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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 17


Episode began with the continuation of the "Angry Kiku" strip, and he finally got angry:

Ah well, it wasn't shown in the manga so it wasn't shown here either. But Kiku's reason for being angry is really LOLz and cute.... FOOD IS THAT IMPORTANT! EXPENSIVE FOOD IS INJUSTICE xD

And it's so sweet that Kiku got the rivals work together:

How cute that Greece called Turkey for this rare moment. And Turkey, camera.. LOLz xD

We see another side of European history in this episode~

And oh I'm happy that the anime already featured Denmark (he was not yet designed when the original webmanga strip was out). That confident smile. He looks more like a heroic good guy (you've got competition for the hero look, Alfred) that it's quite difficult to imagine him as the scary enemy that Tino is referring to. Hehe.

So, it's what the Berwald + Tino fans have been waiting for xD The strip where the duo had formed an allianced (or are they just planning it?) and are running away from Denmark. Tino's uneasiness when around Berwald had been... cute. Haha! I like Berwald's voice.... fits him~

When Tino is finally beginning to become comfortable around him, when he opens his eyes he just had to see the creepy stare of his partner xD Bwahahahahahha! (Berwald without glasses looks so much like Ludwig wit bed hair)

No wonder Tino freaked out and... OMG that gay scream. Bwahahhahahahahaha xD

He tries to change the topic and talked about the moon and how cold it was.

Berwald took him seriously:

Well, Tino said he was called so he kept him warm xD Hahahahahahaha!

If you didn't know what happened before this scene, people will be seeing this in a different way. Though shippers already see it in that way. Haha. It's not difficult to imagine Tino as a female so I can't blame them, haha!

Hopefully we'll see more of the Nordics soon xD

Here's a cute picture by Himaruya-sensei by the way:


And ah, the last of the allies finally got featured in the ED:

Hello dear Ivan!!!!

I wish there'll be a new batch next (My guess is a batch with Antonio, Lovino, and OT3).

(Extra: I've heard that the preview of Peter's MKC is out. Or was it the whole song.... will check it out later. Hehe)


Shelbster said...


Tiny Tofu Girl said...

YEEEESSSSS! (SuFin fan) MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE SUFIN! I can't wait to see the "wife" part. XD

Sara said...

Link plz?? I found ep 69/ World Series 17 but, there was no subs! Do you happen to know where a sub version is?

Anonymous said...

such SuFin cuteness

Anonymous said...

Tino will have a nightmare.

uratamacchi said...

For anyone that wants it, here's a link to the new ep. on Veoh:

DayDreamer95 said...

I had the urge to pinch Sweden's cheeks~ o3o
And that scream was highly unexpected. Even if I read your post first.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ To those asking for links of an episode
I don't post episode links in this blog unless I'm linking to an official site. But I won't delete the comments of those who share it xD Hehe.

@ To those asking for links of Peter's MKC
Someone posted it at the Hetalia songs post. I'm lazy to update it now though....

@ Tiny Tofu Girl
You'll definitely lvoe episode 18 ;D

@ uratamachi
Didn't check that link *lazy again* but thanks for sharing anywayz ^^

@ DayDreamer95
There are some things that are still surprising even if you're already spoiled about it xD Haha!

Chanler said...

OH GAWD BERBY!*Cough* BERWALD! Tino loves you, really he does... BUT YOU'RE MOVING TO FAST!

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