Daydream Sanctuary Features

Score System

This is my rating format on how good I think a story has been. Of course, this can only be use to those I've completed.
It can be likened to the 5-star rating: (A's = 5; B's = 4; C's = 3; D's = 2; F = 1) but rating using the usual 5 and 10 number of stars feels lacking for me. There are a lot of titles that I think are  "in-between" (those that are close to being "great", but not quite there yet).
A+BRILLIANT! A masterpiece! Bravo!
A EPIC! It's legendary! Marvelously done~
A- AMAZING! So cool and fantastic in so many ways~
B+ IMPRESSIVE! Its petty flaws are nothing compare to the wonderful things it offers
B NICE! Done very well
B- PRETTY GOOD! Nowhere near great, but nowhere near terrible either
C+ NOT BAD! Better than the usual stuff
C AVERAGE! Typical stuff... but it was okay
C- SO-SO! Nothing that remarkable to remember
D+ DISAPPOINTING! Had some potential but preferred to go downhill
D HORRIBLE! A waste of time
D- NAUSEATING! Fails in so many ways.
F HOPELESS! Shouldn't have existed at all

This is my rating format on how much I like a certain story. This can be applied only to those I've tried or checked out.
It's usually just categorized with this set: Love, Like, Dislike, and Hate. But the levels on how much I like and dislike a certain title varies... so I made it more specific.
5OBSESSIONI'm so crazy about it
4.5ADDICTIONI can't get it off my mind
4ADORATIONI feel hyper
3.5LOVEI'm in love with it
3LIKEI find it nice
2.5 NEUTRALI don't like it, but I don't dislike it either
2DISLIKEI don't like it at all
1.5 HATEI despise it
1DISGUSTI can't stand it
0 ABOMINATIONI wish my life to be spared


  • If the Star Rating is as high as the Hearts Favoritism
    I find it both good and enjoyable.
  • If the Star Rating is as low as the Hearts Favoritism
    It gives me nothing but headaches.
  • If the Star Rating is higher than the Hearts Favoritism
    It's not my type, but I acknowledge that it's nicely done.
  • If the Star Rating is lower than the Hearts Favoritism
    I know it sucks but I can't help it (Guilty Pleasure!).