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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #012 (New Manga and Novels This September 2011)

Below's the list of books I've bought (majority were bought on sale ;P) this September 2011~ Can't wait to read 'em!

Manga Messiah + Manga Metamorphosis + Manga Mutiny of Next Manga
I've read Manga Messiah a long time ago (I borrowed it from a classmate) and I really liked it. Only recently have I found out that there are MORE manga bible series out there xD So when I spotted the other volumes in the bookstore, I grabbed them at once =3
Messiah's about Jesus, Metamorphosis focuses on the prophets, while Mutiny covers the main stories in the Pentateuch (five books of Moses)

Demon Flowers Volume 1 by Mizuki Hakase
I didn't like the mangaka's other work but when I've read the first chapter of this one, I find it adorable~
Moyashimon Volume 2 by Masayuki Ishikawa
I like Moyashimon and this baby was on sale so gotta get it xD

Psycho Busters: The Novel Volume 2 by Yuya Aoki
I'm a fan of the manga so collecting the novel versions is a must, haha. They were on sale anyway. I managed to get volume 3 already... hopefully I can spot volume 1 someday.
Genshiken: The Return of the Otaku by Iida Kazutoshi (Creator: Kio Shimoku)
To be honest, I haven't seen/read Genshiken. But I think I'm gonna like it anywayz, so since seeing a light novel on sale is a rare occassion, I thought of getting it at once xD
But if ever I didn't like Genshiken in the end, I know to whom I can give/sell it to xD

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith
THE IDEA'S JUST SO AWESOME xD Hahahaha! And I should read it before the movie gets released.
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
I've heard soooooooooooooooo many good reviews on this. The plot's interesting anyway. Gotta get it (and it was on sale! w00t!)
The Cry of Sloth by Sam Savage
The title's sooo COOL! Haha! And the plot was pretty interesting anywayz.
A Separate Peace by John Knowles
It was about two friends... (see my fandom bias)

Secret Series #4: This Isn't What It Looks Like + Secret Series #5: You Have to Stop This by Pseudonymous Bosch
A Series of Unfortunate Events #3: The Wide Window + A Series of Unfortunate Events #7: The Vile Village + A Series of Unfortunate Events #8: The Hostile Hospital by Lemony Snicket
I think I've only read until Book#4... and I can't remember anymore. Haha. I bought Book#1 on its original price, Book #2 on sale, then the rest I'm thinking of buying on sale too, haha!
Vampirates #3: Blood Captain by Justin Somper
I liked the first book so I'm thinking of collecting the other books too.... but it's not a priority read for now.
Erec Rex#1: The Dragon's Eye by Kaza Kingsley
I wanted to buy this before, but I didn't like the price. It was finally on sale, so I bought it at once xD
Pillage #1: Pillage by Obert Skye
I was thinking of trying the Lemony Thumps series first, but that one has too many books to catch up, so I'm thinking of trying the author's shorter series first. This one seems more interesting anywayz.

A Song of Fire and Ice #3: A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
I have finally finished A CLASH OF KINGS (when there was no electricity because of the typhoon)!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!
But the ending was a very annoying cliffhanger, so I just gotta read the next installment at once!!! xD Hahahaha!
I really like the cover.... it was so blue. I wasted so many minutes when my officemate handed this over to me... I was staring at the cover. Haha!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Daydreamer's Favorites: My Top Fandom Biases

There are times when you impulsively decide, without second thoughts, to watch something because of the attractive thing you've spotted in the promo picture or to read something after a glance of the magical word you've noticed from its plot. It could be because your favorite actor plays the main character in that movie (even if you are not fond of the movie's genre), or the book you got hold of was about fairies (magical creatures that you adore the most).

If it weren't for those things that caught your attention, you might not have endured trying it, or bothered to check it out.

I call them FANDOM BIASES.

