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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kuroshitsuji 2: Robin Figurine Crack (Extra: Interesting News About Other Series)

Wooden (finished with gold) figurine of Master
(Original form created by: Claude Forstas)
figure text: Olé
figure text: slightly on the larger side

Alois: Ohh, despite Ciel looking so cool all the time, he does stuff even like this~
Alois: Ohh, uh huh
sfx: smirk smirk
caption: The correct incorrect way of enjoying the Robin's figurine. Please go and buy one too, everyone!

(translation by shiroro; illustration by Yana Toboso)
Shet Alois.... love ya xD Also you and your master obsession, Claude.
The wait for episode 5 is kiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggg me xD

By the way, to those who are interested on the real thing (I mean the figurine, not the perverted psycho boy, LOLz): Look here. It's verrrrry expensive (except to wealthy people) but the details are wow *_*

Now for anime news regarding: Gundam Wing, Kizumonogatari (Bakemonogatari prequel), and Seikimatsu Occult Academy

Gundam W: Endless Waltz Anime to Spawn New Manga
The September issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Gundam Ace magazine has announced on Monday that a new manga based on the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz video anime series has been green-lit.
=== Ummm... Gundam Wing fan! It's still my favorite Gundam series until now! Hopefully Heero will still show up somehow *_*

NisiOisin's Kizumonogatari Light Novel Gets Anime
A flyer included with NisiOisin's Nekomonogatari light novel has announced on Wednesday that production on a third NisiOisin anime project, Kizumonogatari, has been green-lit. This will be the latest NisiOisin work to be animated after Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari. The one-volume Kizumonogatari story is a prequel to the Bakemonogatari light novel series.
=== HELL YEAH!!! I will be sad on the lack of Hitagi-sama though.... but this is seems to be more horror compare to Bakemonogatari (which reminds me, I should marathon the last three episodes already). So awesome *_* (And Miss Vampire's so hott xD)

Occult Academy BDs/DVDs to Include Spinoff Episodes
The second Blu-ray/DVD volume of the Occult Academy television anime series will include the first of four spinoff episodes when it ships on October 27. The volume will also contain the third and fourth television episodes, and a limited edition will bundle a CD with the song "Be Together" sung by the character Mikaze Nakagawa, as voiced by the actress Minori Chihara.
=== I'm excited to see the spinoffs *_* But eeeeehh.... not Maya character song? WHYYYYY? I love how her voice actress sings! Not fair =_=

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 18

Haha, this got kinda delayed because I was introducing Hetalia to my mother by showing her the dubbed version of the first four episodes (Yes, they're out at FUNi's youtube and OMG I love it, especially Feliciano~). Unfortunately, even if she understands English, the accents got her a tough time x_x So I had to explain all events to her. Uuugghh.... but so far she's amused with the two leading characters and likes the historical trivia.

Anywayz, about the recent episode, Su-san's the obvious star in it xD:

I love the "not all scary looking dudes are actually mean" idea.

Tino reunites with his friend Eduard (they're daaaaaaaaaaaaaw). They are so happy to see each other but Eduard instantly freaked out upon seeing Berwald:

LOLz.... that made Tino panic because Eduard just did what he's been trying not to do (at least on the outside).

I'm amused that they really animated this scene. One of the main things why Berwald + Tino fans love this scene so much is that....

It's already one-sided canon. LOLz. And no, not just "lover", already a "wife" and Tino's not even female. LOLz.
Tino is highly disturbed naturally. And denies it.
But I think the fans like that. LOLz

Eduard dearest is now very very very worried about his friend:

No matter how you look at it, it's obvious that Berwald already treats Tino as his property. Haha!

Anywayz, Raivis joins the crowd and they resume the cheery cheery reunion:

Tino and Eduard seem really close. How sweet. Finland's and Estonia's relationship really good back then, eh?

