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Friday, October 30, 2009

H*P Halloween Special Day 5

Hott vampire boys are hott:

Oh I miss Kyou Kara Maou~

Anyway, this time, H*P offers horror manga oneshots recommendations! Check out the list of titles that you may find interesting to read!

List Notes:
= I'll only be able to include what I know and have read. Some are recommendations from friends, and I love them so~ If you have recommendations that aren't in this list, please do~ I'm sure I missed something.
= I'm only including scanlated ones in the list.
= I'm not including Arcana oneshots in this list. Go here instead.
= I can't include those that are too mature/adult and so much sexually explicit stuff. They're horrifying in a different sense . . .
= I including those that I consider/recognize as horror, no matter if MU or other sites say otherwise.
= I'm giving chapter links + plot for those I highly recommend, then info links for the other ones I also recommend, then I'll just mention those that are also okay to read.
= I am only including oneshots. Oneshot collections would be in a different post (hopefully). Horror series/movies/anime would be for . . .next time.

Oneshots that I loved and enjoyed reading and HIGHLY recommend!

Covered in Cinders - KOTOKAWA Aya
It's the story of Cinderella...but far darker...
( I wish it was more cruel . . . but it's morbid enough! Nice dark adaptation of Cinderella's story~)

Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Sensei no Kaidan - FURUDATE Haruichi
Yotsuya-Sensi likes to tell stories, and his most recent one stems from the mysterious death near the school. Now the question is... was it a suicide or was it something more sinister?
( It had been very enjoyable! I wish it was a series! The story-telling guy was fun! )

L∞P - KANO Yasuhiro
Jean, the sole heir to a fortune and mansion, is stuck in an endless loop, repeating his brutal murder over and over again. As the 100th time comes, he brings forth incredible determination to fight back and save his servants from their needless murder.
( Freakin' bloody awesome! Great story, awesome twists, and so much blood and violence~ And there's some romance too! I love this so much~ )

Obake Life - TAKAHASHI Ichirou
A girl who can see spirits opened up a manga and read "Those who read to this point in my manga will die without fail on the same day". Terrified, she tries to break her curse, with a jumpy spirit who wants to marry her...?
( It's very very very cute and oh I wish the ghost would remain in his dark form~ )

Snow in the Dark - KANO Yasuhiro
A one-shot fairy tale which shares many elements of the traditional story of Snow White but is certainly unique and complex enough that it is more than just a reinterpretation.
( a great dark adaptation of Snow White! It's also very romantic but tragic . . made me teary . . . *sniff* )

Oneshots that have freaked me out or disturbed me in one way or another~ Read them at night! (Heck, I've read most, if not all, of these only during the night!)

Fat - OGATSU Kazuo
( It's certainly the creepy type of fatness )

Grave Robber - Hoiyaie Ha
(the art was nicely drawn and it looked really ghastly.)

Look Me in the Eyes When You Talk - IWAAKI Hitoshi
( The big eyes spread sure gave me a surprise! Interesting oneshot! )

The Collection - KAGO Shintaro
( It was really morbid. What a freaky girl. Disturbing mature stuff though, so, warning! )

Interesting oneshots that are really good (but I just think they could've been better). Nevertheless, I still liked them~

Die - YUKI Kaori
( Narcisstic dudes are creepy. I liked this! )

Falling - ITOU Junji
( It was interesting but I wish there had been an explanation on the strange phenomenon. I liked the little romance in this~ )

Kaine - YUKI Kaori
( It had identical twin boys, but no fanservice for me. Twists were nice, but some felt forced for the sake of having a twist and to do some mindf*cking )

Other nice horror oneshots to read~

Alice in Underground - MIHARA Mitsukazu
(it was only dark to the parts with the rabbit for me.)

Angel's Share - TAKAHASHI Tsutomu, OOHINATA Gou
(it's okay. only the end made it interesting.)

(I had twins but he was a bad twin so waaah)

Curse of Yamamura Sadako (Side Story) - OCHAZUKE Nori
( I wouldn't have understood much of what happened if I didn't read the article about Sadako )

Hidari Te - CLAMP
(Tried to be scary, but for me it lacked explanation. The kid is just so freaked out especially when it really happened then that's it)

Kyuuketsuki to Boku - MIHARA Mitsukazu
( It's okay. Gotta love vampires~ )

Little Sweet Delusion - Hasegawa Shunsuke
(the art is very very very pretty. I like the art very much.)

