to track her. He gives Selty what she wants and she did for him what he asked for: just be badass xD LOLz
All she asked is the name... which is the same as hers. I guess she couldn't cut off that head, but wants her existence known... and she didn't give a damn when the public saw her headless self. Oh people... they took pictures first before running away xD
I knew it... she could be heard! Her voice can be heard and they heard her but since she doesn't talk even those who know her weren't able to recognize her at once. I was amused at the part when Shizuo realized it was her... the cigarette fell xD
Oh yeah, of course how she went down the building was really AWESOME!!!! Stunts like that always rock~ But it's actually a horse, making it even cooler xD *prefers horses over motorcycles*


Namie to Mikado: Could it be that in today's world, people like you are the most dangerous?
Mikado doesn't like what Yamie's doing and wants her to turn herself in. He's being underestimated though and his ideals were made fun of.
Mikado's a nice guy. I don't think he wants to be a hero exactly.... he just wants peace, order, and harmony. In this chaotic world, what he wants is something idealistic. I don't care if he does hero drama speech (which was awesome even pretty corny: "I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS"), as long as he actually does something about it. In other words, he's not just all talk but he actually does something. He began by encouraging people to do simple good deeds like picking trash or cleaning... now he has gone to entirely different level: going against criminals involved in human trafficking.
Anywayz, Mikado seemed to have some attitude switch. Hmmm.... I don't see it exactly as that... it's more of he's showing his true self. He is still Kida's pure pure boy.... but he's one BADASS pure pure boy xD He sees something undesirable, and he frankly says he's not happy with it. I love his angry tone. For someone who's supposed to be weak and meek, he DARED to use such a tone and talk like that to my dangerous goddess. He has guts. He's no scaredy cat. He could be really dangerous and intimidating when pissed off. I LOVE THAT!
Oh I really love it when characters turn out to be cooler than what they appear to be. I already love Mikado on his dopey self.... I love him even more for this kind of badass attitude.
But come to think of it, ALL DRRR!! CHARACTERS ARE BADASS!!!! (Fine, maybe not all.... *really can't stand Seiji and Miwa*)


So it's finally revealed in this episode that Mikado is actually one of the founders of Dollars. His co-founders seemed to have given up after the bad fake rumors about the group. Well, since Mikado continued it... I believe it's clear to assume that he's indeed the leader of the group.
In this episode he has been communicating with Dollars members through the message boards... and he also managed to tex all members.
I find it amazing that even though he's attacking Namie and her men, he still managed to have that attack done without any bloodshed at all. He just made them all stare at someone who's not looking at their phone. That got Namie and her men so disturbed xD It's simple... YET CREEPILICIOUSLY AWESOME!!!! Oh wow... even simple things can be this amazing.


I find it awesome that a lot of the Dollars members are just ordinary citizens. Mikado managed to have ordinary citizens do something amazing... and even go against dangerous people. SEE! WE CAN BE AWESOME EVEN IF WE'RE INCAPABLE OF KICKASS FIGHTING!
It's also so awesome that it appears that a lot of the main characters are Dollars members! Funny that BOTH Shizuo and Izaya are part of Dollars xD Bwahahahaha! I want Mikado to make them work together~


Of course the Dollars members that we already know have also attended the first ever group meeting. It's cute though that even if it appears that the people that are crowded there are all Dollars members, Erika was still wondering which of them is part of their group xD Haha!
And ah, anyone else noticed Erika's and Walker's message alert tones?
"You have mail, young master." and "Wanna try to die once?"
THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! xD


Yes, it's like as you say Miria, it's amazing. SUGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI xD


Yahoo = Yoohoo
Windows = Mindows
Amazon = Amezon
Youtube = Yo! Tube
I think there were more... but I can't recall them at the moment (either that or I'm not familiar with the original site). I'm so amused with the name changes xD


I really find it incredible that the show uses the technology that we have right now in very badass ways xD It doesn't have to be in a futuristic setting, our era's/generation's technology can already be that incredible if you know how to use it xD
Websites... message boards... social networking... chat... mobile tex messaging.... internet.... all these everyday common things in real life could actually be used in stories that deal with supernatural phenomenon and gang/evil-organization wars.
Oh I love technology~


Shinra: Marry me.
Selty's reaction.... damn, this makes me wish she has a head.
But she's still thinking about it so lovingly at the rooftop.... squeee~