It gave hubby an idea and he wanted more people in his family:

Eduard and Raivis are naturally freaked out on his offer (was this event before Russia invaded the Baltic nations? Hmm... seems like it). There are also... Italian brothers there xD Squee~

They have a big brother they run to if ever they are in trouble. Feliks is like the brave leader in a group of kids.... the one who acts tough and all:

How cool of him to manage to speak up his mind and be brave enough to say straight to Berwald's face that he's not letting his buddies go.

Unfortunately, after that... his weakness shall appear and will depend on his righthand man:

It's so cute and amusing xD Haha, and oh Toris, what would Feliks do without you?

Okay, the last part of the episode has the cafe thing but instead of Antonio, we have Berwald:

Who cares about scary looking people if they serve such delicious food xD

And ah... the ending.... it's not a new group of nation-tans but we're back to the allies... *sigh*

Anywayz, a wonderful news to share:

These are the covers of the first three volumes of the Counting Sheep CD Series. The official site is over here and oh I'm extremely excited to hear 1, 2, and 8 *_*

Alright, now I shall continue reading the second installment of THE SECRET SERIES. I'm pretty hooked to this novel recently. If you haven't read it yet, DO SO NOW! It awesome *_*

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 17


Episode began with the continuation of the "Angry Kiku" strip, and he finally got angry:

Ah well, it wasn't shown in the manga so it wasn't shown here either. But Kiku's reason for being angry is really LOLz and cute.... FOOD IS THAT IMPORTANT! EXPENSIVE FOOD IS INJUSTICE xD

And it's so sweet that Kiku got the rivals work together:

How cute that Greece called Turkey for this rare moment. And Turkey, camera.. LOLz xD

We see another side of European history in this episode~

And oh I'm happy that the anime already featured Denmark (he was not yet designed when the original webmanga strip was out). That confident smile. He looks more like a heroic good guy (you've got competition for the hero look, Alfred) that it's quite difficult to imagine him as the scary enemy that Tino is referring to. Hehe.

So, it's what the Berwald + Tino fans have been waiting for xD The strip where the duo had formed an allianced (or are they just planning it?) and are running away from Denmark. Tino's uneasiness when around Berwald had been... cute. Haha! I like Berwald's voice.... fits him~

When Tino is finally beginning to become comfortable around him, when he opens his eyes he just had to see the creepy stare of his partner xD Bwahahahahahha! (Berwald without glasses looks so much like Ludwig wit bed hair)

No wonder Tino freaked out and... OMG that gay scream. Bwahahhahahahahaha xD

He tries to change the topic and talked about the moon and how cold it was.

Berwald took him seriously:

Well, Tino said he was called so he kept him warm xD Hahahahahahaha!

If you didn't know what happened before this scene, people will be seeing this in a different way. Though shippers already see it in that way. Haha. It's not difficult to imagine Tino as a female so I can't blame them, haha!

Hopefully we'll see more of the Nordics soon xD

Here's a cute picture by Himaruya-sensei by the way:


And ah, the last of the allies finally got featured in the ED:

Hello dear Ivan!!!!

I wish there'll be a new batch next (My guess is a batch with Antonio, Lovino, and OT3).

(Extra: I've heard that the preview of Peter's MKC is out. Or was it the whole song.... will check it out later. Hehe)

Catching Up: Kuroshitsuj (General Thoughts, Spoilers, Etc.)

I was a reader of this manga even before the first season of the anime was aired. But because the anime adaptation seemed cool and I wanted to prioritize my other favorite manga, I put this on-hold. (But I admit that take a peek at spoilers once in a while. Hehe.)

The first season started awesomely but.... though I'm not really a "manga is always better person", things really went downhill when the anime started to deviate from the manga's story, The story and character development had become so horrible (that I'm surprised that I managed to finish all those episodes). Even if the rest had been awesome (animation, music, etc.), those parts sucked so much that it hurt my head terribly.

I lost interest in Kuroshitsuji no thanks to that. I still love my favorite characters, but great disappointment is quite hard to forget.

But then the second season is announced introducing a new main character pair. I had my doubts at first since what made me disappointed so much with the series are the anime originals after all. But I've heard there'll be a new staff behind it.... and a new pair may mean a fresh start. I thought it wouldn't be so bad to give it a chance.

