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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #009 (Dogs and Tiger and BunnieS)

( Dogs: Bullets and Carnage - Chapter 65 )
Right Panel - I find it so cute when Haine forces himself not to do anything violent if Nill is around... or if he has to harm someone who has become attached to Nill, teehee. Oh Nill, please don't go back in the background. Haine is more adorable when you're around. There's more fluffiness in this violent series when someone as angelic as you is around as well. Love ya, girl xD
Left Panel - drats... Haine with his "other self" is activating my twin boys fetish xD Hahahaha! So the other him considers him a master, eh? Haine and his evil form reminds me of Bleach's Ichigo and his evil form. Pretty cool~

( Tiger and Bunny - Episode 24 )
Kuuki had already anticipated something like this, but I don't wanna believe it. She doesn't want to either.
Waaah!!! I don't care if they'll need a stupid miracle to bring him back!!! I usually hate the Sunrise trolling, but for this one I beg for it!!! Waaaah!!!
That drama scene.... it hadn't a 100% tearjerker because Kotetsu has a talent of making a joke even on such moment (You and your bromance, seriously, wahahaha!)
The part of Bunny talking about the fried rice is what made me cry (Kotetsu as well).... 

Ugh, I'll take a look at My Bunny... or Bunnies rather, to feel better:
AREN'T THEY ADORABLE????????????????????
My younger brother bought them for my birthday (Such a darling, I hugged him to death for it xD). 

Unfortunately for me, I can't bring them home (the place I stay in the city doesn't allow pets), so my brother volunteered to take care of them for me (he kept on teasing me when it was time for me to separate from them though =_= I saw how much he enjoyed doing that =_= Meanie!!! I'm supposed to be the sadistic one between the two of us T_T)

The darker one is male, while the other's female. I wanted to name them "Bugs and Lola", but my brother went ahead and baptized them as "Jack and Jill", claiming that he has the right to name them since he bought them (WHUT, I thought they were mine???!!! T_T). Anywayz, I lost, so now my brother has been calling or sending me messages in order to make me jealous that he gets to play with the rabbit but not me. It kinda annoys me when someone is being more evil than I am, LOLz.
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