Shizuo: "What is life?" "Why do people live?" Someone asked me that, and I beat him within an inch oh his life
Lessons learned:
1) Don't go pathetically poetic infront of Shizuo xD Especially if you're an outlaw. Haha
2) Being honest to Shizuo with as simple as admitting that you're not listening to him can also piss him off xD LOLz Saimon~


My goddess has a point when she's considering Mikado's ideals as something foolish. But ah well, as if her reasons aren't that foolish either. Humans can be such fools yet they're interesting (damn, I feel like Izaya xD)
I don't think her brother deserves all the things she has done for him. And he totally doesn't deserve to still be bathing with her even in their present ages O_O *just saw latest chapter of the manga* Seiji's one lucky bastard, damnit. Undeserving lucky bastard. I guess he's already used to naked women because of his sister.... and she definitely has a very sexy body~


Uggghh... he goes "Only I can protect her" again... so he escapes from his sister's safety cell... and he ran after Mikado.
OH MIKADO BE CAREFUL!!! (Or Izaya, go rescue him again xD LOLz)


Izaya has Selty's head now.... WTF!!!! O_O (ah, I already knew becaues of spoilers though)
Anywayz, that means more Izaya screentime next episode. YESSSSSSSSSSSS~

[ NEW OP and ED ]

(Thanks to Mimiko-chan for this update~ Info from official site btw)
It's not yet 100% certain that this will premierre on episode 12, but official site has announced the singers of the new OP and ED themes!
Opening theme is by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D with the song Complication. Ending theme will be by ON/OFF but the song hasn't been announced yet.
I'm not familiar with the OP theme singers but the name of their group implies that the new OP theme will be PUNKish xD And I love ON/OFF music... most likely it'll be some cool r&b song like the current one. Kyaaaa! Whoever picks the artists for the OP and ED themes, he/she has taste xD I look forward to these!!! YAY!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 18

Ah~ going back to this chapter made me cheer up a bit because chapter 23 was just too heartbreaking. *sniff*


Belca tries to talk Orcelito out of the Hokulea matter but Orcelito still kept his act. Even so, Belca decides to continue persuading Orcelito and stay in the castle. He orders Eco and Linna to inform the news about Orcelito to Musca and to send a warning to the Hokulea.
When Eco and Linna were on their way, there was a sudden order to lower the gates. They still didn't stop so it made one of the guards stop them by force. Eco managed to escape but Linna was left behind wounded.


Waaahh... I'm happy that he's still the kindhearted Orcelito but it his overprotectiveness to Belca is HURTING Belca!!! Oh come on Orcelito, get Belca involved in your plans already! Kiliko still kept on suggesting that idea but you... uuugghh.
I love Orcelito's expressions towards the elders though. He's pretending to please them, and he has this evil smile when he sees what a wonderful job he had done. I want him to do his counterattack already. It's so fun to kick those elders on their faces. Such hypocrites.... saying that they're not worthy to be kneeled upon by the prince yet their faces say they enjoy it so much. Ugh.


One of the crows... so one of Kiliko's boys, huh? It sucks if only the cool soldiers are on the protagonist's side, hehe.
I find him freaky... which is cool. But he's also Kiliko's boy... which got me amused for some reason, LOLz.

[ ECO ]

"Eco-tan's not really good at physical work~!! I'm scared"
LOLz ECO I LOVE YOU! And heck, you're much better than Belca in physical work (except in sword combat perhaps)
Interesting... Eco's in the library that Orcelito has found in the earlier chapters? Means Eco knows something on those hidden archives?
Moreover, one of the guards seemed to ahve recognized Eco. Ah well, from spoilers I think I know the reason why. But assuming that I don't know that.... it appears that there's something big on Eco's background... which we don't know yet because his real identity is still a mystery. Damnit, I want an Eco-centric chapter.


He's full of cute/moe/daaw in the whole chapter. Gawd, if Hector's forever crack, Belca's forever adorable. Haha!

[ MY OTP ]

Oh during that escape... Linna says he did it on his own, and his highness had nothing to do with it. While Belca denies it, and he says that it was he who ordered it.
Oh you two~ Oh you two~
Belca's the oen saying the truth though, but of course Orcelito won't want his brother arrested so he's making the presumption of Belca just being ordered by someone.
Anyway, the chapter ended with Kiliko telling Belca to behave or else he will not assure Linna's safety xD Ah~ Belca's face~

Damnit, I'm so excited for the next chapter. Got me do fangurl giggling a lot xD Hahahaha!