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Friday, July 2, 2010

Season Preview: Summer 2010

(It's the top image at Gainax right now and oh how I miss Simon x Nia.... I wish there'll be a new anime of this~)
Time flies so fast, and the summer season had come so soon! Here goes a preview of new shows coming in a matter of weeks~

As usual, this post will contain xtine's and my first impressions (xtine's will follow later; I went ahead because I'm done marathoning those with manga versions anywayz) on the series based on what's available before the first episodes of these shows start to air (namely the plot, promo vids, manga source, prequels, etc.). Only TV series are included (I'm not sure of Tono to Issho x_x), and the images + plot are cropped from ChartFag's chart, and the list is in alphabetical order.

EDIT: I am late in updating this. Some of the titles have already started airing so before I start watching new shows, I am gonna complete this post first. So sorry for the delay :| Life is so busy =| 

I have a new color just for this post. In lieu of the new President of the Republic of the Philippines, whom I strongly support, I'm gonna use yellow

[ Amagami SS ]
Sapphire Pyro: Whut...? So this is sort of like Hatsukoi Limited (which BORED me to hell)??? I watched the trailer of this and.... it had the same effect on me!!!! Gaaahhh.... I don't like shows that make me sleepy =_= I don't really hate slice of life + romance type of shows..... but love-story-per-girl type of shows.... make me really really really sleepy =_= There's a possibility that the love stories aren't that bad but.... zzzzzzzzzzzzz..... And the manga adaptation even looked like it has ecchi fanservice???!!!..... NO... I pass.

xtine06: As of my typing, Episode 1 aired already. Just like what Sapphy said, this will be a Hatsukoi-ish  type of anime. It has a romance and love feeling, I think so I'm gonna go and check this one out. Lately, I've been to love stories all because of my fascination with Usui from Kaichou wa Maid-sama. 

[ Asobi ni Iku Yo ]
Sapphire Pyro:  Uggghh.... CAT ears!!! *cat hater* What the hell's so freakin' addicting with the cat ears???!!! Specifically the moe type!!! It makes me so SICK.... T_T Ah well, I still checked out the manga despite that.... but I was right about it being CRAP =_= Sexy non-human girl wearing a very revealing outfit sleeps with loser leading boy and the childhood friend discovers. It's a FREAKIN' OVERUSED ECCHI PLOT that it makes me so devastated that these writers lack too much in originality =_= Bah! This is for those who are after ecchi eyecandy.... and that excludes me =_=

xtine06: Hmm, I smell a hint of ecchi plot in this anime. And I also find the plot a bit of confusing. I'm gonna pass this one. I don't want to disappoint myself.

[ Digimon: Xros Wars ]
Sapphire Pyro:  The only digimon series that I've acknowledged as addicting and enjoyable is Digimon Adventure. The rest hadn't been as appealing to me (though of course I like the twin stuff at Digimon Frontier), and this shall be no exception. It seemed to be WORSE than its predecessors... more kiddie even.... I don't get why it's trying to make Sengoku era references though. Bah! This won't even be a hit. Only the super devoted digimon fans will suck into this.

xtine06: My brother is the only one hooked into this. I've watched one or two episodes from different season  because of my younger brother, but I never really like nor was I converted to become a fan. So it's a pass for me, but for those who are really into Digimon, this one might really excited you! :

[ High School of the Dead ]
Sapphire Pyro:  Yes, yes, it has the ecchi crap that I despise so much. Honestly, it's not even that different from other zombie movies except that the it has a younger cast, the setting is Japan, and it's not limited to 2 and a half hours that it thought of wasting most of its precious time with absolutely uneccessary perverted scenes. HSotD is seriously much better without the freakin' ecchi elements
But ah well, though I hate the crap in this show (especially those annoying characters! I have been cursing so many of them and it makes me depressed that most of the cast/survivors are female for the sake of you-know-what =_=), I still love it, mainly because of these two: 1) my favorite characters (the memory of one of them being dead pains me) 2) the ZOMBIES. So I shall watch it for my character bias and for those adorable living dead beings~ (ZOMBIES ARE CUTE xD *likes creepy stuff*); others watch it for other reasons, but I still think it's worth for people to check out (just look at the trailer!)... especially with that staff... and it'll be by Madhouse! =D

xtine06: A Madhouse production and with VA featuring Junichi Suwabe and Inoue Marina: A good combo for this show! I've heard about this around the net and I am always getting the impression that this will be like Umineko, but on a much lesser scale. Let's see if I can accommodate this one. It's a 50-50 status for me, as of this moment. 