And I'm glad I did. The new pair is awesome!!!! I don't mind of the original pair being back since I love Sebby anywayz because the rivalry seems cool~ Ah well, the main character resurrection thing sucks though.... and the 2nd and 3rd episode don't seem to connect much to the first season..... Things might be the same again if it weren't for the new pair bringing hope to this season.

Thanks to those two, the next thing I knew I was extremely hooked to this series again.

Then I remembered the manga. I suddenly became curious about the difference between the first season and the original manga....

But that wasn't really enough to make me read the manga again. What motivated me is: the possibility of Alois and Claude debuting in the manga *_* Well, there's no confirmation to that, but the creator herself had mentioned that: Sebastian and Ciel are main characters born from the manga; while Claude and Alois are main characters born from anime. If the manga main characters got into an anime adaptation; wouldn't it also be probable for the anime main characters to get into a manga adaptation as well? Besides, the creator has been drawing a lot of the new pair in her blog recently. Seems to me that she favors the two as much as the original pair.

That got me really hopeful! So I started reading the manga again.... this time marathoned all the chapters (from the first to the latest) in one afternoon. @_@

Wow.... indeed, comparing the manga to the first season (and episodes 2 and 3 of the second season)..... the original is certainly much better.

I love series that are set in England in earlier times with fictional twists. Stories on such a setting usually have a mix of some of my top favorite genres: supernatural, historical, horror, action, mystery, romance, drama, and comedy! I love it that they are balanced (e.g. not too much horror, etc.) and are presented accordingly (e.g. what's dark is really as dark as possible, etc.). And even if there are times when random parts get inserted, the don't seem out of place. And even if there had been annoying characters, they quickly became likable in later chapters (talking about the servants. I saw development or at least hints of them being not ordinary before revealing their true selves. The anime just made them completely useless except for the end. And that was so MEH).

I don't get why the anime attempted to go the other path when the original material is already this good. What's so difficult in following the good stuff from the original? Well fine, it might be because they're attempting to make an original first season ending..... but if they'll be doing a second season anywayz, then a cliffhanger first season ending would've been more bearable than that stupid anime original parts.

But then again, if that happened, Alois and Claude might not have been created. So I'll shut up my complains about the first season's failures for now, hehe.

Anywayz, back on Kuroshitsuji in general, one of the major things that I love in it is its horror theme:

It's about a demon and the underground society after all. It would be cool for it to be as dark and as horrific as possible, yet awesome. The twistedness helps, and the main characters not being "totally good" guys fits the theme better. They do dirty stuff and at times don't have second thoughts in causing bloodshed. They're not your stereotypical heroes that saves everyone despite one of the main characters being a "demon". Demons should still act according to their nature. Oh I really love it when a series is being true to its theme.

Another cool thing about it is the action. It's a series with a noble that has a demon for a servant and he is involved in very very dangerous things. Attacks from criminals/maniacs and strong supernatural beings just makes sense for this kind of story. And since we have a perfect butler, make him do a lot of badass moves as well~ Amusingly, even during fights, he's still as butler-ish as possible.... for he uses tableware as weapons! Hahahahaha! It's awesome yet amusing at the same time, haha! There's crack in the cool stuff of this series~

I love the humor of this series very much. Some are obvious comedy, some are totally random, some are simple jokes, some are sarcastic lines, some are totally twisted, and some could be so WTF?! xD Haha! OH I LOVE CRACK xD

Oh, it looks like it wants to explore a popular thing in English novels: detective stuff. We have the favorite "Jack the Ripper" case and the classic "people-gathered-together-in-a-certain-place-but-can't-get-out-because-of-the-weather-and-during-that-night-they-are-being-killed-one-by-one", and there's even the famous and overused "locked room murder", yet there are some different twists on such cliches.... and the characters themselves say that they don't want to be in such a cliche situation. Hehe. I still don't get why exactly those people are gather though..... but I like that it doesn't hide the obviousness of the fail acting of our characters (puh-leaze, did people really believe that Sebby died?). The events in the mystery arcs may seem expected, yet it still ahs some surprises and nice twists to show. Cool.