Majority of us have that, even the professional critics/reviewers (they just have to control that side of them in order to give a fair evaluation). Sometimes, we know that, let's say, a movie will suck, but you won't care and watch it anyway because of a certain something or someone in it. In a way, it can also be one's Guilty Pleasure.

The reason why I've separated my score system into two types (Rating and Favoritism) is because there are times that I think a certain title isn't good, but I love it a lot anyhow, or vice versa. The "Favoritism" system shows my "bias" towards the show. It's quite easy to convince me to check something out if you use my "fandom biases" xD:
Someone: There's a new book I've discovered. It's called "Typical Vampire Romance"
Sapphire Pyro: What a dumb title.
Someone: Oh come on.
Sapphire Pyro: Fine, what is it about?
Someone: It's about a girl who's madly in love with a vampire.
Sapphire Pyro: Ugh, please, no.
Someone: It's forbidden romance! So exciting!
Sapphire Pyro: My head hurts....
Someone: And then she gets kidnapped by the bad guy. The vampire hero goes to the rescue~
Sapphire Pyro: Shut up!
Someone: He fights the bad guy, then- ...W-what did you say?!
Sapphire Pyro: I've seen that CRAPPY plot in a lot of CRAPPY novels already. I don't wanna see more CRAP or else my eyes are gonna BLEED.
Someone: Eh... but don't you know that the vampire is a fallen prince?
Sapphire Pyro: ...S-s-so what?
Someone: And the girl's actually some extinct unicorn fairy princess.
Sapphire Pyro: ...I-I don't care. She's still a damsel-in-distress
Someone: Do you want to know who the villain actually is~?
Sapphire Pyro: I-I told you! I don't!!!
Someone: He's the hero's identical twin brother, who got so jealous that his beloved sibling has found someone more important than he is.
Sapphire Pyro: ...........................
Someone: So, are you still not interes-
Sapphire Pyro: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! I'm reading "Typical Vampire Romance" at the moment!!! DO NOT DISTURB!!!!!!!!
Someone: .... I thought you didn't want it? Haha!

Of course, there are times that I become attracted to a title because of its genre.... but that's another story. I'm already working on my list of favorite genres (the ones listed over here are just generalizations/categorizations).

The following's the list of things that I adore or make me delighted in literary fiction:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 11

Oh my god... the whole space rocket sequence was SKIPPED. Thank you for answering my prayers (waste the screentime on scenes we haven't seen instead of repeating it over and over). Ah well, I think we will still be seeing it in full again on another episode, but to see that part cut or not shown at all will greatly help in making me forget that I had been annoyed with it.
For the first time, Princess of the Crystal didnn't say much insults... she's just quite most of the time. She let Ringo talk as as she pleases... and Shouma didn't even get dropped by his penguin like usual. Things are getting more serious now~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 10

Kamba (I'll start spelling his name this way because that seems to be the official spelling) is so EPIC FAIL in this episode. If he had been pretty cool or badass in the previous episode, this one emphasized his dorky side. Hahaha!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #011 (The End of Tiger & Bunny, and Looking Forward to Anonymous)

Oh yeah, believe it or not, I actually have a MAL account, haha! (Please add me if you also have an account there xD) It hasn't been updated for so long though (like the profile and favorites lists) but the anime and manga lists have been updated a bit. I am sure that I have not added a lot of titles in it yet.

I didn't update it because I was lazy. But now I see its significance... because I lose track of the anime/manga I've checked out and finished x_x (I had an offline list, but I can't find it anymore! Ahaha!) Especially on the manga! My god... Hopefully I remember to update my MAL as I update this blog.... 

(LOLz! pic from all4humor)
(Tiger and Bunny - Episode 25)
It was very very touching... made me laugh while crying. Kotetsu is just awesome in everything, while Barnaby made me daaaaaaaaaaaaaaw (he's sooooooooo attached to Kotetsu). Their aliases fit them so much, 'coz Kotetsu is as badass as a tiger, while Barnaby's as adorable as a bunny xD Teehee~

I've finished the anime, and done with the critique/review. I had a hard time in deciding whether I want to give it a B, B+, or A-. I picked "A-" in the end, because unique shows deserve more credit, hehe.