[ Kuroshitsuji 2 ]
Sapphire Pyro:  I was one of them, but now I'm becoming TIRED of seeing the number one complain on this season T_T Yes, it sucks that Sebby (I don't really care much about Ciel) won't be the star in this season, but this is hell better than continuing where the first season left off with some stupid miracle =_= Besides, the story and character development SUCKED so much in the first season (while everything else was awesome) anywayz. Continuing the series wih a different cast and a different story is a much better alternative, provided that the script writers won't skrew this up. So far, the second season looks promising (the servants seem more reliable compare to the previous season's.... which only shined in the last few episodes. Pfft!) and it could actually seem pretty good to a Kuroshitsuji fan as long as you don't have Sebby and Ciel bias on your mind. So I think this is worth giving a chance~ The trailer looks awesome anywayz (Ooo~ goodlooking triplets xD). I hope it won't disappoint~

xtine06: The most anticipated (or NOT!) series for this season. As mentioned, there is not announcement yet if Ciel or Sebastian will be back and the opinions of many are different whether or not to accept this new plot. I have seen the trailer, read the spoilers and I'm gonna give this version of Kuroshitsuji a chance to redeem itself. The trailer looks interesting (I am not a fan of Alois though) especially with Claude Faustus as well as their new set of household help. Hopefully, this new season will give us surprises along the way. 

[ Mitsudomoe ]
Sapphire Pyro:  It's in the title... mitsudoMOE. Aaaaaaauuuuuuuggggghhhhhhh..... This series is sorta like Hanamaru Kindergarten.... with the girls a little older.... and already part of a harem of a loser leading guy. This is so disturbing.... one of the girls was even mentioned to be lecherous at such an age!!! Hanamaru Kindergarten already made me cry at the thought of children having such desires!!!! I don't think I'm gonna enjoy this one.... I really don't think so. However, a certain series from the previous season (specifically B Gata H Kei) also disturbed the hell out of me but turned out to be pretty good. So maybe I'll give this a try.... maybe.

xtine06: This doesn't work for me. I've tried watching moe anime but I always end up dropping it. So to save myself from the dropping effort, I'm gonna pass this one. 

[ Nurarihyon no Mago ]
Sapphire Pyro:  This is mainstream shounen and its biggest flaw for me is the lack of character development especially on minor characters.... who just exist for comic relief or waste of time or for props to make the main ones have someone to rescue. Aside from those crap, it has more flaws actually.... BUT WHO CARES IF IT'S BEING SO AWESOME!!!! xD Ha! If you're fond of series that involve youkai, this would be a fun watch because not only does it have cool art and great action, but it also had a looooooooot of youkai trivia~ I love this very much and the trailer got me EVEN MORE excited for it *_* I'm a little worried on the series composition though.... with others they were good, others went downhill x_x But ah well, there's seiyuu fanservice anywayz~ (Takahiro Sakurai, Sugita Tomokazu, Jun Fukuyama, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Kakihara Tetsuya.... shet)

xtine06: The presence of Jun Fukuyama is already a plus, for this anime, plus it's Studio-DEEN. I already miss watching anime with youkai related plot. I think the last one I watched was the final chapter of Inuyasha, and afterwards, I am immersing with a lot of love and shoujo series. This could be a new break, something to look forward to next season. 

[ Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi ]
Sapphire Pyro:  The wolf girl is like Toradora's leading girl but she's not the short... making her resemblance to that Toradora girl a little less.... which got me relieved (Yeah, I hate that girl). Besides, she's a WOLF *loves wolves*.... and I hear that this is a Red Riding Hood parody??? I CANNOT IGNORE FAIRY TALE PARODIES~ *loves fairy tales* That alone is enough to make me put this in my "To Check Out" list~
And though the leading guy appears to be the usual loser type, the trailer has been emphasizing so much on how much of a loser he is.... and that actually made him interesting for me! And I hear he had the guts to confess for a loser type early in the series??? Oooo.... this doesn't seem to be as stereotypical as it appears. I like that! I'm excited for this! (And Miyu Irino in the cast.... Squeeee~)

xtine06: When I first saw this, I get the feeling of Toradora! references especially that the wolf is like Aisaka made taller. But unfortunately, I am still tired of wolf related plots so even if this proves to be interesting, I'm gonna pass this one. I prefer the youkai anime rather than the wolfs, this time. 

