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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer 2010 1st Impressions: School!Harem + Fantasy!Harem (Extra: FMA:B Movie + AS Review Feature)

This season isn't exactly popular in introducing a lot of cool shows (like Spring and Autumn), however, among the crap, there's usually several rare gems in the Summer season (Heck, Baccano! was a summer series!) so I'm checking them out to find myself some from this year. But before that:

I think it's confirmed. I saw it at ANN. (Speaking of ANN, here's a nice review of the first volume of Afterschool Charisma. Yes, it's not just pretty, it has a psychological, supernatural, sci-fi, and even gothic treat. And no, it hasn't ended.... which makes me wonder why a big site suhc as Manga.About already made a review of it.)
One of the most awesome mainstream shows (specifically FMA) has already ended.... please make AC be the one to lead the new generation of mainstream awesomeness *_* But it's not yet popular enough.... darn.

I wanted to talk about awesome series first before moving on to the actual features of his post.... because damn, they're boring.

The next two Summer 2010 series that I've checked out so far:
[ Amagami SS ] He's a nice guy.... so he gets all the gals
[ Shukufuku no Campanella ] He's a pretty boy.... so he gets all the girlies

[ Amagami SS ]

(I didn't plan to watch this but this woman's hairstyle reminded me of my goddess Tomoyo so... damn)
I admit that it wasn't as bad as I had expected but.... oh come on. So it wasn't a love story of different females but your typical harem? I like best friend duos but do most, if not all, harem center dudes only have ONE guy friend? He'll go tsun tsun to him at times of course to make him a bit boyish despite his bland personality. Aw man, he's plain from head to foot. There's nothing interesting or different about him that makes him worthy to be a center of a harem. I know that sometimes it's cool when the simple ones get the awesome stuff..... but please, there has to be something striking about him for getting all those girls apart from him being a nice guy.
Ah well, the only thing a little different about him compare to other harem losers I've seen is that he had the guts to confess to his crush as early as episode one... and he was rejected (and you can easily imagine how emo he was about it). What's odd though is the one who rejected him was like flirting on him ever since he caught her attention. WHUT. Or did she do that to give chance for other heroines to flirt with the leading guy? They are of different types and one of them is even his sister. WHUT.
What crap.... I admit that there are parts here that are sweet and some are pretty funny.... but.... overall it's boring. A horrible episode and the lyrics composer in the OP couldn't even write in proper English grammar. WHUT. Typos and grammatical errors in official stuff are just so wrong.

[ Shukufuku no Campanella ]

(He's nice to stare at.... just nice to stare at)
Behold the most boring first episode from this season despite all of its potential and prettiness.
I'll start with the nice stuff: The art is really pretty. The music is nice to hear. The names (of places, characters, things, etc.) sound grande. Did I mention pretty?
Ah, fine, the idea of parents being very young is pretty intriguing. The leading guy's mother reminded me so much of Kyou Kara Maou's Cherry-sama. I liked the younger twin for being pretty cruel and very straightforward.
It took me a while to think of positive things in this series.... because everything else sucked. Carina-sama got on my nerves the most.... for having a shallow happiness like your typical shoujo heroine. She wasn't funny.... she's LAME rather. She's alsot the miss perfect whom everyone knows and respect despite her little weirdness. Oh damnit, just die. But perhaps she's not as bad as the pig-tailed leading girl.... because she already made my eyes hurt the moment I saw her and my ears hurt the moment I heard her lines. It's so difficult to appreciate the main female characters in this series (aside from the first two I've mentioned) because they're either annoying or boring.
And what's with the special treatment to the main characters..... they are the only ones who are strikingly pretty and have the fancy costumes. The knight girl even stood out because apparently she's the only pretty one in her group. Yeah, they're strangers, but attraction to prettiness somehow connected them. They are also the ones who have more lines aside from greeting Carina-sama, and because they're quite different from the rest, naturally they stand out so much that everyone admires them for being pretty.
Oh crap, it's worse than I feared. It's just all about the prettiness with small attempts on ecchi.
If you don't understand Japanese and are curious about this and are waiting for the subs (or are downloading it at the moment), DON'T BOTHER. The prettiness is ALL it has to offer. Just look at them, and you'll appreciate it better than understanding what the heck they're saying.


Kencana said...

Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura, you mean? Or there's another Tomoyo? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Aorii said...

Campanella does at least know what it's doing. Storyline and character depth notwithstanding, it's completely relying on slapstick comedy and the cutest production style I've ever seen >.<

lol special treatment to main chars xD I was thinking that too - like being a 'named char' makes you a noble in a world of commoners

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Kencana
"Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura, you mean? "
=== YES ^^

@ Aorii
Yeah, but still.... I'm not into lame comedy and just the cuteness/prettiness =_= I'd rather go for fugly art with good story than pretty art with no decency. Bah

I can understand special treatment on main characters but... this had bee TOO MUCH =_= Not all "named characters" are nobles in it though..... but they do have the "cool/sophisticated" names... T_T

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