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Sunday, November 6, 2011

[ Anime Blurbs ] Autumn 2011 Anime - Part 4

Helen just shared to me something wonderful that is drawn by Tin-Pride =3:
I suppose people who know me and Mawaru Penguindrum won't be surprised with reaction upon seeing it xD Teehee~

I kept the seven titles per batch plan... though I'm almost tempted to make it eight ^^; It's because of that big change of opinion on a particular series...

[ Ben-To - Ep. 4 ]
The new dude looks so much like Wizard that I thought he just changed outfits ^^;
Anyway, the blonde chick was finally introduced. To my surprise, on her episode debut, we see her defeated. Maybe it was because she was faced with one of the strongest characters but... she also got defeated by the lesbian chick so... she also lost on that part. But She seems to be defeated on romance as well, because her beloved cousin enjoys staying with his sempai than in keeping her company.
For a super promoted character (she even has her own OP), she's quite.... errr... what's the term for this... degraded?
This series is so unusual. I can ignore the perverted stuff and the character I hate, this is fun ^^

[ Fate/Zero - Ep. 6 ]
Saber and Irisviel were so cute during the drive xD Especially Saber, trying her best not to say that the driving's maker her uncomfortable, haha xD
Oooh... so it looks like Caster didn't like Saber for being Saber... but he had mistaken her for his Jeanne ^^; (Well, Jeanne did have similar features) Saber's officially pissed at him.... but I'm still worried about her on their next encounter.
Oooo... Lancer's Master has a wife. But it looks like she has... a crush on Lancer (or maybe she's just being too nice to him). But whoa, Kuritsugu to finish them off that easily. I wonder if they're really gone. I kinda hope they're not because I wish to see Waver get over his fear on his tutor and be able to face him. Oh well, I'm happy as long as Lancer will be alive... and choose Saber's side xD Wheee~
What a bad Servant Archer is... though I find it amusing that he finds Kirie more interesting than Tokiomi (they're both boring, just in different ways, LOLz)

[ Guilty Crown - Ep. 4 ]
I was thinking of dropping this after the boring 3rd episode, but I decided to give the 4th one a try and damn, I'm hooked.
The new character's a manipulative bastard. And he likes beautiful things. And he's asking a prisoner to help him solve a crossword puzzle. LOLz No... I can't hate him xD
Yeah, yeah, what Yahiro did was bad (I hate my friendship bonds being broken like that). But since he did it FOR HIS BROTHER.... I... can't hate him either xD
Oh this reminds me so much of Yoh from Deadman Wonderland (come to think of it, they both look similar. But... I dunno, I find Yoh cuter ^^;). Hopefully Yahiro will play a bigger role next time ^^
With the things that happened in this episode... I suppose there won't be a stupid school setting anymore. If yes, thank goodness! Bias aside, this show is really more interesting if the characters aren't in a school setting (it's rebellion against the government... the best stage is the battlefield not a classroom doing the usual school stuff that the slice of life series are already busy with T_T). Explains a great deal on why I enjoyed this episode a whole lot more than the previous one.
Even on the romance. Previous episodes were more on fanservice. This episode, however, has Inori trying to rescue him... she was stopped on her first try, but on her second try she disobeyed orders for the first time for his sake. While it looks like he's going to join Funeral Parlor for real this time more of for her sake. And oh my god that reunion... it looked GLORIOUS! And his fight scene while she's carrying her around... he looks so KNIGHTLY xD And he was carrying her like a princess after the battle... kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xD
I am so starting to ship them xD Hopefully they won't start to annoy me in the upcoming episodes =_= But I don't fine Inori annoying so far, so there's a chance, hehe.
By the way, Gai looks more fabulous with his hair down and he knows it. It amuses me xD

[ Mawaru Penguindrum - Ep. 17 ]
Crystal Princess is being secretive about the Penguindrum? I dunno... telling someone to find something but you're not telling even though you need it desperately is... very frustrating. I don't get why she still bothers to make threats even though Himari's living not through her anymore. I wish the writers... aren't just running out of ideas on how to bring her back on screen T_T
Kuuki had a theory that the Penguindrum might actually be: Shouma *_* I LIKE THAT THEORY!!!! But I dunno.... though this series is full of crazy twists, since Crystal Princess knows what the Penguindrum is, it's odd to tell the Penguindrum to look for the Penguindrum ^^; But hmm... wait.. Crystal Princess hinted to Kamba: "It is... your..." ..........O_O Then Kamba saying to Shouma: "You just keep smiling like you always do." ..... tell me my Kamba is protecting BOTH of his beloved siblings. omg... *rewatches favorite moment sin episode 10*
*returns to latest episode* I fear I'm being too hopeful....
It looks like Masako and Yuri are going to have a duel again. It's gonna be fun~
Yuri and Tabuki's little debate made me relieved that Tabuki isn't that lustful for revenge like Yuri, but the end of the episode with Tabuki bringing Ringo and Himari to a strange place was really... WTF x_x
And if they hate the Takakura so much, how come they're only doing it now with Himari but did not even think of harming the brothers? Or is it because they know that the greatest punishment will be hurting the girl? No... my twins will be hurt *sniff*

