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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #006 (Tiger & Bunny Marathon and Tekken Blood Vengeance)

(Tiger and Bunny - Episodes 11 to 22)
Ahaha... I finally managed to marathon it. I missed this series so much~ During the marathon I've realized HOW MUCH I've missed. I'll try my best to be as updated as possible next time xD (though I kinda doubt on seeing the last two episodes that soon because I'm going somewhere around that time ^^;)
  • Tiger - He's the dude who makes me laugh the most. Most adorable guy as well. I know he's not as stupid as he seems, but there was a time that I got disappointed the he didn't get that he was tricked even though it was pretty obvious... and it was just a few episodes after he had done something super impressive =_=
  • Bunny - Such an emotional fella. It was so cute when he's finally admitting that he's having high respect towards Kotetsu~
  • Blue Rose - Of all the dudes she could have a crush on, he choose "him"! Pretty girls falls for a guy not for his looks. I really love her for that, even if she's being tsundere about it xD
  • Fire Emblem - Oh he always amuses me xD He's one of the girls! w00t!
  • Sky High - He's soooo lame, and I find him very very very adorable for that. He almost had a love story... but as usual, I fell for a tragic pairing again *bangs head on the wall*
  • Rock Bison - he needs more love~
  • Dragon Kid - I really laughed when she apologized for being boyish when Blue Rose said that one of them (referring to Nathan) isn't really female, haha!
  • Origami Cyclone - I'm proud of him~
  • Lunatic - Ooooo.... tragic past... explains his odd personality. Oh poor darling *huggles the psycho*
  • Jake - he is such an... ASS!!! And that was AWESOME!!!! I find it cool when villains are being jerks.... his kind of jerk-ness.... it's so amusing xD
Anywayz, even though some stuff in the recent episodes are pretty predictable (and sometimes Kotetsu's so smart then he suddenly goes unbelievably stupid =_=), it had still been very enjoyable and fantastic! Things are doing good so far, but I just wish Lunatic will have more role in the series because he's such an interesting character. Well, it looks like even in the recent episodes, there isn't much info on the super main villains yet... perhaps there'll be a second season? xD

(Tekken: Blood Vengeance)
I heard nothing but negative opinions about the recent live action film. This one, however, seems really promising.
Too bad my Hwoarang doesn't seem to be in it... but the trailer looks really great~
Hopefully it gets released in my place (though I find that unlikely *sigh*). I really look forward to seeing it *_*

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