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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #007 (Arakawa 6, Tiger & Bunny 23, and Some Manga)

(Arakawa Under The Bridge 6)
(So cute and amusing that live-action Ric showing his "date plan" with him and Nino in anime style, hehe.)
The episode began with Ric being fooled that something bloody serious (literally) has happened. Ah well, just when had this series been that kind of seriousness, haha. Still... Billy seemed out of character for doing that...
This episode was more of Ric x Nino centric... it's their first date episode. Too bad they weren't as bizarre as their animanga counterparts (I was looking forward to Ric and his shoujo manga collection) and Nino didn't wear the dress T_T But at least the "distancing" was still there, and they had more romantic scenes (as expected).
Next episode looks more exciting... looking forward to laugh a lot again xD

(Tiger and Bunny - Episodes 23)
"The pain of friendship"... oh my god, Kotetsu... THAT'S SOOOO LAME!!!! .... AND YOU'RE SO AWESOME FOR THAT!!! HAHA!
How Barnaby got his memories back was so... what's the term for it... it makes you exclaim "that's it?!"... but it works, so I don't care~ And if the slap worked, that's lamer. It's more fun if it worked on something unexpected, even if it's a little predictable, hehe.
The hugs moment was soooo touching. You can see how relieved Kotetsu had been for that. I suppose Bunny's already as important as family to him. Daaw, how sweet.
The future of the city now lies on our duo's hands. The other heroes are helpless.. held as hostages eve, and they have no choice but to wait. Since they're so righteous and they believe in the power of friendship, they won't lose hope.
Cliche, isn't it? But nothing's wrong with cliche if the characters are great and the show's still interesting and enjoyable. Oh we know the duo's gonna win, but how they would win would be really interesting... especially with Kotetsu's situation: 1) daughter' and friends are hostages 2) he can't stay calm for that 3) his powers are going bye bye.

  • Kimi to Boku 18 - Shu-chan's brother's soooo adorable~
  • Perfect Girl Evolution 112 - I have realized that this is more exciting to read if it's a chapter with Kyouhei and Sunako trying to kill each other, LOLz
  • Watashi ni xx Shinasai 28 - It took Mami quite a while to realize her mistake, but at least it didn't take that long (Yukina didn't look like the novelist type). Anywayz, OHMYGODSHIGURE!!! xD His first "command" to Yukina is just... daaaaw~ What simple joy he has... so freakin' huggable~