Psycho Knocker - YUKI Kaori
( I like Isaiah, but the oneshot overall is so-so )

Rome Rome - Hamaoka Kenji
( First time I encountered a manga with zombies as an ordinary thing. Haha! The milk advertisement amused me~ )

Semi-Eternal Happy End - MACHIDA Shiyuu
( It was a very unique and interesting story~ Interesting dark tale of an ugly girl that became pretty because of something evil. It has sexual stuff though, warnign! )

Sabrina - TSUTOMU Nihei
( It was interesting but I still don't get much of what happened. The girl's pretty though . . . and the mysterious dude intrigues me )

The Black Cat - ITOU Yukari
( Drunk people . . . they cause so many chaos to themselves and people around them. Story's okay. Poor wifey. There's mature stuff though, so, warning! )

The End in Common Ruin - MIHARA Mitsukazu
( I wish they were twin boys instead . . . )

The Monkeys Foot - OSAKA Mieko
( Title reminded me of an arc from Bakemonogatari. It was okay . . . Bakemonogatari's just hell better )

Under Execution, Under Jailbreak Story 1 - ARAKI Hirohiko
( I dunno what the hell just happened with this, but that's one weirdly horrifying prison cell )

Vampire Fantasy - HANAMURA Rie
( Okay . . . sort of a so-so vampire story wiht a little Snow White twist. There's some nude, so, watch out! )

When the Bell Rings - Shinohara Chie
( It's actually nice and romantic~ I guess I've just read too many stories with revenge that I got kinda sick of them. But this one's not really bad. )

White Rain - ABE Yoshitoshi
(the art on the colored parts were so awesome but the actual b&w pages were meh. Story's pretty interesting though)

Yubikiri Hime - YUMEKA Sumomo
(it was pretty nice. morbid lolis ftw. haha)


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blue Literature - No Longer Human MOVIE!

Oh my God . . .

A theatrical film version of MADHOUSE's Aoi Bungaku Series anime has been green-lit for a December opening in Japan.

Tokyo - December 12th (Sat) Cine Libre Ikebukuro
Osaka - December 19 (Sat) Umeda Theater

The film will re-edit the four episodes based on Osamu Dazai's No Longer Human (Ningen Shikkaku) novel, which have character designs inspired by manga artist and novel illustrator Takeshi Obata (Death Note, Hikaru no Go, Bakuman.). This "director's cut" will include new "navigation" footage which is being created specifically for the film with narrator Masato Sakai.

If you purchase the theater tickets in advance, you will be getting a "No Longer Human" postcard, writing notes(notebooks?), and two other related freebies!

I am very happy for this! I so wanna see the edited scenes! And I would like to have those free stuff too~ The notebook stuff make it seem like Death Note. Hehe~

~ Mainchi Shimbun's Mantan Web via Anime News Network
~ Aoi Bungaku Official Site

Monday, October 26, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 40

I am so happy that they didn't put an episode gap/s for this story!!! YAAAAY FOR MORE BABY ALFRED!!!!!!

That scene was just so . . . . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!
And the anime had included that short part with Gilbo and Roderich!!!! First episode with both my top favorites~ Hooray!
Anyway, this episode is more of Arthur and Baby Alfred love~ But we have a little Chibitalia + HRE in the end. And oh I enjoy the Arthur vs Francis bickering quarrels a lot~


You know, in that scene you could mistaken these two as two close friends riding a cart together. Those two staring out of nowhere . . .they look cute~

Arthur: Alfred is my little brother!
Francis: Hey, hey, your joke's not funny, Arthur. That guy's my little brother.
They really can't live a day without fighting, huh?

They were just standing still like that in this scene until Arthur said his line. I felt like watching a play. Hehe.

Arthur: There! The smart guys at my place say he's my little brother, gitface!
Francis: Oh no~! The smart guys at my place said that a hundred years ago, eyebrows!
Haha! Obvious bias is obvious~ They're like quarelling kids claiming that their moms says that they're the cool ones. How amusing~

Roderich: Stop brawling at other people's houses, you two!


