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Sunday, October 23, 2011

[ Manga Discovery ] GANGSTA

by Kosuke

[ Demographic: SEINEN ]
For those who need someone who can do disposal or make deliveries in a dangerous place filled with various kinds of outlaws (gangsters, criminals, prostitutes, etc.), Nicolas and Worick of the "Benriya" (or jack-of-all-trade/utility man) are available for hire.
WARNING: Mature content
(7 chapters read as of the date this blog entry was posted)


Motivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)
Curses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)
It's awesome that it has a disabled character that is as good as someone who isn't, but... it's kinda unrealistic. It would have been interesting to emphasize the weakness AND the advantages of his disability.
Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)
Fantastic cast! The protagonists are all very awesome and lovable... what more if the main antagonists and other supporting protagonists show up? xD
And a deaf character is seriously... RARE! This is just so awesome xD
Bias: (What's Keeping Me Hooked to It)
As if I can resist adorkable and hilarious bad boys doing badass stuff xD
Fangirl: (What I Love in It)
Nic and Nina's closeness remind me of Haine and Nill ....... KYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Nic's got an important woman too.... like Lily is to Haine.
I love Cody as well... he's as adorkable as Conductor's Aragaki xD I WANNA CUDDLE HIM!!!
The doctor's freakin' awesome xD Yay to killer doctors! Makes me miss Stein from Soul Eater, haha.
Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)
Getbackers (for the duo for hire thing, and they get along well), DOGS (this manga felt like reading DOGS, minus the psychos and the modified humans), Black Lagoon (dudes with dark pasts doing dirty work), Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (cops relying on a certain someone/people on cases they can't exactly handle)
Gangsta's freakin' badass; I'm so hooked damnit xD It reminds me of many of the series that I love so much, yet it's still very different =)
The story's interesting and it has been written well. The artwork's great, especially on the action scenes. The characters are so cool and fun, it's difficult not to adore them xD Not to mention it's freakin' hilarious, I couldn't count the times I laughed while reading it, haha. It can be very frightening (lotsa corpses) as well (I'm intrigued xD).
Overall amazing, I can't get enough of it and neither can I wait for it to start focusing on the main plot... I'm certain it'll get EVEN BETTER starting there. The current chapters are already giving teasers.... it's quite a torture... haha.

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