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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 8

Oh my dear, Kanba. The cutest smile you ever did in the series so far was when you were suggesting something perverted.

There hadn't been much scenes of the twins recently, until now, so I'll celebrate first:

Dear Kanba, I have noticed that you put your arm on your brother's shoulder when you're plotting to make him do something malicious.

Kanba's way of telling Shouma "Let's go home already!"

They almost had the same expression..... hhmm... they're almost of the same height.
I think Kanba would've already taken the diary by force if only they didn't get associated with Ringo (since if he did, they're the first suspects)

Kanba's already suspecting that Shouma might've already fallen for Ringo. Shouma's already married to you so don't suspect him, LOLz, Shouma's expression wasn't shown, but hmmm... he didn't sound like he's into her yet.
It was amusing that the argument between the brothers are being reflected by their penguins, hehe.

Himari's so cute~ Of all the workouts she could do... I like this girl~
LOLz, those two aren't sure of what they're seeing yet.

It processed to their brains a little late, haha!
So cute that Shouma's hiding behind his aniki~

Oh I really missed these two together....

and the facial expressions that they make symmetrically....

and when they're being abused comically....

Their punishment for making Himari lonely. ^^;

The two may have been together for quite a while, but this episode is more of a Shouma (and Ringo) episode.

One again, even temporarily, he snapped:
The last time he got so angry was back in episode 1. Even Kanba couldn't argue with him.
Can't anger the nice people...

It's so sad that Shouma hasn't been having very happy experiences in this episode:
Even his penguin....

But this is just TOO MUCH:
If Shouma becomes crippled or be in a coma or something... no, please don't don't don't don't...

*sniff* Still, poor Shouma ;_; Though I admit I'm pretty curious on Kanba's reaction to this (Himari's is already a little predictable). He can... do things... As for Ringo, she's a little unpredictable as well but.... I don't wanna think of her for now. T_T

Well, it's not that I've started to hate her. I'm just still depressed with what happened to Shouma.

*sigh* I'll look at this picture to make myself feel better:
In case episode 9 won't be out early, I might not be able to see it until Tuesday *sigh*... (am going out of town)

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