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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[ Manga Discovery ] Your Melody

Kimi no Neiro (Your Melody)
by Fukushima Haruka

[ Demographic: SHOUJO ]
The heroine has a crush on a guy who says he likes girls with long hair. She gives up when she finds out that he already has a girlfriend.
But later she discovers that his girlfriend was actually... A BOY!

(4 chapters read as of the date this blog entry was posted)


Motivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)
THE PLOT. His girlfriend's a dude and this is shoujo. That intrigued me, haha.
Curses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)
Messy storytelling... it felt like the mangaka just squeezed in the things she wants to happen on as few pages as possible. Pace is too fast, and there was no decent flow. Really, A MESS.
It's also freakin' predictable. It's so obvious whom she's gonna fall in love with now. And the characters are really... meh.
Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)
Interesting premise.
Bias: (What's Keeping Me Hooked to It)
I'm not hooked, so none.
Fangirl: (What I Love in It)
The girl's crush reminded me of the nice bishies from Kimi ni Todoke and Koko ni Iru Yo.
Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)
Gakuen Misora Gumi (girl who looks like a boy, and a boy who would really pass for a girl that is being mean to her),
To be honest, the ones I really read were the first two chapters, while for the others I only read bits but mainly just browsed on the rest of the pages.
It had been a pain to read, not mainly because I no longer appreciated the story, but it was more of because it's too fast paced and characters overreact. It was annoying, and I could no longer count how many times I want to strangle the heroine and throw the chibi "pretty girl" to the garbage dump.

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