Set in the political snake-pit of Elizabethan England, Anonymous speculates on an issue that has for centuries intrigued academics and brilliant minds ranging from Mark Twain and Charles Dickens to Henry James and Sigmund Freud, namely: who was the author of the plays credited to William Shakespeare? Experts have debated, books have been written, and scholars have devoted their lives to protecting or debunking theories surrounding the authorship of the most renowned works in English literature. Anonymous poses one possible answer, focusing on a time when cloak-and-dagger political intrigue, illicit romances in the Royal Court, and the schemes of greedy nobles hungry for the power of the throne were exposed in the most unlikely of places: the London stage.
SH#T! I'm a sucker for controversial films; whether religious, political, or literary. DO WANT!!!! *_*

[Anime] Tiger & Bunny - Saving the World is... Show Business!

Tiger and Bunny
of Sunrise
Directed by Keiichi Satou; Written by Masafumi Nishida
Wild Tiger: I'm a Super Hero. I arrest criminals and save the citizens of Sternbild. I'm catching a thief right now... *runs while... causing a lot of property damage along the way*.... people's lives are more important than that!!.... *becomes slower* Yikes! My power has reached it's limit for the day! *falls* Aaaahhh!!! Somebody... *closes eyes*
Dude in a Pink Robot Suit: You're quite a lame superhero to be needed some rescuing... and even be carried like a princess.
Wild Tiger: *opens eyes and realizes* W-what?
* Dude in a Pink Robot Suit catches the criminal and makes it to the headlines*
Wild Tiger: W-WHAT??!

= The next day =
Wild Tiger's Boss: You are going to pay for the things you damaged.
Wild Tiger: Ahahaha....
Wild Tiger's Boss: I have worse news than that...
Wild Tiger: Come on, I'll pay for it. I prom-
Wild Tiger's Boss: Our company is closing. You've got a new boss *hands over a business card*
Wild Tiger: W-what?

= Wild Tiger with New Boss =
Wild Tiger's New Boss: Ah, so you're Wild Tiger. First, you need to wear a new suit. *points a cool Green Robot Suit*. And, I'm assigning you a partner.
Wild Tiger: No way.
Wild Tiger's New Boss: If you don't want that, then feel free to quit.
Wild Tiger: Ahahaha.... fine, I'll do it.

= Wild Tiger meets up with Partner =
Dude in a Pink Robot Suit: Looking forward to working with you from now on.
Wild Tiger: O_O..........

Fictional City. Futuristic.
Super Heroes. Live Broadcasting. Points. Sponsors. Crimes. Powers.
Action. Comedy. Mystery.

4 Hearts ---> ADORATION

Tiger & Bunny is not your typical superhero show... yet it is just as charming and as exciting as your favorite superhero shows~

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #010 ("Disease Fighting Stuff" and some Novel Catch-Up)

Movie Web's having a Contagion goodies Giveaway:
THey look cool xD I like the description on the LED light; got me amused, haha!

Oh, I like the movie plot written in that Giveawar post. I'm hoping to be able to write plots that sound interesting in paragraph form... I got used to my own style, like what I did to my review, haha.
Anywayz, for those who want to know what Contagion's about, but with more details:
An international traveler reaches into the snack bowl at an airport bar before passing her credit card to a waiter. A business meeting begins with a round of handshakes. A man coughs on a crowded bus...

One contact. One instant. And a lethal virus is transmitted.

When Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns to Minneapolis from business in Hong Kong, what she thought was jet lag takes a virulent turn. Two days later, she's dead in the ER and the doctors tell her shocked and grieving husband (Matt Damon) they have no idea why.