They continued to fight elsewhere:

Guy: Ah~ Aren't they lively today...

France and England were fighting over America just around the same time as the Austrian Succession Wars and the Seven Years' War. Anyway, as England figured anything goes as long as he gets to beat France up, he kept allying with any side at all that happens to be France's enemies.

Austria Succession Wars: France + Prussia + Free State of Saxony + etc vs Austria + ENGLAND
Seven Years' War: France + Austria + Russia vs. Prussia + ENGLAND

I want Austria Succession Wars animated~ Please let this episode be THE SIGN of it happening~

They finally thought of settling this with a less stupid solution:

Arthur: We'll get nowhere at this rate! Let's just have the boy decde and be done with it!
Francis: Hah, exactly what I wanted! Everything up to what you just said has been according to my plans.

Arthur: Now...come, come, come with me! Together we shall open the doors of mystery~
That's the lord of horror for you~

Baby Alfred's reaction is . . .

CRYING OF COURSE! Even Francis had a similar expression. Haha!
Francis: Sacrebleu! Stop that, Arthur! I'm starting to feel like crying here!

Francis: Now, come over here! Come, and your days will be filled with the wonders of the French cuisine!
Baby Alfred stops crying. Oh see the magic of food . . .delicious food . . . it can cheer anyone up. Haha!

Arthur: Oh shit! We can do that!? Hey, guys, do we have anything good!?
That's the most goodlooking scene of Arthur in this episode for me.

Arthur's men: . . . . *whistling* . . . *depressing atmosphere*

Arthur: ....I knew it.

Arthur: I knew it.

Baby Alfred notices something~

Arthur: *sobs*



Baby Alfred: Are you all right?

Francis: Aaw, I'm jilted.
Sorry Francis, dear. They're just . . .meant to be. Hahahahha!

Arthur's making the baby sleep. Squeee~ SO MOTHERLY

Arthur: So, somehow I managed to kick Francis out and become this boy's big brother.

Arthur: Hey. You asleep?


Arthur: But since this means I'm his guardian, its also a big responsibility for me. I'll have to give him more than he's ever been given, always keep him safe... I'll have to work hard.

Every Arthur scene is worth staring at. He already had nice shots by just turning around. Haha!

Arthur: He'll have many obstacles and hard times ahead. Hard trying times. And even this wide and bountiful land must give him his share of misery.

Arthur: Now it'll be the two of us, he and I. We'll support each other. That's how we'll live. Thanks to Francis, I've got no money. But I'll think of something...
Arthur is one of the few characters that I find sexy even with eyes closed. Haha!

Baby Alfred wakes up~ Arthur's expression upon noticing that is LOLz~

Baby goes down. That took Arthur by surprise.



Arthur: Hey! Come back! That's a wild... Stop! Don't go there! It's dangerous!

Arthur: I'll help...

Arthur: Could it be that this boy is... doing perfectly fine by himself?


The Chibitalia filler:

Chibitalia: Holy Roman Empire! Wake up! It's already morning!

HRE: *opens eyes*

HRE: *processed to head that it was Chibitalia waking him up*

It seems that he enjoys having Chibitalia on top of him. LOLz~
Nah, that's what perverts think. He's more of just doesn't feel liek getting up yet.

(Baby Romano's style is more violent though)

Again, that was a dream. What's this? The "HRE's Chibitalia Dreams" series? I really really prefer more of the other babies even though I also love this sugary cute duo a lot.

Anyway, that's it. I'm obviously very biased to Arthur and Alfred so I'm sharing the bigger screenshots I got of those two. Hehe. Included in the file are also those that hadn't been included in this post. Hehe. Enjoy~

I don't know what to expect next episode but oh I look forward to it very much~

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That's all. Love you all and let's go fan crazy together~

~ Translations are based on scanlations; so credits on those goes to the respective translators. Some are slightly edited though based on what I understand of the anime changes.
~ It's awkward to go fangurl over nation names so I use their human names:
[ NAME LEGEND ] Alfred (America), Arthur (England), Francis (France), Gilbert/Gilbo (Prussia), Roderich (Austria)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blue Literature - No Longer Human (Episode 1 to 4) Preview

Here's a sneak peek of the first story arc in the Aoi Bungaku series:
Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human"!