Oh yeah, back to the differences, some arcs in the manga are presented differently in the two mediums. Like with the case with the Indian Prince. In the anime, he left after his arc but in the manga, he's still around. I like it that he continues to play an active role but.... the guy also has an awesome butler. I don't want him to be just a comic relief.... I want him to have a role on the serious parts of the arcs. So far that's not happening yet so.... ah well, hopefully the mangaka has a plan for him that's why she's still keeping him there.

Another thing that is presented differently in the two mediums is showing the other sides of the "idiotic" Phantomhive servants. The backgrounds are the same, but their moment in the manga is much better compare to anime season 1. In the anime, they only finished off weak pawns if I remember correctly; while in the manga they actually massacred the group of main enemies of the arc. The manga made them cooler in that sense. I was able to appreciate them in the manga (in the anime, I still didn't like them even after they reveal their badass side).

Speaking of character appreciation.... my opinion towards Lizzie is quite complicated. She's really annoying.... and a spoiled rich girl. The anime made her more annoying.... and the anime even bothered to make a small arc for a "rescuing Lizzie mission". I only remember her being protected by Ciel in the manga once, and it didn't take an arc. The less damsel-in-distress moments, the better, you know.

But what made me not hate this girl is.... her love for Ciel ^^ You see, Ciel has changed.... he's not as cheerful as he used to be. But Lizzie still loves him even after he became such a gloomy kid. Despite his lack of interest in doing "fun things" with her, she still cares for the boy. So in other words, despite her bratty attitude, she genuinely loved Ciel. She accepts him for whatever he is. I don't think that she'll be the type to be disgusted with Ciel when she finds out that he was once a tortured "item". She got my respect from that... she has the potential to become a likable character if only she'll have the chance to grow.

Moreover, Lizzie's presence and her position as the fiancee makes me at ease that Ciel is straight. He doesn't seem to be madly in love with her, but his care towards her seems real. I don't think all those actions he did to protect Lizzie and all the lines he said about his concern for his fiancee were pretend.... And besides, he always has the option to break the engagement and get another girl whenever he pleases. But no, he chose to stick with her and even fought for that bond to remain. Hopefully there will really be progress between the two...

And yes, I'm not into Seb x Ciel. Totally not. Except for crack (because twin pigtails Ciel in pink was cute, LOLz). So that makes my support for this hetero pairing even stronger.

And about Ciel, I liked him at first (because I'm really into tsundere characters xD) but later got bored and a little annoyed with him no thanks to the first season of the anime. But the manga made me appreciate him again. He's a poor darling.... and his moments with Sebastian are so LOLz xD

Okayz, now about the other characters. I love it that among the shinigami, aside from Grell, William had also been involved in a certain arc. His interactions with Sebastian are really funny~ There's another shinigami introduced.... hopefully we'll see more of that guy soon. And then, if I remember correctly, Undertaker was revealed to be a shinigami in the anime. I don't know if it'll be the same as in the manga but.... seeing that Undertaker is an ally of Ciel's father.... looks like Ciel's father is also involved on the dark supernatural side. Cool~

Aside from more info about Ciel's family, the manga also made more revelations about Ciel's past (the happy ones before the tragedy and the horrific ones after it). There's also an arc that's not in the anime at all: the one about the Noah's Ark Circus. It had been a hilarious and.... intriguing arc. And it was really cute when Sebastian has no idea on how he is supposed to treat a sick person. Another butler even has to teach that to him. Hehe.

Speaking of another butler, the first season showed that the queen's butler isn't ordinary either. (one of them is expert in sewing! Sewing flower patterns! LOLz) It's the same with the manga, but she's got three of them. We're not certain yet if they would be angels... hopefully more info about them would be revealed soon. On of them is involved in the recent arc but.... it seems better when he's with his partner or if the three are complete. The one that the queen stepped on (or her horse rather) during the curry contest and was wearing similar shades as she does is the most interesting and amusing for me. Hehe. Hopefully there'll be more of that guy in the future.