Soon, others exhibit the same mysterious symptoms: hacking coughs and fever, followed by seizure, brain hemorrhage...and ultimately, death. In Minneapolis, Chicago, London, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong, the numbers quickly multiply: one case becomes four, then sixteen, then hundreds, thousands, as the contagion sweeps across all borders, fueled by the countless human interactions that make up the course of an average day.

A global pandemic explodes. At the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers mobilize to break the code of a unique biological pathogen as it continues to mutate. Deputy Director Cheever (Laurence Fishburne) tries to allay the growing panic despite his own personal concerns, and must send a brave young doctor (Kate Winslet) into harm's way. At the same time, amid a rising tide of suspicion over a potential vaccine-and who gets it first-Dr. Leonora Orantes (Marion Cotillard) of the World Health Organization works through the network of connections that could lead back to the source of what they're dealing with.

As the death toll escalates and people struggle to protect themselves and their loved ones in a society breaking down, one activist blogger (Jude Law) claims the public isn't getting the truth about what's really going on, and sets off an epidemic of paranoia and fear as infectious as the virus itself
( A Clash of Kings - Pages 576 to 600 of 708)
The only cool thing that Sansa ever did was PRAY for Jooffrey's misfortune.
Theon's such an idiot. He's not really a bad guy, but still... AND IDIOT!!! T_T
( The Shack - Pages 1 to 20 of 250)
I got curious on it because of the popularity. I've come across a lot of religious controversies in fiction, but not much on spiritual ones. So far it's so interesting. I looooooooove how the narrator tells the story. Ordinary things/actions sound like adventures and magic through his words. I'm hoping to continue this very soon~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #009 (Dogs and Tiger and BunnieS)

( Dogs: Bullets and Carnage - Chapter 65 )
Right Panel - I find it so cute when Haine forces himself not to do anything violent if Nill is around... or if he has to harm someone who has become attached to Nill, teehee. Oh Nill, please don't go back in the background. Haine is more adorable when you're around. There's more fluffiness in this violent series when someone as angelic as you is around as well. Love ya, girl xD
Left Panel - drats... Haine with his "other self" is activating my twin boys fetish xD Hahahaha! So the other him considers him a master, eh? Haine and his evil form reminds me of Bleach's Ichigo and his evil form. Pretty cool~

( Tiger and Bunny - Episode 24 )
Kuuki had already anticipated something like this, but I don't wanna believe it. She doesn't want to either.
Waaah!!! I don't care if they'll need a stupid miracle to bring him back!!! I usually hate the Sunrise trolling, but for this one I beg for it!!! Waaaah!!!
That drama scene.... it hadn't a 100% tearjerker because Kotetsu has a talent of making a joke even on such moment (You and your bromance, seriously, wahahaha!)
The part of Bunny talking about the fried rice is what made me cry (Kotetsu as well).... 

Ugh, I'll take a look at My Bunny... or Bunnies rather, to feel better:
AREN'T THEY ADORABLE????????????????????
My younger brother bought them for my birthday (Such a darling, I hugged him to death for it xD). 

Unfortunately for me, I can't bring them home (the place I stay in the city doesn't allow pets), so my brother volunteered to take care of them for me (he kept on teasing me when it was time for me to separate from them though =_= I saw how much he enjoyed doing that =_= Meanie!!! I'm supposed to be the sadistic one between the two of us T_T)

The darker one is male, while the other's female. I wanted to name them "Bugs and Lola", but my brother went ahead and baptized them as "Jack and Jill", claiming that he has the right to name them since he bought them (WHUT, I thought they were mine???!!! T_T). Anywayz, I lost, so now my brother has been calling or sending me messages in order to make me jealous that he gets to play with the rabbit but not me. It kinda annoys me when someone is being more evil than I am, LOLz.