UPDATE: Fourth Episode Plot and Screenshots; and DVD!

(novel cover illustrated by Takeshi Obata)

No Longer Human (人間失格, Ningen Shikkaku) is a Japanese novel by Osamu Dazai. Published after "Run Melos" and "The Setting Sun", "No Longer Human" is considered Dazai's masterpiece and ranks as the second-best selling novel in Japan, behind Kokoro.

This novel, despite it being serialized as a work of fiction in 1948 is narrated in the first person and contains several elements which betray an autobiographical basis, such as suicide—a recurring theme in the author's life. Many also believe the book to have been his will, as he took his own life shortly after the last part of the book (it was serialized) was published, in June 13, 1948. This is not accurate, though, as he had started work on it long before.

"No Longer Human" paints the portrait of the life of Ōba Yōzō (大庭葉蔵), a troubled soul incapable of revealing his true self to others and who is instead forced to uphold a facade of hollow jocularity. The name of the main character, Ōba, is actually taken from one of Dazai's early works, "Petals of Buffoonery".

Ōba refers to himself throughout the book using the reflexive pronoun "Jibun" (自分), whereas the personal pronoun "Watashi" (私) is used both in the foreword and afterword to the book by the writer, whose name is unclear.

Dazai might have been a sufferer of Complex post-traumatic stress disorder whilst writing the book. Mike Lew has praised the book for expressing male sexual trauma.

Here's the cover of the translated version of the novel:

Translation is by Donald Keene and you can see a preview of it at Google Books!

This has a manga version as well:

Usamaru Furuya published a manga version of No Longer Human in Comic Bunch magazine beginning in 2009's volume 10.

The Novel's plot:

The novel is composed of three chapters, or "memorandums", which chronicle the life of Ōba from early childhood to late twenties.
  • First Memorandum - Overcome by an intense feeling of alienation and finding it nearly impossible to socialize with those who surround him, Ōba can't but resort to buffoonery in order to establish interpersonal relationships and engage in a vain attempt to forget the abuse he was subjected to by a female servant during his childhood.
  • Second Memorandum - Ōba becomes increasingly concerned over the potential penetrability of his cheerful facade. He neglects his university studies. Under the influence of a fellow artist he meets at a course, Horiki, he descends into a vicious cycle of drinking, smoking and harlotry, culminating in a one-night stand with a married woman with whom he intends to commit double suicide by drowning. Though he survives, she dies, leaving him with nothing but an excruciating feeling of guilt.
  • Third Memorandum - Several years later, Ōba is expelled from University and falls into a relationship with a young and naïve woman. Ōba stops drinking and things seem to work out well until Horiki shows up, turning Ōba to self-destructivity again. Feeling distant from his wife, Ōba is once again driven to the verge of committing suicide, but unable to do so, he becomes an alcoholic and a morphine addict. He is eventually interned in a mental institution, and, upon release, moves to an isolated place, concluding the story with numb self-reflection.
The Anime:

The first episode of this arc will premiered last october 10 It will be consisting a total of four episodes.


The first Blue Literature DVD will be on sale on January 29, 2010!
Aside from the episodes, it will have special/bonus videos like interviews, dubbing, live-action portions, etc.
Other benefits include the jacket image, special booklet, special book cover, special bookmark, and special postcard.

Anime Staff:

Original Character Design: Takeshi Obata
Director: Morio Asaka
Script: Satoshi Suzuki
Character Design: Masanori Shino
Cast: Masato Sakai, Wataru Takagi, Romi Paku, Aya Hisakawa, Mamiko Noto, Atsuko Tanaka, others

The Characters:

Unfortunately, I can't translate or can't find translations of them.

The First Episode Plot:

The first story, "Kamakura's mind," Sun October 10 broadcast

I came to send a life full of shame -.