And speaking of the queen, her manga version was much better. Not to mention hilarious~ Haha! The Albert doll.... bwahahahhahaha!

So, the Kuroshitsuji manga has successfully pleased me that I've decided to be more up-to-date to it from now on. But if I have to choose between it and the second season.... for now, I think I'll still put the second season in higher priority, all because of these two:

They made it to a manga magazine cover! Please let that be a sign that they're gonna debut in the next arc *_* (I also wish for Arthur to be a main character. It would be interesting to have some ordinary guy who thinks differently among an extraordinary co-cast) I thought of checking out the manga in hopes for a chance of them to debut in it after all xD Haha!

Since there are not hints yet, then I'd rather tune in to the adaptation where this pair will certainly have an appearance. Seriously, their debut in the first season blew me away so much. Despite the awesomeness of the manga chapters, Alois and Claude are still better for me xD Especially Alois! I may like Ciel but I love Alois xD Between the hott butlers though... don't make me choose, ahahaha.

Oh I am so excited for episode 4:

This is a crack image drawn by the creator at the official twitter blog by the way. The young masters are being cute outdoor boy (Alois) and indoor boy (Ciel). Alois is fascinated with bugs while Ciel was creeped out.... Ciel was cute but it made me adore Alois more xD As for the butlers, they're being competitive on who'll get more eels. Haha!

And speaking of eels, the creator hinted that it's like a keyword on the upcoming episode *_* Damnit, I want episode 4 now!!!! *_*

So a summary of my overall thoughts of the series: First anime season sucked. Manga rocks. Sebby and Ciel are cool and cute. Claude and Alois are pure win. Damn, gimme more of the bulter + bocchan pairs rivalry xD

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 16 (Extra: More Dub Announcements)

Himaruya-sensei is satisfying my twin boys fetish with this image xD OMG the North American twins trying to dress alike but they're so epic fail in pretending that Arthur figured them out too easily xD Kyaaaaaaaaaa~

And of course I have another pair of "twins" in this episode:

I don't get why Lovino says that he looks nothing like his grandpa (and I assume that he thinks Feliciano does) when in fact him and Feliciano are freakin' identical (in looks). Feliciano just doesn't open his eyes as often as you do, Lovino dearest!

Ah well, this episode explain some differences between the two Italies. We can summarize it by Feliciano being more.... active.


And you just had to do what chibi Arthur did xD What am I gonna do if chibi Gilbo will be looking at his reflection that way as well in the future.... that'll make my top three favorite Hetalia characters so connected xD Hehe.

Lovino isn't really a bad boy:

He tried to do cleaning but he's just incredibly clumsy. He tried to be busy in other fields but he just got easily intimidated.
Moreover, he doesn't think he could ever be better than his brother in anything; nor will he be favored by his grandfather like his younger brother.

Yet I don't see signs of Lovino loathing Feliciano. I'm pleased that he wasn't immature enough to hate his brother out of jealousy (Feliciano even looks up to him and cares about him sooooooooooooooooooo much)

Gah, here I go again with my siblings love squee-fest.... *ehem*

Lovino just got his grumpy attitude developed no thanks to the negative/unfortunate stuff he has been experiencing. He also became pessimistic enough to think that Antonio only followed him because he's after his grandfather's inheritance, which isn't true as we know (well, except in history or the real thing xD Haha. I don't know much about the historical background behind this, but just when did conquerors have 100% good intentions on the land they invaded? *from a country that became a Spanish colony by the way*):

(Oh misunderstandings)
Please keep Francis away from Lovino, Antonio. The thought of Lovino in his hands really scares me. LOLz

By the way, I totally can't blame Lovino for being annoyed with Pierre because it really sounded VERY annoying.
BUT.... darn this scene:

Francis... LOLz.... Francis.... WTF..... Francis.... *dies laughing*

Oh yeah, it's not all Lovino though. The part of Kiku and Greece has been continued and...

