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Sunday, October 30, 2011

[ Anime Blurbs ] Autumn 2011 Anime - Part 3

Ah~ I miss reading Beelzebub. Watching it would've been very enjoyable too but... I don't think I can catch up on it ^^;

Ugh, supposedly I'll only post around 5 series per batch but.... can't help it. *making it seven* I am having difficulty in marathoning old series lately... (the new shows easily distract me) so it might be better if I keep myself updated instead. The more titles I manage to finish that way, haha.

[ Ben-To - Ep. 3 ]
I usually like the evil female characters but.... the student council girl just bugs me =_= And her love interest is beginning to get on my nerves too.
It's cool that the protagonist managed to win his bento all on his own at the end of this episode. To be able to beat all of the Gundogs was pretty cool xD But hhmm... for someone who's so lame in battle in earlier episodes then this good in the recent one is just... ^^;
Still, it had been a fun episode =D I still miss Wizard though ^^; Ahaha... but it seems that the blonde chick is finally appearing next episode. I wonder what she'll be like xD

[ Fate/Zero - Ep. 5 ]
Lancer's boss is such an ass. Poor Lancer ;_;
Archer... pwned by Berserker. I don't hate Archer but... it's fun to see arrogant bastards being humiliated, hehe.
Kariya ;_;.... *sniff*.... Kariya ;_;

[ Mawaru Penguindrum - Ep. 16 ]
A Masako episode, huh. Nice to learn more about her (What Yuri did to the fake half of the diary had been pretty awesome xD). Her grandfather's too cruel to them... poor Mario. Though I don't get how the hell the grandad had possessed the kid o_O
So lil' Kamba had been going to her place, huh? Why him alone? How does he get it (or could she be outside her mansion?)? How did they meet? Why is he helping her?
Oh well, at least we somehow got an explanation why Masako's head over heels on him. He had saved her... from loneliness. I want to believe that Kamba did like her, but just got suffocated because she's being obsessive towards him. *sigh* Poor Masako, I know there's a sad story behind her madness. Her dad got into trouble, now her beloved as well. Her dear brother's almost a goner too. Sad....
About Ringo, it's nice that she an Shouma get to talk properly now but... her saying that she's Shouma's stalker (directly to him) is kinda awkward ^^; Shouma didn't make any reaction (at least in the episode)... maybe what she meant by stalker isn't the same as what she does to Takumi ^^;

[ Mirai Nikki - Ep. 3 ]
The anime adaptation sure did a lot of arrangement on the flow of events... which I'm very thankful for because it's less confusing this way. Lucky people who get to see the anime before the manga. It had spoiled (a bit) on the interesting parts and narrated better the messy parts.
Finally, it's Minene without the pigtails. She's hotter that way. xD Hahaha!
Whoa, I think the anime changed on how Minene lost her eye... it'll be quicker that way, but that also made the dude (well, I already know who he is but it'd be spoilery if I'll be specific) way psycho than he already is.

[ Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle - Ep. 4 ]
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE DA VINCI CHARACHTER!!!! ("Anna Graham" sounds like "Anagram", COOL! Reminds me of the Dan Brown books =3) OH YOU DREAMY ARTISTIC WEIRDOES *thumbs up*
Nonoha.... jealous... but wasn't the type to hit Kaito because of a misunderstanding... so unlike the other shounen heroines out there... thank goodness. And I love her for that. Shipping her with Kaito!!! YEAH!! xD
But I'm liking Galileo's one-sided love for her too.... it's soooo cute =3
So the white haired dude's name is Rook, huh. Hopefully there's a big reason why his confrontation with the protagonist is being delayed.
Overall, the episode was nice. For the first time the Puzzle Giver wasn't a sore loser, thank goodness. Kaito didn't rely on his power either; he's that awesome xD (But I still totally didn't expect a Trap in this series. Well, his name is female! What's with that wtf twist?! @_@

[ Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Eps. 3 & 4 ]
"go emo" ... "You're the shoujo manga editor, read between the lines."
Yoshino... won me with those lines (fine, the "emo" part might've been translator's preference, but still...) LOLZ
I find Yoshino cool when he... snaps xD I don't remember him being that angry in the previous season. Might be why I didn't get that bored or annoyed watching his and Tori's ark, haha.
Anyway, that guy is still freakin' dense though, but fortunately the other dudes had realized how hopeless he is so they had been direct to him about things.
It looks like Onodera's going to show up next episode *_* Yay! Okay, as long as he won't go jealous again, he'll be fun, haha.

[ Un-Go - Ep. 3 ]
I thought it was the supernatural thing that will make things more interesting for me here.... but it looks like it's becoming the other way around =_= Inga being so demanding to Yukki is starting to get on my nerves =_= Inga disturbing Yuuki while on a case just to show off a doll is not cute, but annoying. And seriously, a detective show with a character tampering on a crime scene.
Inga's not making me amused T_T
Putting that aside, this episode had been interesting. I like the twist in the end. I also find it pretty cool to see a traditional house being so high tech =3
*someone throws a tomato at Sapphire Pyro for being too biased to her favorite*
But there were horses too~
*got thrown with horse poo instead* I love horses but not that! Meanie!!! T_T

Ahahaha.... so yeah, Seikaiichi Hatsukoi got in the batch because guilty pleasure is very powerful, apparently. Ahahaha ^^;;;; It was so amusing... watching more shows that will make me giggle, the better ^^
Well, initially I planned to watch only "five episodes per batch" but... hhmm..., maybe "all shows every sunday" might work better, haha ^^;
Alright, favoritism based on enjoyment:
(7) Ben-To - It was still fun.... but I suppose it's Wizard who makes me very hyper on this xD
(6) Mirai Nikki - I suppose I really don't enjoy seeing Minene being... ;_;
(5) Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Yoshino... damnit
(4) Un-Go - Well, I pretty much liked everything in it except for you-know-who
(3) Mawaru Penguindrum - My brain always turns off when watching this xD
(2) Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle - Da Vinci =3
(1) Fate/Zero - I was... noisiest when watching this one LOLz

I actually watched the latest episode of Guilty Crown as well but it just made me go... meh =_= Gonna protect his life with a popular chick who's already known for being addiliated the the Funeral Parlor.... do they really want the two main characters to be in a school setting THAT badly? It's sickening...
The episode isn't really bad, but it got me bored nonetheless. It really feels weird... plots like this are my type, but I'm having difficulty in appreciating this one. Well, the animation's still glorious, but I'm not the type who'll watch shows just because they're pretty ^^;
My bias is more towards the characters... and since the blonde psycho didn't show up in this episode, no wonder this episode had been quite a pain to watch. *sigh*
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