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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Daydreamer's Favorites: My Top Fandom Biases

There are times when you impulsively decide, without second thoughts, to watch something because of the attractive thing you've spotted in the promo picture or to read something after a glance of the magical word you've noticed from its plot. It could be because your favorite actor plays the main character in that movie (even if you are not fond of the movie's genre), or the book you got hold of was about fairies (magical creatures that you adore the most).

If it weren't for those things that caught your attention, you might not have endured trying it, or bothered to check it out.

I call them FANDOM BIASES.

Majority of us have that, even the professional critics/reviewers (they just have to control that side of them in order to give a fair evaluation). Sometimes, we know that, let's say, a movie will suck, but you won't care and watch it anyway because of a certain something or someone in it. In a way, it can also be one's Guilty Pleasure.

The reason why I've separated my score system into two types (Rating and Favoritism) is because there are times that I think a certain title isn't good, but I love it a lot anyhow, or vice versa. The "Favoritism" system shows my "bias" towards the show. It's quite easy to convince me to check something out if you use my "fandom biases" xD:
Someone: There's a new book I've discovered. It's called "Typical Vampire Romance"
Sapphire Pyro: What a dumb title.
Someone: Oh come on.
Sapphire Pyro: Fine, what is it about?
Someone: It's about a girl who's madly in love with a vampire.
Sapphire Pyro: Ugh, please, no.
Someone: It's forbidden romance! So exciting!
Sapphire Pyro: My head hurts....
Someone: And then she gets kidnapped by the bad guy. The vampire hero goes to the rescue~
Sapphire Pyro: Shut up!
Someone: He fights the bad guy, then- ...W-what did you say?!
Sapphire Pyro: I've seen that CRAPPY plot in a lot of CRAPPY novels already. I don't wanna see more CRAP or else my eyes are gonna BLEED.
Someone: Eh... but don't you know that the vampire is a fallen prince?
Sapphire Pyro: ...S-s-so what?
Someone: And the girl's actually some extinct unicorn fairy princess.
Sapphire Pyro: ...I-I don't care. She's still a damsel-in-distress
Someone: Do you want to know who the villain actually is~?
Sapphire Pyro: I-I told you! I don't!!!
Someone: He's the hero's identical twin brother, who got so jealous that his beloved sibling has found someone more important than he is.
Sapphire Pyro: ...........................
Someone: So, are you still not interes-
Sapphire Pyro: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! I'm reading "Typical Vampire Romance" at the moment!!! DO NOT DISTURB!!!!!!!!
Someone: .... I thought you didn't want it? Haha!

Of course, there are times that I become attracted to a title because of its genre.... but that's another story. I'm already working on my list of favorite genres (the ones listed over here are just generalizations/categorizations).

The following's the list of things that I adore or make me delighted in literary fiction:

Bromance (brothers or best friends)
Particularly/Especially: brothers or male best friends that are very close
Exception: they're just close, alright?! not a romantic pairing T_T
Favorite: Nathan and Peter (Heroes - brothers), Teito and Mikage (07-Ghost - best friends)
The main characters are brothers. Working on a case. 'nuff said~

Doppelgangers (twins, lookalikes, or other self)
Particularly/Especially: twin boys (identical or not), twin boy and girl, extreme look alikes though unrelated, one's other self (different dimension, personality, etc.)
Exception: twin girls
Favorite: Rin and Yukio (Ao no Exorcist), Haruki and Kazuki (di[e]ce)
I bought it because it was about British TWINS who got separated during the war because one of them want to be a soldier (pilot, in particular) while the other's against it. Turned out to be pretty good xD

Future King (prince)
Particularly/Especially: saintly/kindhearted, fighter/powerful/witty types, fallen prince (he deserves the throne but corruption made him leave his throne and live a difficult life)
Exception: pathetic/useless princes
Favorite: Prince Hector (Troy), Prince Hector (+C: Sword and Cornett).... are there other Prince Hectors? xD
When I was young, I asked my mom to buy me this book mainly because of the title. It turned out to be a very remarkable piece.

Horned Beauty (unicorn)
Particularly/Especially: magical horse with a single horn on its forehead, whether good or evil
Exception: none so far
Favorite: Application:

I bought this novel mainly because I saw a unicorn on its cover. Turned out to be pretty nice~

Merry-Go-Round (carousel)
Particularly/Especially: the horses in the carousels
Exception: none so far
Favorite: Stairway to Heaven (the leading couple of this korean drama had a pretty memorable moment when they were in a carousel)

I was motivated to watch this series even before I read the plot, or even knowing the staff behind it. It's THAT promo picture that got me so attracted to it, haha.

Night Light (moon)
Particularly/Especially: anything lunar or related to the moon
Exception: none so far
Favorite: Artemis/Luna (Greek/Roman goddess)

It was the title, before the plot, that made me pick up this book. Hehe.

Once Upon a Time (fairy tales)
Particularly/Especially: Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen's, Arabian Nights, etc.
Exception: none so far
Favorite: Akagami no Shirayukihime (Snow White manga adaptation), Tangled (Rapunzel adaptation), Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid and Aladdin (top Disney 2D favorites)

I bought the comic when I found out it had Jack kill giants and Red Riding Hood killing werewolves.

Private Eye (detectives)
Particularly/Especially: private investigators or police detectives or supernatural detectives
Exception: the pathetic types? those who don't know or don't do their job at all =_=
Favorite: Sherlock Holmes

Supernatural detective. Can't resist. Turned out to be pretty cooL~

Retarded Jerk (psychopath)
Particularly/Especially: psychos, manipulative bastards, possessive family/friends
Exception: it depends ^^; Some are just too creepy
Favorite: [CHARACTERS] Claire (Baccano!), Izaya (Durarara!!), Sylar (Heroes) [TITLES] Criminal Minds

I thought it was about psychopaths, wahahaha xD Well, it turned out to be not (some of the villains were pretty psycho though) ^^; But I still enjoyed it a lot *_* One of my favorite manga~

Winged Deities (angels)
Particularly/Especially: the warrior/messenger/healer type
Exception: the cutesy and chubby ones T_T
Favorite: Michael (07-Ghost), and Castiel (Supernatural)

I didn't have second thoughts about reading this because of the title, haha! The angels in it weren't as I expected them to be though, but still, it was cool! It was my very first favorite religious thriller~

These are just the top ten (sorted alphabetically) things I can be biased about. The others just didn't make it to the ten, or I'm just not sure of how to describe or give samples of them or they could cover the other fandom biases (like with the blue butterfly on the top image).

The ones mentioned in Favorites aren't exactly loved out of "fandom bias". They just happened to be of the same type, and the possible reasons why I developed that fandom bias in the first place.

As for those mentioned in Application, they are examples of what got my attention out of my fandom bias xD Not all of them turned out to be of my liking, but majority did =3 Mwahahaha!

What's YOUR Fandom Bias?