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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn/Fall 2011 Anime Series Second Impressions

(A crossover image of Natsume Yuujinchou and the movie... I wish there's really an actual crossover, they seem to be of the same universe anyway ^^; But ah well, Midorikawa Yuki isn't CLAMP ^^;)

Yay! I was finally able to watch at least an episode of the new shows this season, and I don't think my list of favorites from my first impressions list have changed... much...?

Those I plan to watch weekly

Mirai Nikki
THIS is anime adaptation done well! It did a better introduction compare to the manga (made things more connected, a really shocking opening that will make you dead curious what the hell just happened back there, given an explanation why the other players had been most excited in killing First the most, etc.) The music seems good too... and that's the most creative episode-events-recap type of ending I've seen so far xD
The only thing that I didn't like the anime did was that you now have an idea on what the other players look like. The manga had kept them in total mystery, but now we have an idea on who is which number *sigh* So much for the mystery and suspense....
But anyway, even if I already know what's going to happen, it's still freakin' exciting to watch xD The anime made slight changes on the storytelling... I'm hoping that it will do some changes on the ending as well *_*

It's just so.... INCREDIBLE. The concept's so my type (religious legends, mythological references, historical characters) that it got me glued to the screen *_* It has a very diversed cast, great build-up too. The drama parts were heartbreaking, the comedy parts were amusing, the action parts were glorious, the horror parts were terrifying.... oh wow, this is just so epic. It makes me wonder why I dropped the sequel.... (ah, I think it's the harem.. if I remember correctly.... which this prequel certainly doesn't have)

Fufufufu... as I've expected on my bet this season... THIS WAS FANTASTIC xD Mwahahahahaha~
Fine, I admit that I ended up enjoying Fate/Zero more, unlike what I expected, but it's still as good as I've hoped for *_* I admit that the case in this has been a little predictable, but the opening hints so much that there's more to this than just an episodic detective show. The post-war, political, and supernatural stuff make it more interesting and intriguing xD
The little princess was quite annoying, but at least she knows how to apologize and isn't absolutely ignorant in politics. The cop with her's quite boring too... but I like the other cop with her I can't take my eyes off that bishie xD.
Oh, I really love the OP and ED on this... so creative and the music's great. Pleasing bothto the eyes and ears *_*

Those I'll follow but not necessarily weekly

Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle
Ah, yes, typical shounen, but puzzle freaks DO WANT! Haha! It's really cool to see punkass type characters being geeky/nerdy, yet they still look punkass, haha.
And it even added supernatural references... which I'm such a huge sucker of xD I also find the rivalries or best friend stuff in shounen series are usually so intense and exciting xD I can't wait for the interaction between Kaito and the dude in white! w00t!
And oh, background music's pretty awesome in this by the way. It's not.... very shounen? Haha. Reminds me of a certain Gurren-Lagann bgm track
Persona 4
The most STYLISH anime this season. For an anime so serious, it also has the strangest humor (a dude on the garbage can, seriously). I'm not yet drawn to the story, nor find the characters that appealing (hhm, maybe except for the boy with a cap. WHO IS HE? xD), but everything else about it is just SO COOL (music, setting, concept, art, etc.) and I love the story concept and the mood/atmosphere.... this is too awesome and fun to miss xD Hehe.

Those that I'm having second thoughts on

I like the main character... the way he tells stories in particular. His imitating of the way others speak cracked me up xD Hmmm... it looks like he's gonna be one of those loser-to-hero types (he seems to be of a match to a tough rival in the OP), looking forward to how the hell that will happen, seeing that this show doesn't seem to have any supernatural elements. Ah well, I think this is going to be fun but the fanservice worries me. I might drop this if there'll be too much of the fanservice... and also of that slapping b!tch, she's getting on my nerves.
Guilty Crown
The main pair's designs reminds me of the main pair of [C] for some reason.... the power summoning part is very Dantalian no Shoka.. the ressistance thing is so Gundam... and everything else is Code Geass like.
It's not exactly unique in that sense, but it's not really a copycat either.
This has been VERY AMAZING visually. The music rocked so much as well.
It's pretty interesting but I'm not sold to it yet. Too serious for my tastes perhaps... I'll give it a few more episodes~

Those that I will only watch for certain things

Seikaiichi Hatsukoi 2
Their relationship's the same... but there was progress somehow. Oh well, I'm only watching this for Onodera. No Onodera next episode? SKIPPING xD
Hunter X Hunter
I don't remember much of the original, but I miss Killua so perhaps I'll only watch the episodes with him, haha! Come to think of it, I haven't finished the original series either, maybe I'll just start watching if the arc I'm not familiar with has begun, haha.
Oh, I like the ED by the way. Less typical shounen-ish compare to the OP.

Those that aren't so bad, but I don't think I'll enjoy seeing more of this unless I'm bored
  • Chihayafuru - I admit, I liked the first episode. This is an example of anime adaptations making the original version more exciting. Yes, I know the show's good but.... I don't like it. The heroine bothers me (she... uh... scares me... her passion rather. "the desire to have a boyfriend" was just replaced with "playing karuta forever" =_=) And this love triangle coming up will ruin everything! T_T
  • Tamayura - hitotose - It was nice. The photographs on scenery were breathtaking. I suppose those who love photography can relate to the main character's passion. 
    Hhhmm... though it was cute and sweet and all... I prefer slice-of-life shows that have crazy comedy to keep me going. Even if I acknowledge that it's pretty good; this will just bore the hell out of me. ^^;
  • Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - Only the setting and the concept's amazing here; the rest is MEH. And it tries so hard to be moe and perverted to the point that it has become UNBEARABLE. The cast was such a waste... they look interesting, it was cool to know their capabilities, but once they start talking it seems more enjoyable to crush their stupid faces =_= But drats... that potential si so hard to ignore... and that nekid dude... just looking at him cracks me up a lot xD Haha!

Those I don't think I'll last long with
  • Kimi to Boku - The anime adaptation was a disappointment. It couldn't get the manga's appeal. Heck, the drama CD's have done better. Ugh, I don't wanna ruin KtB's image in my head; I'll focus on the manga.
  • Cube x Cursed x Curious - It was alright and the heroine wasn't as bad as her counterparts in other anime but.... She's still ANNOYING
  • Busou Shinki Moon Angel - It seems more serious than Angelic Layer but... a boy with a female fighting doll makes me nervous
  • Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai - I know I dropped it but a friend thought it wasn't so bad. And now that I've seen it, I agree that it wasn't so bad but... I... just don't get it
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