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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick Impressions: ft. Miracle Train

I checked out most of the shows from this season, most through spoilers though. But still, it's my way of giving them a chance. Anyway, since I've been doing so, why not post spoiler impressions about them? Hehe. I can only cover a maximum of 3 series however, so I won't be posting more of these shows after their debut in the "Quick Impressions" posts. Hopefully xtine06 or ninjovee could~

Anyway, whatever I will feature with a screencap would be the one I actually watched while with the others I didn't bother to watch anymore...

[ Miracle Train - Episode 1 ]

I saw this as a Hetalia wannabe. I don't think it could ever beat Hetalia in terms of brilliance.
And it really didn't.
The "Miracle Train" is actually some legendary train that only shows up to troubled ladies. Oh gawd that's honestly pretty dumb. Mainly because it only shows up to women. What's with the train thing if it's only mainly a host club (some on, ladies who go to such are in some way troubled). And there are many other places to get lost to, not only at train stations. Maybe they shoul've been anthromorphisms of maps of compasses instead!
Anyway, it seems to be a "trouble girl of the day" episodic series. I didn't really appreciate the story in this episode. I'm not complaining about what's troubling the girl, since I understand that feeling . . what I complain about is just how things happened. I mean, I find it pretty dumb for them to look for a missing dog that went inside a trin but they're looking around stations instad. Or maybe I missed something.
This episode also has this obligatory character ntroduction thing. They even did that before the important matter of this story. It's like, when you approach a police station to look for someone, they officers in that station introduce themselves first BEFORE they hear what your problem is. That's just . . .dumb.
This is bias though, but the most painful scene for me had been the computation/formula part!
. . . . . MATH AND I HATE EACH OTHER I CAN'T HELP IT!!!! Ehehehe . . . .
*ehem* well, despite my complains (I think there are more, I don't remember them at the moment( . . . I WILL BE WATCHING THIS!!!!
Why? Not exactly because of the bishies. And no, I'm not into BL or yaoi.
My main reason is THE HUMOR!!!! Oh god it sure got me amused. I laughed so much at the parts on how they resolved on who'll do the intros first, and one of them being so butthurt in losing, and on how they found the dog!!! Hahahaha!
I also laughed at the part when the girl wondered why she felt easy talking to a main character (she has trouble talking with others), and his response was because he's a station. In other words, she was comfortable with him because he's not human! Hahaha! And oh, I find it really touching that the station characters here seem to be very enthusiastic in helping their passengers because they really care for them. And they're also very happy when they get to interact with them, because they can't talk to their passengers in their actual form (except through Miracle Train). Daaaawww~
Lastly, the animation's pretty nice in this series~ AND I TOTALLY LOVE THE MUSIC!!! IT ROCKS!!! THE OP, ED, AND EVEN THE BGM!!!!! I love the J-Pop beat in this show, and there's even classical music (or at least, classical style-music)! AWESOME!!!!! (I also like the kaleidoscope effect in the OP. I LOVE SEEING DOUBLES AND SYMMETRY AFTER ALL!!! =3)
I don't care if the story's pretty dumb; it had been so enjoyable! AND OMG THOSE PUPPET CHIBIS AT THE END!!!!!!!! I was giggled so much when they were dancing around~ Haha!
Oh yeah, my greatest bias here is the conductor. THAT MASK IS JUST SO HOTT~

Oh crap I think I typed to much for this series ^^;

Seen screencaps, skimmed summaries, and seen the OP and ED themes (if available)

= Sasameki Koto; Shin Koihime Musou; White Album Final =

= Sasameki Koto =
I'm not against slow music. I'm a fan of almost any music genre honestly, but the songs here really make me sleepy. Especially the OP! The ED is pretty decent though . . .
I'm not into yuri and reading about the story had me confirmed that I would still hate it even if it was yuri. It's mainly about the character being so emotionally butthurt that no cute girl likes her in return. Ugh, get a life.
If I compare this to Aoi Hana, the glasses girl in this series seems more decent (FUMI IS A BIG SHAME TO WOMANHOOD! I HATE HER SO MUCH) and the other leading girl here is prettier than her Aoi Hana counterpart. And it has a guy main character (poor dude his crush is a lesbian), and there's this interesting character that always has food with her. Haha!
But those are the only things I find nicer in this series compare to Aoi Hana. Guh, if you want yuri, go for Aoi Hana instead. Only Fumi is the eyesore there, and the rest is decent.

= Shin Koihime Musou =
I'm not that fond of series with too many girls, then I saw bishies at the end of the OP . . . THERE ARE ACTUALLY GUYS HERE??? DO WANT!!!!!!
But hhhmm . . . it seems to be still focused on shoujo-a fanservice. I don't know if the plot got any better. And though I actually like the women in this show, I still despise the lolis. They're the annoying type of moe. Ugh!
*watching the ED* Whoaaaa! MY FAVORITE BLUE-HAIRED GIRL HAS A BUTTERFLY MASK!!! AWESOME!!! *bias activated*
Errr . . .anyway, the ED is too focused on the cute with some sexy scenes in the ackground. At least the sexy scenes aren't the disgustingly perverted types (like with Kampfer). . . .fine, except on one part.
It's not my type though, the same goes with the OP. It's just so-so. It wasn't bad, but I didn't find it that catchy either.

= White Album Final =
The OP's song had cool and weird parts. I'm not sure if I like it or not. The visuals are okay . . . pretty creative. I liked the blood part and the ending (I just love that gurl. Haha!)
As for the ED . . . the song's very nice. Not the type I get addicted to, but it's still very nice~
But as for the series itself . . . if those who had finished it (at least form the ones I've read) weren't pleased, it makes me relunctant to marathon the previous season. Ah well, I'll save myself from disappointments . . .
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