[ Osaka Hamlet ]
Sapphire Pyro:  I haven't seen the live-action movie but I heard that the story of this was an award winning one so this can't be not good =) The story seems to center on some troublesome family... and it's making Shakespeare references (I don't know much about the Hamlet but I love literature references =3). It's a serious family drama.... and the plot seems veyr very very interesting to me~ I wanna watch it!!! But sadly, I don't think it's gonna get enough love from subbers because of the majority prefers pretty art and fanservice over shows that are promising and unique. *sigh*

xtine06: This could have been better if the art is prettier, better and more appealing. And I see that there's a live action movie of this, so I prefer to watch the live action instead of the anime adaptation. 

[ Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin ]
Sapphire Pyro:  THE WORD "OCCULT" WAS ENOUGH TO GRAB MY ATTENTION xD Sadly it's a freakin' school setting again... and seems to be episodic.... but I won't mind that if the cases will be interesting~ The ones featured in the trailer had been interesting enough for me~
And an Anime Chikara series eh? Haven't seen Sora no Woto but Senkou no Night Raid got me impressed. I don't think I need to worry about the directing and the series composition because Director-san did Monster and Series-Composition-san did Paranoia Agent, which were both brilliant~ That's splendid~
As for the characters, leading lady is some dominant women who hates the occult... pretty ironic for a main character in an occult series. Well, that's not exactly new (with Seirei Produce and Makai Ouji) but it'll be interesting to see what role she'll play on such a genre. The leading guy intrigues me more though.... because he appears to be some psychic... and he's not the usual leading guy in a school setting age! (He's 23! Not a teen!) Oh I have high expectations~

xtine06: Sapphy, I find this interesting toooooo. I am interested with the leading lady because she seems to have a very strong personality. Also, occult per se, is not so explored in anime plots like this. Another refreshing series to look forward too. Yay! 

[ Seitokai Yakuindomo ]
Sapphire Pyro:  I am really really wondering why so many freakin' animanga love using this student council crap =_= But hhhmm... this one turned out to be pretty different.
It's a 4koma comedy (which makes it similar to Working!!). However, though both series have the weirdoes and they also like parodies to fanservice and stereotypes.... Working!! doesn't have mature jokes like Yakuindomo's ^^; I think it's seinen/josei (most with the student council crap are shounen/shoujo), and the jokes here could be perverted but they're more of verbal type of jokes. They're pretty amusing... worth a try.... but I think Working!! is more enjoyable... ehehehe

xtine06: This gives me a Kaichou wa Maid-sama feel, but the character's personality is a bit different than Misa-chan and Usui. This is a bias for me since I am soo into KWMS right now, so I'm checking this one out to see if it can fit into my standards. (Or I might just find myself comparing the leading guy with Usui! HAHAHA)

[ Sekirei: Pure Engagement ]
Sapphire Pyro:  This is too ecchi for me and the story didn't impress me. I admit that the goodlooking bishie there is my guilty pleasure, but the rest that I see in here are cliches, boobs, stereotypes, legs, crap, gropes, and other bullsh*t. I can't stand it. I only lasted a few chapters of the manga.... and I was just forcing myself in the hope that things will get better later. Bah!

xtine06: I never watched this because of its strong ecchi and fanservice elements, so I'm passing this one. 

[ Sengoku Basara 2 ]
Sapphire Pyro:  I love the first season and THERE'S NO WAY I'M GOING TO MISS THIS ONE!!!!! This is sooooooooooooooo freakin' entertaining xD
No, it won't have a decent plot. And no, it won't ever have super accurate historical references. This show is for fun and entertainment.... and the first season managed to do such a good job on that because it was very very very enjoyable xD Not to mention the art and the music are WOW! *_* Production IG will do it justice and the OP theme by TM Revolution already sounds fantastic~ Oh I'm so excited for this!!!! =D

xtine06: I do not why but I stopped watching this show before. I never thought that a new season will start. But since I haven't seen S1, this is a pass for me until I continue on watching the previous season. 