Oba leaf collection was born rich. He is beyond the study of human life, was a man of such species.
Donations from people in order to exploit the poor to participate in the leftist movement真似事, live in the day ... .... Showa four years, summer.
And the play as usual, leaf collection sponge gold. In order to arrest the movement appeared suddenly anti-social, but are not enough of Tokkou Kosuge,
Be fit to flee. Contact fled was a woman that Tsuneko cafe.
Leaf collection will匿Wa. Although Gomakaseta once, immediately noticed that the出奔庇Wa to Tsuneko again. Along the way, he recalled.
To make yourself smile. Mysterious U嗤with a touch of their maid. Tsuneko just returned, two that night, to both the pillow.
After the affair, you're pure, she smiled, remembering to kill the leaf collection.
And to remind the past that angered his father, who made himself his feelings of shame in being alive.
Tsuneko and leaf collection. Both mutter Futari no one. "I want you to die together."

Episode 2:

The second episode airs on October 17!

The Second Episode Plot:

Leaf collection lost consciousness, and in the back! Sense, make your own thoughts on the past. That show great humorist, one thing could just lead to a human. In one, the man he already knew to be a clown, one that bamboo -. The collection leaves "ghost" Takeichi say. The得心that's right, that was around哄笑leaf collection. And get a feel, leaf collection had been lying on the bed. Tsuneko died and been told, Er-Tai and leaf collection. Also abandoned by their parents will be passed through a room with a monitor. So he is "haunted" I saw a vision of. Once again, remember the leaf collection around him. Takeichi the "ghost pictures" to see the Van Gogh self-portrait presented as leaf collection and will also draw a picture of my monster. The painting is ... well, she was his own. Living in a world of ghosts is what humans can not. Ask yourself, was once his feet toward the source of ivory should Horiki. For the eye-rolling is the Horiki, leaf collection will which was堪Renaku.そして、それを見ていた一人の女――。

Episode 3:

The second episode airs on October 24!

The Third Episode Plot:

Life, where what seemed to be human ... .... Shizuko and their daughter, Shigeko. Collection was living with two leaves. Among such, the father "earn the money guy is disqualified as a human being," the word torture him. Shizuko there is going to pitch a cartoon depicting a leaf collection. The trip offers a variety favorable results. Appeared "ghost"貸Sazu to listen to, easygoing days, the collection is to enrich the primed leaves. Stuck in there gave the Horiki "public" was the word. Which brought the cartoon editor of "public" and the mouth, touching the cases of suicide come Kamakura. Leaf collection is "The world according to their own ghosts to" alcohol and呷Tta. In addition, rumors of the murder is asked to Shigeko "O父Chan really want" that innocent褪Meru Aoi cruel words. "World" run away from something that leaf collection. "I'm sorry been born." Chi himself, in the snow, lying helplessly. At that time, the world Shirogane, were drawn a vivid red. Looking into him in the red umbrella, or goddess, or the devil.

Episode 4:

The second episode airs on October 31!

The Fourth Episode Plot:

Time has passed. Now is holding a leaf collection and Yoshiko residence. He wanted someone else to live for the first time. Draw a cartoon that plays a clown, be accepted by the public -. Chose such a life. Horiki久Shi振Ri visit there. Leaf collection, thanks to Yoshiko, "world" began to speak without worries and to be overcoming. However, just lie in the plane Horiki, look a little strange. Horiki it had come to convey the news of his father's collection of leaves. Listen to it, leaf collection to laugh like crazy. Yoshiko ask him, but the invisible hand that is forcing ... .... Leaf Collection Horiki words more spectacular. Horiki is going to the army. All lost leaf collection is missing something yourself as a person - or "disqualified person" that is leading. Pharmaceutical finally drank and attempted suicide, such a person he says. "We know of leaf-chan is a very straightforward, well pretty good, even if drinking alcohol in there, no, to drink, I was a child ... like God".

I see an interesting and intriguing psychological story! It seems to be a tragic tale of an unfortunate character. I already love it from the spoilers! And I really like it that the anime gave it a horror theme! It looks more awesome that way! And the cast has been really great!
Too bad serious and intellectual stories like this aren't the type of the majority. And I believe it also has mature scenes, and that will be make it not recommendable to innocent and young ones. Ehehehe. Hmm . . .to be safe for me as well, I should watch this without my parents around. Hehe.
This series had already impressed me so much even if I didn't understand a thing. And I loved it even more when I watched them subbed and when I've finished the novel! This is certainly a very wonderful arc in this series~

~ Aoi Bungaku Official Site
~ Anime News Network
~ Wikipedia
~ Anime Newtype Channel
~ Vague Translations by Google