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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 11

Oh my god... the whole space rocket sequence was SKIPPED. Thank you for answering my prayers (waste the screentime on scenes we haven't seen instead of repeating it over and over). Ah well, I think we will still be seeing it in full again on another episode, but to see that part cut or not shown at all will greatly help in making me forget that I had been annoyed with it.
For the first time, Princess of the Crystal didnn't say much insults... she's just quite most of the time. She let Ringo talk as as she pleases... and Shouma didn't even get dropped by his penguin like usual. Things are getting more serious now~

Natsume's so creepy. I love it, haha! So it turns out that Kanba (can't get used to "Kamba" x_x) had his own stalker... since childhood? It seemed that those two even had a promise back then. Most likely Kanba was just playing around, since he's quite a playboy, but she took him veeeeeeeeeeeery seriously.

Natsume considers Kanba as her equal. Her match. She is the Hunter, while he is her Prey. She calls their hunting game a "fate".

Another fate believing girl, huh. Come to think of it, among the main characters in the show, only the twins had been against it.

Anyway, no matter what Natsume thinks her love for Kanba is, I think she's really genuinely in love with him. She just has a really odd way of expressing it, like other psycho girls out there.

I suppose that the only one whom she loves more than Kanba would be Mario (Her project "M" could be "Project Mario"). Since it looks like Natsume's willing to do anything for the kid, he's most likely her younger brother. Kanba had given up in demanding the diary from Natsume... I think it's because of two reasons. First is that Natsume cares about Mario as much as he cares about Himari.. so he understands. Secondly, whatever happened 16 years ago had something to do to Mario's and Himari's fate.

The brothers seem to be keeping a really BIG and DARK secret.

The twins and Ringo (they have the same birthday?! o_O) are blaming themselves for the tragedy 16 years ago. Their connection to the penguins and to other people... oh a mystery =_=

Now onto Ringo... whoa, I didn't expect her love potion to work. I thought those parts were still in her imagination until I saw them in bed O_O What's more surprising is Yuri's calmness even after witnessing Tabuki acting like that:

I also thought that the reason behind Yuri's reaction was because she actually knows about the love potion and its effects. It makes sense since Tabuki was originally in love with Momoka. She could've been involved on what happened to Momoka, or did something to him to forget about her.

Either way, I'm happy Yuri didn't make the usual "misunderstanding" reaction. I think Yuri does love Tabuki, and has faith in him. Yeah, she did say she's willing to break up with him after Ringo told her to, but I think it's more of because it's only if it will make Tabuki happy, not that she's letting Ringo do what she wants (she wouldn't have "declared war" with Ringo last time if she really does let the girl do as she pleases). But well, since Yuri definitely knows Tabuki more than Ringo does, I think Yuri's aware that Tabuki's just drugged, with or without knowledge on the specific love potion used. Whatever Tabuki has been doing, she knows that his heart already belongs to her.

Back to Ringo.... ah well, I knew it. Her love for Tabuki was "forced", because she wanted to become the "Momoka who loved Tabuki". She doesn't really like the guy. Her feelings for Shouma had been most obvious in the previous episode. She surrendered her destiny... the fate that she has been fighting for for years... the project that she worked so hard on.... she let it go for Shouma's sake. Shouma's already that important to her.

Pfft. Even if I support the pairing or not, I'll get pretty annoyed if she still doesn't fall in love with him (or at least consider him very important) after all that he had done for her. I was beginning to like her again when... I see her physically abuse Shouma again T_T Ugh, I've seen that so many times on tsundere shoujo heroines. It's sickening. My Shouma deserves respect, ugh.

She's blaming Shouma because things didn't go according to plan because by coming to her life, she fell in love with him. Shouma took the blame, but for a different reason.

I don't get why the twins are very convinced that being born had brought misfortune. I can somehow understand Ringo's case, but with those two.... they think they've caused something even BIGGER (more than a certain loved one's death). But I suppose their involvement to the penguins makes more sense with this... if their birth and the incident from that time had a connection to what happened to the penguins.

Oh well, back to Shouma, I think it'll be official sooner or later:

He's also in love with Ringo.

It's the cabbage thing. He only used to cook that when he had a fight with his aniki.... and I doubt he never had other serious arguments with other people... and now he's doing that for Ringo. It's a "kiss and make up" meal to someone he deeply cares about.

Shouma's so defensive. Even Kanba and Himari are noticing it but Shouma himself couldn't accept it. I wonder what his reaction would be when Ringo finally confesses to him~

I like the Shouma and Ringo pairing.... but Ringo's Tabuki raping was really scary (but that's gonna end now, yay~) and her Shouma abuse is quite annoying =_=

The other pairing that I like I suppose is.... Kanba x Natsume:

(Her art skills are nice... but the Kanba portrait's still creepy, haha)

Someone: Oh dear, Sapphire Pyro's pairing up her favorite twins to stalker bitches

Hahahahaha! I think Kanba x Natsume is interesting. I'm hoping that Kanba really did like her, until Natsume went crazy (well, if he knew she was crazy from the very beginning, he wouldn't even think about dating her). I'm into the love since childhood romances xD Perhaps he was close with Natsume before Himari was born? Or Natsume was sorta like Himari before? Oh I'm curious of their past *_*

There hadn't been any scenes with my twins together in this episode T_T Oh well, that's better than not seeing them at all ^^; Thhe two had nice scenes in the episode....

Favorite Kanba pic:

Favorite Shouma pic:

And oh, there's this:
Yes =3 My twins!!!! Thank you Hoshino-sensei for another pic of my twins xD