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Sunday, November 27, 2011

[ Anime Blurbs ] Autumn 2011 Anime - Part 7

I managed to marathon Ikoku Meiro Croisee last week:
It was beautiful *_* The anime was way better than the manga. It's sad that we didn't get to see The Grand Magasin in it (perhaps they lacked people to do background animation for it? They can't degrade the quality... setting illustrations in the series had baan magnificent *_*), but I liked all those anime fillers xD

Alrighty, now for my weekly dose of anime xD

[ Fate/Zero - Ep. 9 ]
When I saw that *points image on the left* My reaction was like this *points image on the right*... plus tears.
Oh it got me so worried!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAHHH!!!! My Lancer ;_;
So Diarmuid died like that... well, from the Irish myth, he got killed by a boar. In the anime though, it seemed that he was still not forgiven and was killed by the girl.
I don't wanna accept that Sola reminded him of his former girlfriend. Perhaps the reason why Sola's advances aren't working on him because he actually regretted falling in love with Grainne? Maybe he wasn't really in love with her.... she was successful in seducing him though... and oh, it looks like in the myth, she actually jinxed him? (Okay, I don't exactly know what a geis is. )
Oh either way, I think this shatters my hopes for Lancer x Saber. I believe he just sees her as a fellow knight. A brother-in-arms. A dude. Plain as that. (At least he doesn't do gender discrimination, love him for that~)
Waah... I hope Sola won't use the command seal to flirt with Lancer. Poor Lancer. His master doesn't even treat him that nicely despite his loyalty. ;_;
Rider and Waver are adorable as usual. Rider was so proud that his master had done something useful and impressive, hehe. The boy's being underestimated by Kirei and Kotomine unfortunately. I hope he proves them wrong already xD
How Caster and Ryuunosuke live in such a place, I don't know. I also wonder if there'll come a try when Ryunosuke will be using the command seal.... it's Caster who bosses him around lately ^^;
I... don't think I will enjoy the next episode much. I see Rin's name T_T

[ Guilty Crown - Ep. 7 ]
My favorite antagonists in the series are being bossed around by some bug guy. LOLz LOLz. Segai's Scarface, huh? The glasses dude will most likely nicknamed as Megane. How about my blonde bastard? Oh I'm so not used to see this arrogant jerk being pushed around... he's being obedient even! It's so cute to see him abused. Mwahahah xD
The new girl's soooooooooooooooo like Millay from Code Geass. She's not just as crazy or as confident. She's not bad, but I prefer Millay xD
I was amused with her interactions with Gai. His style of flirting around includes insulting. His armadillo, eh? His mocking's kinda lame, but he looked fabulous in a ponytail so I forgive him. LOLz
By the way, Gai and Shu are undercover but Shu has been calling out Gai's name reeeeeeally loud and often while in the ship. And Gai's not yet discovered? No one else heard? Ya really.
Ugh, why are they back to school again?! Oh well... at least it didn't give me headaches like last time. One of them actually asked if there were gay soldiers. Bwaahahahah. Oh fujoshi.
Is this series really the serious type? It got me laughing so much xD

