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Thursday, October 27, 2011

[ Manga Discovery ] Choujin Gakuen

Choujin Gakuen (Supernatural School)
by Kokuzawa Yousuke

[ Demographic: SHOUNEN ]
A boy that attracts disaster, and a girl who is a disaster herself, unite and aim to build a school for monsters... no, THE SUPERNATURALS!
(7 chapters read as of the date this blog entry was posted)


Motivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)
The art was pretty weird... but I like weird. xD
Curses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)
THE DRAMA. The drama scenes here are just so lamely executed, felt forced too.
I've seen a lot of series wherein the bad guy bothers to wait for the protagonists to finish their dramatic moment but... seriously... in this series there's just too much of them that it has become bothersome =_= Not to mention they're pretty cliche as well. Aaaah, shounen drama.
Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)
The art style alone screams what a UNUSUAL shounen series this is. The characters' actions may be a little predictable at times, but they're in no way stereotypical~
Bias: (What's Keeping Me Hooked to It)
I like untypical supernatural shounen series ^^
Fangirl: (What I Love in It)
The hitman dude and the dog were really adorable xD
Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)
Date Ningen, Warabe no Kusa (the weird and messy art style yet cool), To Aru Majutsu no Index (protagonists with bad luck)
It might take you a while to get used to the art since the art style on this one has been VERY different from the standard shounen manga art style. Not only the art is unique in this, but the story as well. The characters are out of the ordinary, and the story could get really bizarre. Sometimes it can be too random and the flow's quite a mess ^^; But that's the fun in it; the wackiness makes it really hilarious (sometimes awkwardly hilarious, but still, hilarious! xD)~

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