They tried to think of things that make them angry. Kiku wasn't successful but as for Greece.... Turkey's laughs are so hilarious xD Hahahhaha!

Lastly, it's now his turn to get highlighted in the ED theme:



FUNi showed a preview of an episode one clip in an Anime Expo. Then recently, the blog has been revealing the voice actor of the main cast, one for each day. And they're the following:
I am satisfied with all the voices.... but I'm really not sure with Yao's. It's okay but... hhhmmm... I dunno. Maybe I got used to a different Chinese accent? Anywayz, everyone else sounded so perfect xD Feliciano sounds less adorable and more gay though.... haha! Too bad the voice actor for the Italian brothers aren't the same like with the Japanese one (makes Namikawa Daisuke more talented? xD). Well, they managed to make the North American twins have the same voice actors too, so I thought it would also be cool if it's the same for the other brotherly pair, hehe.
So aside from Yao's, I think all the voices of the main cast are perfect for the characters~ I am no expert in accents but about the accents I'm not familiar with, I see confirmations of people from the actual countries confirming that the accents are correct, so I'll trust them.
About the dub (there should have been translations on the Japanese text T_T), they were good.... but for some reason FUNi made them so gay (well, if you see Hetalia as gay, then FUNi made it more gay). Feliciano's line on his clip with Ludwig ("No, unless you want to." in response to the "We don't have to kiss, do we?") is so.... LOLz. I don't care about the changes since those are possible lines of those characters anywayz.... and it's heck more hilarious xD Hahahahha!
My favorites are Francis's and Arthur's because.... OMG those laughs xD So hilarious!!! My stomach hurt on Francis's and I played Arthur's over and over and over. FLYING MINT BUNNY! SHET!!! And of course how could I forget his line with the unicorn~ *unicorn lover* If I heard it correctly: "Hey, no fair chewing on my sleeve, Uni. I'm too ticklish so stop the snuggling."
no murders this go around.... nutburgers... kissy face... sexual tension... alpha dog "woof!".... dark secret no one will guess because of my sweet face... kicked my ass.... ruled by somebody since forever.... that guy is a total *TOOT*
One thing's for sure, THE DUB'S HILARIOUS. Now hopefully they didn't just focus on the humor. There's a lot of historical and cultural trivia in Hetalia that shouldn't be missed. And ah, I better start calling Arthur as Britain instead of England now. Yeah, they're the same. But getting used to "Britain" will make me less confused when watching the dub, hehe. Once it's out. Which is a few months away. Drats, the wait.
(I only found out recenrlt that the Todd guy also voiced Firo from Baccano? OMG, anyone who is connected to Firo will always have my attention. (Firo's my top favorite bishie, that should explains my devotion to the character. Hehe. Kyaaaaa~)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer 2010 1st Impressions: Sengoku!GAR + Sengoku!Crack (Extra: Alois and Ciel + Other Kuro 2 Stuff)

This season isn't exactly popular in introducing a lot of cool shows (like Spring and Autumn), however, among the crap, there's usually several rare gems in the Summer season (Heck, Baccano! was a summer series!) so I'm checking them out to find myself some from this year. But before that:
The creator of Kuroshitsuji posted an artwork of Alois and Ciel in her blog. I've heard that Alois is wearing the clothes that his voice actress was wearing in one of her videos (which I don't know which):

Whatever the original clothes looks like, it's sexy on Alois xD I don't care if he'll start crossdressing and stuff, because he's sexy xD Hahahahahha! Even if Ciel is in my favorite color (blue), I shall be siding with Alois~ Fufufufufufufufufu~ (xtine06 and I certainly get along. She takes Ciel while Alois is mine xD Mwahahahhaha)
By the way, if you have seen episode 2, there's actually a crack story showing the Trancy household side. I'm referring to this scene (thanks to lijianliang for scanlating) wherein Alois wants to find the white stag too xD I find it amusing that the triplets are as idiotic as the Phantomhive servants xD Haha! And also because of that scene, there's a theory of Claude being a dog lover. I hope that's true because it fits a lot xD And that also makes the Sebastian versus Claude rivalry much cuter xD
Speaking of their rivalry, there's more crack regarding it at the Official Kuroshitsuji 2 Twitter. They're so hilarious xD So far Sebby's "winning" because Claude can't do dolls, ehehe. In the recent tweets, Alois and Claude seem to be talking about food and medicine. I love the random crack xD Hehe.

