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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Annual Depression - Year 2011

I used to go emo (yes, emo, I'm that pathetic. And its yearly) about my birthday at my LiveJournal account. But since I'm more active over here now, starting this year, I'm gonna be doing it in this blog instead.
I'll be going out of town starting tomorrow until Sunday (I can't hang out on the internet until then) so I'm posting this in advance.

(I got this pic from here, but I only like the first sentence. I don't agree with the other two, so I edited the image. )

My birthday is on this coming Saturday (September 10).... and that's going to be the most horrible date for me this year.

I LOATHE the idea of myself getting older. I like the greetings (people remembering that you exist feels nice) and the presents (mwahahaha) of course, but I don't really like celebrating it (though I like the idea of having reunion with family and friends through it). 

As a kid, I used to love celebrating birthdays, but I stopped that when I turned 18. My only goal was to be old enough to watch/read R18 stuff and NEVER get older afterwards, mwahaha! I had stopped celebrating birthdays 10 years earlier though... when my mom changed religion (her religion sorta forbids it). I used to throw tantrums for that, but now I don't give a damn, haha.


Though I hate my birthday, I don't hate other people's birthdays... and it just so happened that I've got several friends who have the same birthday as I do ^^; Two of them from online (Dorz and Kanki), and one is a close friend in college (Abi) *hugs them all*  Advanced Happy Birthday, my Twin Sisters! xD

Since such wonderful people had been born on that date as well, then maybe I shouldn't be too depressed... for their sake... and also for the sake of other awesome people born on the same date xD Hehe.

Oh, let me share something EPIC:


Do you see what I see? xD
Decrypted "Code": September (9) - 10 (10th) - 11 (year 2011)

I hope that's a good sign.
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