[ Mirai Nikki - Ep. 4 ]
Seeing Twelfth's lame transformation ritual was.... more disturbing in animation O_O;;;;
Some bits from Mosaic were changed... but were also added in the anime.... PLEASE DON'T CUT BUT PUT AND ADD THE NISHIJIMA x MINENE SCENES *_*
So the Sixth has showed up... at this pace, Akise Aru will most likely show up around the 6th or 7th episode. *_* He's in the ED, he's gotta show up!!! xD (Too bad he's not in the OP though, hopefully he'll also have an OP special or something. Hehe.)
The Sixth's vision is similar to mine.... I understand her feelings.

[ Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle - Ep. 5 ]
Whoa... it's a Kaito episode though he's not the one doing the puzzle solving in this episode. We get to know what happened to his parents, who his current guardian is, how much of a genius he is (he got sent into a school specially for geniuses! O_O), and why he hated and loved puzzles at the same time. Seeing him cry made me go... baaaw. How they made him stop crying was kinda... lame though. It was alright on the first time, but to do the same thing for he second time is... whut =_= They could have done other ways to shock him... like Nonoha kissing him~
Agh, damnit, they're my new ship. I no longer care how many times Nonoha will fall or be in danger with Kaito going to her rescue. Damnit, ship bias. She's obviously into him while Kaito's the usual clueless shounen hero when it comes to romance. Guuh...
Wait... Nonoha likes Kaito. The glasses chick seems to like him too. Anna's pretty fond of him. Edison is kinda obsessed with him. White haired dude seems to have been someone dear to him. IS THIS SHOW REALLY NOT HAREM??? LOLz LOLz LOLz
Oh, I love Gammon in this episode. Characters like him are usually just on the side and generally useless, but Gammon's capable. And he's amazing for being able to stomach Nonoha's cookies LOLz xD Oh his crush on Nonoha's so cute... watching him get jealous and have the guts to hold her hand make him so... MOE, bwahahaha xD GAR!MOE xD
Seeing Gammon and Nonoha solve the puzzle like his parents did... Gammon and Nonoha... parents... Kaito... son... wait, I'm having new hallucinations xD LOLz
I hope Gammon hangs out with Kaito more often. He makes the show way more lively. Fortunately he seems to be in the next episode so... OMG can't wait xD

[ Un-Go - Ep. 4 ]
I knew why he's my favorite character. HE PLACED HANDCUFFS N A REFRIGERATOR. That was SO DORKY yet adorable. LOLz
And though Inga annoyed me in the previous episode, she hasn't been like that to me on this one. I thought it's Yuuki who does all the thinking, but it seemed that he didn't need to tell her that they can help Kazamori if she placed the doll on top of the refrigerator.
Speaking of the doll, the scene with it and Yuuki is just..... *disturbed*
So this is how the little girl got part of the cast. She'll definitely be useful on information collecting but... since she doesn't lie, she might have difficulty on some cases.
This episode was way better than the previous one (though also more disturbing o_O). It looks like it's the technology stuff, not the supernatural elements, that makes this series more interesting for me. Hopefully the next episode will be even better... more fun too... Rie kicking Yuuki while she's riding a horse made me giggle already xD

Guilty Crown got in again, ahahaha ^^; I had enjoyed all the episodes I've seen for this week that I had a very hard time to rank them by favoritism ^^; But here goes:
(7) Ben-To (I like the... misfortunes of the blonde chick? ^^;)
(6) Mawaru Penguindrum (it scared me so much)
(5) Mirai Nikki (the Twelfth... WTF)
(4) Un-Go (Hayami xD Hayami xD Hayami xD)
(3) Kami no Puzzle (I'm amused. I'll cheer for you Gammon. And baaw, Kaito~)
(2) Fate/ Zero (Saber likened to Jeanne... yes~ And Lancer needs huggles~)
(1) Guilty Crown (Noooooo..... damn it)

About Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, I marathoned the manga and I kinda regret it because... it was... errr.... unhealthy. The scenes that were just hugs and kisses in the anime are mostly already sex scenes in the manga *confused* wtf. Anyway, since I've spoiled myself, I already know what's going to happen in the anime series and I don't think I'll be enjoying this season's ending (there'll be progress, but generally no change) unless the anime makes drastic changes to the story.
Well, the reason why I regret it is because I can only enjoy this series as an anime because there isn't much pr0nz, but since I'm already spoiled on what will happen... it had become boring. But somehow Onodera's seiyuu makes me awake... ahaha.
People are so hyped on Chihayafuru that it's making me wonder whether it was really as annoying as I thought it is. But, ugh, I seldom like love triangles in shoujo.... I'll keep away from it to be safe.
As for Kimi to Boku, I hear that the anime adaptation's improving. I hope that's true. I wanna watch the animated moments of my twins, teehee~
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