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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum - Episode 10

Kamba (I'll start spelling his name this way because that seems to be the official spelling) is so EPIC FAIL in this episode. If he had been pretty cool or badass in the previous episode, this one emphasized his dorky side. Hahaha!

So we finally get to know what happened at the end of episode 8...


I love this episode~ It had been fun observing the penguins... they are always together with their master, and not only do they have similar personalities... but they also do similar stuff, or be in similar situations. Like with Kamba wearing the sweater, with Shouma getting hurt (his penguin might've been the reason why he wasn't that injured. He got a soft cushion, LOLz. Oh #2, I love you for that), and with Natsume kissing Kamba:


I knew it!!! xD She had only been targetting his girlfriends... because she's his ultimate fangurl. She doesn't need to go stalker mode to be creepy. She's way more obsessed than Ringo for she doesn't mind if he shows that he's disgusted with her. Whoa... I think she's quite a yandere... saying that she wants to crush him (and she does it, mentally + emotionally + physically) though she's also madly in love with him.

Why she's involved in the penguin stuff is still a mystery though. I suppose her mission was to retrieve the diary, and she doesn't forget about her job even if her thoughts are mostly focused on Kamba.

So there's another kid with the penguin hat. I thought that kid was just Himari's hallucination.... I didn't expect him to be an important character because he wasn't in the OP. Oh what a surprise... looks like there'll be more characters showing up other than those in the OP theme~

As for Ringo, finally she considers Shouma more important than her mission My twins are more important than anything else in the series, mwahahahaha. It's nice that she's willing to do anything to keep Shouma safe (For all the things Shouma did for her, it would be difficult not to fall for him xD And if she's going to end her Momoka project and live her own life, she can only start with Shouma) but... Kamba's hard work on keeping the diary (for Himari) and saving Shouma at the same time ended up in vain. Kamba already told her what to do but she didn't follow his advice. *sigh* I think I only like Ringo when she's being badass (like when she pwned Princess of the Crystal).

Putting aside the drugging, binding, and threatening, Natsume didn't really hurt Shouma. Maybe that's the reason why I can still like Natsume though I'm now having difficulty in appreciating Ringo, haha.

Back to Kamba, it was hilarious that when Kamba was asked about the things he hates receiving, they had all been done by a single woman. Hahahaha!

And he says that he won't mind such things if it would come from Himari. Whether it's his romantic love for her or just his sister complex, he would treasure anything he would receive if it's from his loved one. Oh he had been so cute:

VIVA LA SCARF!!!!!!!!!

I think Himari's giving her brothers pink scarves as Christmas presents. Cute~

Himari's such an expert in making her brothers go dorky and in making them embarassed. In this episode, she was the one who's always telling/reminded so happily on how worried Kamba had been about Shouma xD Wheee~

Awww... Kamba's not embarassed about his Himari obsession.... but he's soooooooooo tsun tsun when it comes to dear twin. He's acting all meanie in front of Shouma, but when he heard about the accident he got so shocked. And he was so worried about Shouma that he stayed by his twin's bedside all night. Daaaaaaaaaaw~

Then even after that incident, Shouma gets kidnapped. He didn't answer to the enemy's demands, and took advantage of the enemy's usage of Shouma's cellphone (It would be pretty sweet if he only uses GPS on Shouma and Himari... if Himari also has a phone).

It's quite a pathetic rescue attempt though... well, most of what he did is shouting and being under the enemy's control (he was obedient about wearing a sweater).

Episode 1 flashback aside, the twins didn't show up in this episode. We get to see them as kids again though, and I'm satisfied with that (it's better than no new scene of the two!)

Kamba and his "damn you for making me worried" look xD
Himari knows that Kamba cares about Shouma.
Kamba is aware of that, but hates admitting it.
Shouma's clueless.

Manu of Kamba's scenes in the episode look weird... but he's handsome on this one xD

Shouma's cute~ He's alright. Yokatta~
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