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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yet Another Move

I've been planning to do this since February but I didn't manage to find the time to do so until recently ^^;

My posts are quite disorganized.... it distracts me greatly. Blogger hasn't been very cooperative with me either.

So I decided to start blogging at a new site, and move some of my old posts there (which I'm doing bit by bit. I do a little proofreading on posts that I move).

I've also switched to Wordpress, because organizing posts there had been easier for me compare to Blogger. It's also friendlier to my crappy Internet connection.

Here's the new site:
I wanted either "Daydream" or "Imagination" to become part of the blog's name.... and I ended up with "Daydream Explorer" ^^; I really love the colors on the layout used there... teehee~

So yeah, please update your links because I'm closing this once I've moved enough posts.
Sorry for moving again ^^; But I think this one's gonna last =)

There isn't much in it yet; I've only managed to move several posts, but there are new ones :) I'm kinda active in reading novels lately, and hopefully on anime next. Speaking of which, I'm working on my posts with my thoughts on the upcoming season. Expect it at the new site sometime this week ;)

Only reviews are over there for now. But I think I'll still be doing the "discoveries", just not yet. I've already got so many reviews to catch up on, ahaha.

Thanks for all the love and support~