Daydream Sanctuary Features


Mediums of Literary Fiction that this blog primarily covers

Types of media that I blog my general impressions on
  • Anime Film – anime movies
  • Anime OVA – anime original video animation or specials
  • Anime OVA Series – if an anime ova is more than 1 episode
  • Anime Series – anime with more than 1 episode
  • Book Anthology – short stories compiled in a book
  • Book Series – novels in more than 1 volume
  • Book Series Batch – all volumes of a novel reviewed in one go
  • Book Volume – novels that end in just one book; no prequels or sequels
  • Film – live action or animated (that is not anime) movie
  • Graphic Novel – comics (that aren’t manga)
  • Manga Anthology – one-shots compiled in one volume
  • Manga One-shot - a manga story that ends in one chapter
  • Manga Series – manga consisting of more than one volume
  • Manga Volume - manga ending in a single volume

Series that I cover per chapter, volume, or episode

Kinds of posts that I do aside from critiques and commentaries
  • Impression – first impressions
  • Discovery – initial comments after watching an episode or reading a chapter
  • Remarks – quick comments about the latest chapters or episodes of series I’m following or catching up
  • Fangurl – being hyperactive on certain characters or pairings
  • Character – focusing on a character, more on highlighting what makes him/her interesting that just fangurling about him/her
  • Featured – titles that I want to recommend
  • Ranking – ranking favorites or which I think are cool
  • Opinion - editorials
  • Trivia – sharing interesting info related to those I read or watch
  • Listing – lists of whatever I’ve compiled
  • Information – details about titles that I’m interested in
  • Headlines – latest news of titles I’m interested in
  • Cancelled – events that I planned to do but cancelled
  • Directory – directory to pages in this blog