[Movie] Contagion - Nothing Spreads Like Fear

of Warner Bros. Pictures
Directed by Steven Soderbergh and Written by Scott Burns
CDC: There's a lethal virus that's been killing millions of people across the world.
Public: Have you found a cure?
CDC: No. We don't even know what is it.
Public: How could we prevent it?
CDC: Wash your hands and... don't let yourself be touched.
* CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Various Countries on Earth. Contemporary.
Virus. Disease. Vaccine. Epidemic.
Medical. Political. Social. Thriller. Suspense. Mystery.

3 Hearts ---> LIKE

There is no need for zombies and bloodshed to make.... a good and terrifying disaster thriller~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 9

(First time we see Himari in costume but not in Princess of the Crystal mode xD)
It might not be as wacky or as action-packed as the earlier episodes, but this has been the most mind-boggling and amazing episode so far *_*

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Daydreamer’s Terminologies: Literary Fiction Setting

The Setting generally refers to the time, location, and everything in which a story takes place. People have different ways of describing the setting, and here's mine:

I believe most settings are applicable to different types of literary media. The Setting is mentioned in most of my critiques/reviews. This post shall act as a guide on the settings I talk about.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Annual Depression - Year 2011

I used to go emo (yes, emo, I'm that pathetic. And its yearly) about my birthday at my LiveJournal account. But since I'm more active over here now, starting this year, I'm gonna be doing it in this blog instead.
I'll be going out of town starting tomorrow until Sunday (I can't hang out on the internet until then) so I'm posting this in advance.

(I got this pic from here, but I only like the first sentence. I don't agree with the other two, so I edited the image. )

My birthday is on this coming Saturday (September 10).... and that's going to be the most horrible date for me this year.

I LOATHE the idea of myself getting older. I like the greetings (people remembering that you exist feels nice) and the presents (mwahahaha) of course, but I don't really like celebrating it (though I like the idea of having reunion with family and friends through it). 

As a kid, I used to love celebrating birthdays, but I stopped that when I turned 18. My only goal was to be old enough to watch/read R18 stuff and NEVER get older afterwards, mwahaha! I had stopped celebrating birthdays 10 years earlier though... when my mom changed religion (her religion sorta forbids it). I used to throw tantrums for that, but now I don't give a damn, haha.


Though I hate my birthday, I don't hate other people's birthdays... and it just so happened that I've got several friends who have the same birthday as I do ^^; Two of them from online (Dorz and Kanki), and one is a close friend in college (Abi) *hugs them all*  Advanced Happy Birthday, my Twin Sisters! xD

Since such wonderful people had been born on that date as well, then maybe I shouldn't be too depressed... for their sake... and also for the sake of other awesome people born on the same date xD Hehe.

Oh, let me share something EPIC:


Do you see what I see? xD
Decrypted "Code": September (9) - 10 (10th) - 11 (year 2011)

I hope that's a good sign.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #008 (Reading is Sexy, C&H + GoT crossover, Creepy Webcomic, etc.)

This speaks truth:
Hiss a$$ is quite exposed... f*ck
I miss Dean Winchester of the Supernatural series... and I also miss reading.

( A Clash of Kings - Pages 371 to 575 of 708)
I'm almost done!!! w00t!
I love this more than the prequel. More supernatural phenomena going on; there's finally more sorcery than just plain politics. Not that I don't like the political stuff in the novel, I just prefer a fantasy series with more fantasy elements than political ones.
Arya's "human weapon" is such an interesting guy. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of him soon. I'm also curious on who she might end up with... my guess is Gendry... but we don't know about the guy she's betrothed yet... he might also be an interesting guy.
I'm hoping that Theon and Robb would meet already. Theon's obviously attached to the guy... (though I don't think he's gay), I wonder how Robb's gonna behave towards him when he finds out what he had done to his brothers.
Joffrey's so annoying... Sansa's so pathetic. Pfft, they're a pair, indeed.

And oh, speaking of the A Song of Fire and Ice series, I found something pretty interesting:
A CALVIN (as Jon Snow) AND HOBBES (as Ghost, Jon's direwolf) CROSSOVER!!! AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!!

