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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ao no Exorcist - Chapter 5 & 6

Oh this was too delayed. I have actually read them as soon as they were released but got lazy to post my usual chapter impressions because well . . . you see . . .

I still love this series to bits but I really really wish that the school arc would be over. I'm so tired of supernatural/fantasy series with a school setting. Honestly, that's the only thing that's keeping me from keeping me hyper about this series unlike the earlier chapters. Oh please, have them graduate already or postpone classes or something.

But anyway, despite my stupid complain, I still love these two chapters~ Interesting to know more about the exorcism stuff, and the characters get developed.

[ The Blue Exorcist - Chapter 5 ]

I really disliked Shiemi because I saw her as moe fanservice and completely useless. She has no plans on becoming an exorcist and we even got that confirmed on the next chapter. But in this chapter, I've started to like her. She doesn't like being protected all the time, and wants to become useful. She had been helpful on medicinal needs (she even summoned something like a shield/barrier/whatever in the next chapter). Despite her looks, she had been the most useful classmate next to Rin. So they have an official curer/nurse in their group, and that's very necessary. I'm happy that she had joined the cast (and her made-up names on the plants are cute~ Hehe).
As for the new girl, the short brows really bother me. She has also been the mean and bullying tsundere. I find it interesting in her character that she acts tough and smart on the outside, but deep inside she ust doesn't know how to get along with others, and can also be pretty weak when emotionally broken. I'm happy that her character had improved in the next chapter, but hhhmm . . . I still don't like her much.
Oh! We also learn from this chapter that there are actually different types of exorcists. Their abilities are interesting~
They have some big exam and funny that they campe out at the dorm that the twins stay in. So the two actually had the dorm all by themselves. Rin is such a special case. Hehe.

[ The Blue Exorcist - Chapter 6 ]

Speaking of Rin being a special case, the ghouls from the previous episode had confirmed to be their teacher's doing. He had been very interested in seeing Rin in blue flames, but it doesn't seem that he wants Rin killed because Rin had been okay after their encounter. However, it wasn't shown what exactly happened between the two after Rin had attacked him. Drats, chapter 7, where are you?
Anyway, it looks like demons still respect Rin as the prince (Kyaa~ I'm a sucker for series with princes~) however they could harm him if they have no choice. I wonder how Satan himself would do to the demon if he finds out.
Lastly, nice to see some team work here! They're most likely going to be the members of their exorcist party, unless they get assigned to different groups. Damn, school arc please end . . .

Alrighty, hopefully chapter 7 won't disappoint~