An oh, of course I've seen some parts of episode 3, and the preview of episode 4, and....
TEASER: I've finally seen how Sebby makes the Undertaker laugh xD AND OMG GRELL!!!! LOVE YA!!! And there's little Claude in the end... but he's also in the preview of episode 4 so I'm wishing that Alois will finally be appearing again as well on that episode. And why are they on a train in the 4th episode?? A train with characters that seem like criminals and some are nobles! SHET! It reminds me of Baccano! I WANT EPISODE 4 NOW xD

Now, the last two Summer 2010 series that I've checked out:
[ Sengoku Basara 2 ] Sengoku action FTW!
[ Tono to Issho ] Sengoku lolz FTW!

[ Sengoku Basara 2 ]

(LOLz POOR SASUKE xD I'll never get tired of the Yukimura and Oyakata-sama exchange xD)
Best way to describe this episode (and I believe also the series overall): EPIC AWESOME!!!!
The music, animation, characters, lolz, fights, drama, conflicts, EVERYTHING IS SO:
Even if the story isn't something to be taken seriously, it's getting much better and more intense in this season! We have an idea who is being forced to become an enemy and some former allies that wilingly sided with the enemy. And speaking of the enemy, it seems that he's not just an evil lord who wants to take over the country, but really aims to make it prosperous that one of the good guys totally sided with him.
We even have a resolution (sort of) on who will win if the main duo fights. Masamune pwns~ And I think it's better that way because... well, he's the one with a higher position among the two.... it looks awkward if a leader loses to a subordinate of a different group... But I'm not sure if we could count that as Masamune's victory because Yukimura was sort of distracted.... EITHER WAY, AT LEAST SOMEONE WON!!!! NOT A FOREVER TIE/DRAW BECAUSE THEY'RE BOTH LEADING CHARACTERS!!!!
Oh I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove this series. Too bad I can't blog it like the previous season because most of what I'll type would either be "BWAHAHAHAHA" or "WOOOOOOOOOW" or "KYAAAAAAAA" so.... haha xD

[ Tono to Issho ]

(LOLz TO EYEPATCHES xD This show's Masamune's so crack~ And its Chosokabe... WHUT!!! xD)
I was looking forward to this because I really enjoy watching historical crack. This series was certainly hilarious, especially the OP. Hehe. It has a lot of crazy, WTF and completely random jokes that made me chuckle a lot xD The shows portrayal on these historical figures have been really amusing xD Especially Masamune's! The eyepatch craze! And OMG... Kenshin and Doraemon... LOLz.
My problem with this, however, is that many of the jokes are.... pretty overused. Something may be really funny when you first show it, but if you repeat the same style on the next joke.... it loses its impact x_x Moreover, most of its jokes are just random whatever..... I was hoping that many of the parodies would be somehow witty but.... unfortunately they aren't ^^;
The biggest disappointment for me was the part with Gackt. I don't care if he's some popular idol, but the last part emphasized so much on how much they rely on this guy in order to gain audience. Yes, having a popular person do some voicing helps in getting more audience, but don't realy on the person too much. Trust your show, not the celebrity.
The jokes are funny but the delivery was quite a problem ^^; Put some creativity on it at least. Stop repeating... it makes the supposedly entertaining show boring ^^;
*sigh* This episode was fun to watch but watching more of it I think would give me headaches.

You want a show based on the Sengoku era? Between those two, don't bother with Tono to Issho anymore. Sengoku BASARA is gazillion times more epic.