[ Mawaru Penguindrum - Ep. 20 ]
This series never ceases to.... shock and disturb me O_O
Speaking of disturbing, oh Kamba and his squeezes. He can even go erotic on vegetables. LOLz
So Himari's in love with Sho-chan..... However, Kamba's the one in love with her. Sho-chan.... it's hard to tell ^^;
I am still trying to get used to the non-freaky Ringo. It's nice that he doesn't shove her away now. But hhhmm... it looks like he has only been sharing his true feelings with her O_O He's more open to her.... well, next to his aniki, I suppose. I think he only said he hated his parents the first time to Kamba.
Since Himari's not his real sister.... I think it's also likely that Kamba's not his real brother either O_O During the flashback, Kamba seemed to have treated Shouma as a stranger. Then that means.... Shouma's the real Takakura son? O_O And... and... MASAKO CALLED KAMBA HER ONII-SAMA??? ... WHAT WHAT WHAT???!!! (Or wait, maybe she still doesn't know Kamba personally during that time, so she was being very respectful)
Hahaha... the popular speculation was that Shouma's the adopted one. Looks like it's the other way around.
If that's the case... FINE, I'll accept the idea of them not being twins, but I would like to see how Kamba got into the family *_* But oh please, not Himari.... which is more likely... explains how he completely forgot about Masako though they seemed really close before. *sigh*
I'm happy that Kamba didn't become jealous when Himari only blurted out Shouma's name. Perhaps he really wouldn't mind who she ends up with, as long as she's alright and happy. Oh anime, I love it when playboys in your universe are in love.
The brothers are so the same.... they prefer to shoulder all the punishment. Their difference though is that Shouma blames the parents while Kamba doesn't. Perhaps it's because Kamba's been listening to the organization's speeches, while Shouma was just... playing around ^^; So he doesn't know why his parents have been doing such things...
Anyway, what happened between Shouma and Himari in the past was really sweet. But I don't get how... HIMARI HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT T_T

[ Mirai Nikki - Ep. 7 ]
This was the arc that made me see how intelligent Yuno can be.... and how much she freakin' loves Yukiteru. It's romantic... yet it also feels so wrong. Hahahaha....
I really wonder if it's possible in RL for people who got electrecuted like what happened to Yuno in this episode be still alive, and be healthy enough to slay people after a little rest. Oh well, this is anime. And Yuno's not human... LOLz
YAY! This arc's done xD Akise Aru's getting closer~

[ Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle - Ep. 8 ]
Oooo... so Anna's not only some art prodigy... HE'S PSYCHIC xD (But it's really difficult to see Anna as male...)
I really can't understand the Puzzle Givers. If they want Kaito dead so badly, they should just assassinate him through the usual means already. But, oh, it has to be through a puzzle huh? Puzzle freaks.
It's nice to see an episode with fun puzzles instead of expectedly dangerous puzzles. There's no POG Giver that gets butthurt for having his/her puzzle solved either. It was a heartwarming episode overall.
I'm more excited for the episode *_* They're gonna crossdress... Anna won't have any difficulty, bwahahah! And Gammon in maid costume... bwahahaha! And oh that Kaito x Nonoha scene is supposed to be romantic but he has... LIPSTICK. So... bwahahahah xD
And it looks like Student Council President's gonna be involved. But it looked like he turned into a villain in the end O_O

[ Un-Go - Ep. 7 ]
This episode was interesting... Shinjurou fell under the novelist's spell (sort of). He somehow remembered Inga, and thought Rie was familiar. Kazemori almost got through him but failed.
Looks like Inga's familiar with the other mystery girl. I wonder if that girl also eats souls like Inga.
I like the different perspectives about war that were exchanged by the actresses. But a movie with three girls in their underwear running ward is just....o_O
Next episode seems more exciting. I admit that Un-Go is pretty boring with just Shinjurou. And Hayami's in the next episode... yay yay yay xD

For the ranking of the most entertaining episodes to be this week:
(6) Un-Go (it was interesting, but not fun)
(5) Phi Brain (not as crazy as usual)
(4) Mirai Nikki (maybe it's because I'm not a fan of the 5th)
(3) Guilty Crown (hilarious xD)
(2) Mawaru Penguindrum (*brain dead*)
(1) Fate/Zero (mncvjsdfndkkgfrslkgdgnhbksd)
Alright, I dropped Ben-To from my weekly watching. I'll just marathon it when it ends. The same goes with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. As for these six.... I can't ^^; At least for now... let's see next week.

I gave Kimi to Boku another try. And... it just sucks T_T The abundant screentime of cats got on my nerves too. UGH.
I'm almost done with my WInter 2012 post but... I want to see the 3rd version of the chart first before posting it. It's supposed to be out by now.... or maybe the creator got distracted or something ^^; HAha.