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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #008 (Reading is Sexy, C&H + GoT crossover, Creepy Webcomic, etc.)

This speaks truth:
Hiss a$$ is quite exposed... f*ck
I miss Dean Winchester of the Supernatural series... and I also miss reading.

( A Clash of Kings - Pages 371 to 575 of 708)
I'm almost done!!! w00t!
I love this more than the prequel. More supernatural phenomena going on; there's finally more sorcery than just plain politics. Not that I don't like the political stuff in the novel, I just prefer a fantasy series with more fantasy elements than political ones.
Arya's "human weapon" is such an interesting guy. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of him soon. I'm also curious on who she might end up with... my guess is Gendry... but we don't know about the guy she's betrothed yet... he might also be an interesting guy.
I'm hoping that Theon and Robb would meet already. Theon's obviously attached to the guy... (though I don't think he's gay), I wonder how Robb's gonna behave towards him when he finds out what he had done to his brothers.
Joffrey's so annoying... Sansa's so pathetic. Pfft, they're a pair, indeed.

And oh, speaking of the A Song of Fire and Ice series, I found something pretty interesting:
A CALVIN (as Jon Snow) AND HOBBES (as Ghost, Jon's direwolf) CROSSOVER!!! AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!!

To horror fans, here's an interesting Korean webcomic to check out:
(click the image to see it... if you dare)
It's recommended to watch at night, around 11:20 PM would be nice.
You don't actually need to understand it to be freaked out, but for those who are curious on what the hell was going on, then a translation's available over here.
I discovered this last week. Since most horror comics don't scare me easily, I let my guard down on this one. And after scrolling it a bit I already got scared >_< It makes me feel weird to not finish a horror story, so I had planned to get back to it. On my next attempt, I failed.... but of course, I managed to read it in the end. It was good... still freaked me out even though I already knew what I'll be expecting. This is terrific~

  • Black Butler (chapter 60) - That twist about Undertaker's original profession was no longer a surprise (ah, the anime has spoiled that), but the twist on who's the one behind eveything was... something expected and unexpected at the same time, aahaha.
  • Bloody Cross (chapters 9 to 11)- To be honest, I don't really read it anymore... except for the parts with Tsuduki... because he's so entertaining that I forget about everyone else, ahaha.
  • Bloody Monday (chapters 4 to 5) - THEY'RE ENGAGED???!!!! O_O ... oh whatever, more of my beloved J, please. (I think J ships them though. Fufu~)
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