[ Shiki ]
Sapphire Pyro:  Yes, it's a vampire/zombie series. And no, it won't be the angsty shoujo type like Vampire Knight (thank goodness! the romance in Shiki are mostly canon.... though not very happy ones.... suits the genre) and neither will it be the action-packed type like Hellsing (too bad). It's really more focused on horror and mystery.... though I admit that it wasn't scary enough for me... it does have its spooky and creepy moments.... which I hope the anime will do a good job on. They mystery parts are intriguing~ The supernatural element may be obvious but the series gives us another perspective on such a phenomenon: the medical one. It has a lot of medical jargons, which of course mostly deal with blood and death. Naturally, it involves supernatural references.... and we're not limited to Japanese occult/beliefs.
The story and the supernatural/horror/mystery elements already thrilled me.... and it just had to delight me more with best friend fanservice xD And I've got two pairs! Squeee~
I'm not that confident with the director of the series..... but the trailer seems good so.... looing forward to it! =D

xtine06: The vampires are back! Eclipse just premiered the cinemas and now, here comes another vampire related anime. Woah! I'm checking this one out because I got intrigued by the plot. It has a medical feel combined with vampires, so this should be a good watch next season. 

[ Shukufuku no Campanella ]
Sapphire Pyro:  This looks.... pretty. I was so distracted with the pretty art that I forgot about the story. Makes me feel like only the pretty art is worth watching in this.
Anywayz, having read the plot (again), the girl approaches the main character calling him her "father" instead of "master"? Well, that pretty much intrigued me.... and it's not following the ecchi series cliche.... and it doesn't seem to have any ecchi *lazy to rewatch the trailer* It has the moe though.... Ah well, I think this is going to bore me.... but it also seems to be better than it appears. Enough reason for me to check it out I guess.

xtine06: Awww, they all look so cute! But unfortunately, I am not interested with the plot. So I'm not watching this. 
[ Strike Witches 2 ]
Sapphire Pyro:  I did not bother to watch its first season... which I can't recall at the moment but I'm certain that there are elements there that annoy the hell out of me (I think it's the pantyshots and their lame excuse for it =_= Also the generic moe!). So... nah.

xtine06:  I also didn't watched S1, so a no-no for me. 

[ The Legend of the Legendary Heroes ]
Sapphire Pyro:  The title of this series SCREAMS CRACK!!! Hahahahahaha xD It looks like a generic fantasy series but if it does turn out to be a parody or the story turned out to be pretty good, then possibly I'll get hooked to this one. Hehe. Besides, the one who seems to be a prince looks cute~ (Yeah, I'm really really fond of princes xD Hahaha!)

xtine06: I like the title, the Legend of the Legendary Heroes. HAHAHAHHA. For that lame reason, I'm gonna check this one out. 

[ Tono to Issho ]
Sapphire Pyro:  Sengoku Era characters.... that's more centered on comedy? (Sengoku Basara's more of action) That's enough to get me interested! I loooooooove gags and parodies... especially historical ones (explains why I'm so hooked to Hetalia, haha). The trailer already had me giggle so much (EYEPATCH FESTIVAL!!!!), what more to of the actual series? xD Looking forward to it~ (Who is this Gackt by the way? He seems to be the advertisement material for this.... more than Daisuke Ono)

xtine06: Honestly, Sengoku Era is one of the era that I don't know in Japan's history. I'm gonna check out the spoilers and screenshots first before watching this one. This could be an educational anime for me to see. 

Sapphire Pyro:  Oh my god... a number of them are under the supernatural/occult genre....
As long as the anime staff won't skrew up, I can already expect Nurarihyon no Mago and Shiki being good thanks to manga background =3 High School of the Dead is cool but would really be better without the ecchi and the annoying characters for me. Occult Academy and Kuroshitsuji 2 will be anime original so can't say yet if they'll really be good but I have confidence.... especially on Occult Academy =D
I also love the historical genre, so I'm definitely watching Sengoku Basara 2 (I'm already a fan of the prequel after all); and Tono to Issho is worth checking out.
I'm also into fantasy so I'll certainly be checking out Okaamisan and Seven Friends, and The Legend of the Legendary Heroes.
I want Osaka Hamlet too!!!! I hope subbers will consider it!!!! *_*
As for the others, they'll just be trials. But I am totally not gonna bother to watch the sequels that I have no prequel background on, also that digimon show and that show with the alien girl. Guh.
With Durarara!! ending... I think I can pick up another series. I'm not picking those in which have a manga version even if I love them a lot.... and I don't think I can blog Sengoku Basara again because my posts on its episode usually jsut consist of my laughter xD LOLz.... So possible candidates I think would be Occult Academy or those two fantasy series I've mentioned. I think Kuroshitsuji will be picked up by xtine06 ;D

xtine06: A pretty promising season, once again. FMA is done, and so I can again accommodate new anime titles to write about. Kuroshitsuji II is sure while the rest depends on my impressions on them. There are some of the anime that I just want to watch but not blog, while there are some that I want to watch and blog. 