To horror fans, here's an interesting Korean webcomic to check out:
(click the image to see it... if you dare)
It's recommended to watch at night, around 11:20 PM would be nice.
You don't actually need to understand it to be freaked out, but for those who are curious on what the hell was going on, then a translation's available over here.
I discovered this last week. Since most horror comics don't scare me easily, I let my guard down on this one. And after scrolling it a bit I already got scared >_< It makes me feel weird to not finish a horror story, so I had planned to get back to it. On my next attempt, I failed.... but of course, I managed to read it in the end. It was good... still freaked me out even though I already knew what I'll be expecting. This is terrific~

  • Black Butler (chapter 60) - That twist about Undertaker's original profession was no longer a surprise (ah, the anime has spoiled that), but the twist on who's the one behind eveything was... something expected and unexpected at the same time, aahaha.
  • Bloody Cross (chapters 9 to 11)- To be honest, I don't really read it anymore... except for the parts with Tsuduki... because he's so entertaining that I forget about everyone else, ahaha.
  • Bloody Monday (chapters 4 to 5) - THEY'RE ENGAGED???!!!! O_O ... oh whatever, more of my beloved J, please. (I think J ships them though. Fufu~)

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #007 (Arakawa 6, Tiger & Bunny 23, and Some Manga)

(Arakawa Under The Bridge 6)
(So cute and amusing that live-action Ric showing his "date plan" with him and Nino in anime style, hehe.)
The episode began with Ric being fooled that something bloody serious (literally) has happened. Ah well, just when had this series been that kind of seriousness, haha. Still... Billy seemed out of character for doing that...
This episode was more of Ric x Nino centric... it's their first date episode. Too bad they weren't as bizarre as their animanga counterparts (I was looking forward to Ric and his shoujo manga collection) and Nino didn't wear the dress T_T But at least the "distancing" was still there, and they had more romantic scenes (as expected).
Next episode looks more exciting... looking forward to laugh a lot again xD

(Tiger and Bunny - Episodes 23)
"The pain of friendship"... oh my god, Kotetsu... THAT'S SOOOO LAME!!!! .... AND YOU'RE SO AWESOME FOR THAT!!! HAHA!
How Barnaby got his memories back was so... what's the term for it... it makes you exclaim "that's it?!"... but it works, so I don't care~ And if the slap worked, that's lamer. It's more fun if it worked on something unexpected, even if it's a little predictable, hehe.
The hugs moment was soooo touching. You can see how relieved Kotetsu had been for that. I suppose Bunny's already as important as family to him. Daaw, how sweet.
The future of the city now lies on our duo's hands. The other heroes are helpless.. held as hostages eve, and they have no choice but to wait. Since they're so righteous and they believe in the power of friendship, they won't lose hope.
Cliche, isn't it? But nothing's wrong with cliche if the characters are great and the show's still interesting and enjoyable. Oh we know the duo's gonna win, but how they would win would be really interesting... especially with Kotetsu's situation: 1) daughter' and friends are hostages 2) he can't stay calm for that 3) his powers are going bye bye.

  • Kimi to Boku 18 - Shu-chan's brother's soooo adorable~
  • Perfect Girl Evolution 112 - I have realized that this is more exciting to read if it's a chapter with Kyouhei and Sunako trying to kill each other, LOLz
  • Watashi ni xx Shinasai 28 - It took Mami quite a while to realize her mistake, but at least it didn't take that long (Yukina didn't look like the novelist type). Anywayz, OHMYGODSHIGURE!!! xD His first "command" to Yukina is just... daaaaw~ What simple joy he has... so freakin' huggable~

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oh-No! Manga: Alpha Issue

At an anime convention yesterday, I spotted a manga magazine. I was about to ask how much it was (then decide whether to buy it or not depending on the price) but when I noticed the magic word, "FREE", I didn't think twice and grabbed a copy at once, hehe.

Oh-No! Manga is a manga anthology magazine published by Melchman's Stuff Entertainment and Pygmalion Studios. Its first official issue will be released on February 2012, but a preview issue (aka Alpha Issue) has already been released this month, and IT'S FREE! You can request for a copy from the official site (you only have to pay for the shipping fee) or you can just download it. It's in English.

Right now it's encouraging aspiring mangakas to contribute and earn. Chosen ones get to have their works showcased in at least 12 issues. Those interested in becoming part of the launch of its first volume can check out this page for more details. It looks like they're looking for those who can draw manga or fanart, and also those who would want to share their cosplay photos.

This brings back memories. I used to subscribe to a local manga magazine before (that one was more localized since it's in our native language, unlike ONM, which is in English). I'm not sure what happened to that old manga magazine though, but hopefully it won't happen to this one.

This issue contained the editor's message, the promos, the merchandise advertisements, a featured fanart, and a prologue of one of its series entitled Silent Destiny Onusa.
The story takes place in a region called Serapi, where two kingsdoms are at war with each other. The only one who can bring back peace in Serapi is The Silencer, a young man named Popi who just arrived in a strange land... and has no idea where he is!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 8

Oh my dear, Kanba. The cutest smile you ever did in the series so far was when you were suggesting something perverted.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #006 (Tiger & Bunny Marathon and Tekken Blood Vengeance)

(Tiger and Bunny - Episodes 11 to 22)
Ahaha... I finally managed to marathon it. I missed this series so much~ During the marathon I've realized HOW MUCH I've missed. I'll try my best to be as updated as possible next time xD (though I kinda doubt on seeing the last two episodes that soon because I'm going somewhere around that time ^^;)
  • Tiger - He's the dude who makes me laugh the most. Most adorable guy as well. I know he's not as stupid as he seems, but there was a time that I got disappointed the he didn't get that he was tricked even though it was pretty obvious... and it was just a few episodes after he had done something super impressive =_=
  • Bunny - Such an emotional fella. It was so cute when he's finally admitting that he's having high respect towards Kotetsu~
  • Blue Rose - Of all the dudes she could have a crush on, he choose "him"! Pretty girls falls for a guy not for his looks. I really love her for that, even if she's being tsundere about it xD
  • Fire Emblem - Oh he always amuses me xD He's one of the girls! w00t!
  • Sky High - He's soooo lame, and I find him very very very adorable for that. He almost had a love story... but as usual, I fell for a tragic pairing again *bangs head on the wall*
  • Rock Bison - he needs more love~
  • Dragon Kid - I really laughed when she apologized for being boyish when Blue Rose said that one of them (referring to Nathan) isn't really female, haha!
  • Origami Cyclone - I'm proud of him~
  • Lunatic - Ooooo.... tragic past... explains his odd personality. Oh poor darling *huggles the psycho*
  • Jake - he is such an... ASS!!! And that was AWESOME!!!! I find it cool when villains are being jerks.... his kind of jerk-ness.... it's so amusing xD
Anywayz, even though some stuff in the recent episodes are pretty predictable (and sometimes Kotetsu's so smart then he suddenly goes unbelievably stupid =_=), it had still been very enjoyable and fantastic! Things are doing good so far, but I just wish Lunatic will have more role in the series because he's such an interesting character. Well, it looks like even in the recent episodes, there isn't much info on the super main villains yet... perhaps there'll be a second season? xD

(Tekken: Blood Vengeance)
I heard nothing but negative opinions about the recent live action film. This one, however, seems really promising.
Too bad my Hwoarang doesn't seem to be in it... but the trailer looks really great~
Hopefully it gets released in my place (though I find that unlikely *sigh*). I really look forward to seeing it *_*

Off-topic 1: I'm still trying to get used to the new blogger
Off-topic 2: It's already September?.......... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!