Occult, vampires and supernatural stuffs is the recurring theme this season. I find this interesting and something new because this past few seasons, I am watching shoujo and love anime so a change can be good this time. I do hope that I can watch those anime at night, because before, I am not watching Umineko in the middle of the night. I am a scardey-cat who wants to watch suspense and supernatural related plots.

Another is the emergence of the Sengoku era in this season. Perhaps, this is the time for us to know more about the era as much as we appreciated and loved the Tokugawa era. 


namelissis said...

Wahhh~ You are also disappointed at s1 of Kuroshitsuji! Well, I'm gonna stop bitching about s2 since it's already there and Sakupyon and Nana-chan are good reasons enough for me to watch it.

All the dark/undead/paranormal themes are sure in my watchlist. Then for my daily dose of moe, I'll pick Campanella since the designs are pretty and I kinda liked the trailer. LEGEND of the LEGENDARY HEROES sounds epically redundant that it made me curious to watch it and it has an RPG feel to it so why not.

And since when did you like Miyu Irino? OMG, I didn't know that?

fma245 said...

Gackt was in the OVA and also he's going to be in Shiki.

Gackt is a VERY popular singer in Japan. google him.

Aorii said...

"Yes, it sucks that Sebby won't be the star in this season, but this is hell better than continuing where the first season left off with some stupid miracle"
That's sooo true. Of course, if you don't care about Ciel and now that we have a Sebby clone it doesn't matter too much xD My friends just like to make fun of the fact it's going to have almost nothing to do with Kuroshitsuji 1 despite the title xD

I'm hoping Mitsudomoe will be more Minami-ke than Hanamaru; seeing as I only enjoyed Hanamaru due to the kids' art style which it has none of D:

Campanella is guaranteed to have moe, although I don't remember Windmill-works as having much ecchi, so hopefully that'll help

Wait, do you hate real cats as well (D:) or just catgirls? xD

Hyper said...


I feel like I'm gonna have to stick with my Detective Conan, Working!!, and TWGOK (which will have an anime coming out this fall!)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ namelissis
I loved Miyu Irino since Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom aired. Fell in love with the song of his character's theme xD I LOOOOOOOOOVE his voice~

@ fma245
Ah, I forgot he's in Shiki too.
I got the hint that he must be really popular... me not being familiar with him shows how behind I am in the music industry x_x Gaaahh....

@ Aorii
Haha, yeah, Claude's such a Sebby clone but hhhmm.... I think I'll still prefer Sebby xD Haha.
I think this season will have a relation to the previous one.... I've heard that the setting of this one is around a year and a half after when season 1 left off.

If it's more like Minami-Ke, that would be a relief. I find Hanamaru funny but the idea of little girls being such disturbed me too much. I hope no kiddies watch it =_=

On Campanella... moe is more tolerable than ecchi for me.... hopefully it has a story and not jsut pretty art.

About cats, I hate both real cats and catgirls =_= Well, I have exceptions on catgirls.... I just hate the moe types.... I prefer the seductive or evil ones (like in Bakemonogatari and Soul Eater) hehehe.

@ Hyper
Oooo.... you look forward to TWGK too? Cool xD

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying anymore.

Anonymous said...

Umm...Sapphire Pyro, while this has nothing to do about the content of Mitsudomoe, "The term Mitsudomoe has nothing to do with ‘moe.’ It’s a shinto term referring to the eternal conflict between the three forces of man, heaven, and earth." Credit goes here:( As for Hanamaru Kindergarten, watch episode 10; I only watched episode 10 of the series and liked it, even without watching the rest.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Latest Anonymous 2
Haha! I knew that it doesn't exactly mean the "moe" I had in mind but STILL! It's like a hint that the show will be full of such.... and the character designs look moe fanservice enough for me o_O

Ah well, not that I'm anti-moe. Just too much of moe is... uuuggghh....

Back to topic, about the meaning of the "moe" in the title.... SERIOUSLY??? o_O Ah well, I posted this before Aroduc posted that one. But wow, it was something pretty deep. But I don't see its connection to a 3 little girls with naughty personalities =_=

I haven't seen episode 10 of Hanamaru.... actually, didn't watch it at all. I just read a few chapters of the manga and... it made me cry, in a negative way. I don't think I'll enjoy it. A kindergarten kid wanting to become a slut.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh *extremely saddened*

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