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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fandom Blurbs 2011 #012 (New Manga and Novels This September 2011)

Below's the list of books I've bought (majority were bought on sale ;P) this September 2011~ Can't wait to read 'em!

Manga Messiah + Manga Metamorphosis + Manga Mutiny of Next Manga
I've read Manga Messiah a long time ago (I borrowed it from a classmate) and I really liked it. Only recently have I found out that there are MORE manga bible series out there xD So when I spotted the other volumes in the bookstore, I grabbed them at once =3
Messiah's about Jesus, Metamorphosis focuses on the prophets, while Mutiny covers the main stories in the Pentateuch (five books of Moses)

Demon Flowers Volume 1 by Mizuki Hakase
I didn't like the mangaka's other work but when I've read the first chapter of this one, I find it adorable~
Moyashimon Volume 2 by Masayuki Ishikawa
I like Moyashimon and this baby was on sale so gotta get it xD

Psycho Busters: The Novel Volume 2 by Yuya Aoki
I'm a fan of the manga so collecting the novel versions is a must, haha. They were on sale anyway. I managed to get volume 3 already... hopefully I can spot volume 1 someday.
Genshiken: The Return of the Otaku by Iida Kazutoshi (Creator: Kio Shimoku)
To be honest, I haven't seen/read Genshiken. But I think I'm gonna like it anywayz, so since seeing a light novel on sale is a rare occassion, I thought of getting it at once xD
But if ever I didn't like Genshiken in the end, I know to whom I can give/sell it to xD

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith
THE IDEA'S JUST SO AWESOME xD Hahahaha! And I should read it before the movie gets released.
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
I've heard soooooooooooooooo many good reviews on this. The plot's interesting anyway. Gotta get it (and it was on sale! w00t!)
The Cry of Sloth by Sam Savage
The title's sooo COOL! Haha! And the plot was pretty interesting anywayz.
A Separate Peace by John Knowles
It was about two friends... (see my fandom bias)

Secret Series #4: This Isn't What It Looks Like + Secret Series #5: You Have to Stop This by Pseudonymous Bosch
A Series of Unfortunate Events #3: The Wide Window + A Series of Unfortunate Events #7: The Vile Village + A Series of Unfortunate Events #8: The Hostile Hospital by Lemony Snicket
I think I've only read until Book#4... and I can't remember anymore. Haha. I bought Book#1 on its original price, Book #2 on sale, then the rest I'm thinking of buying on sale too, haha!
Vampirates #3: Blood Captain by Justin Somper
I liked the first book so I'm thinking of collecting the other books too.... but it's not a priority read for now.
Erec Rex#1: The Dragon's Eye by Kaza Kingsley
I wanted to buy this before, but I didn't like the price. It was finally on sale, so I bought it at once xD
Pillage #1: Pillage by Obert Skye
I was thinking of trying the Lemony Thumps series first, but that one has too many books to catch up, so I'm thinking of trying the author's shorter series first. This one seems more interesting anywayz.

A Song of Fire and Ice #3: A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
I have finally finished A CLASH OF KINGS (when there was no electricity because of the typhoon)!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!
But the ending was a very annoying cliffhanger, so I just gotta read the next installment at once!!! xD Hahahaha!
I really like the cover.... it was so blue. I wasted so many minutes when my officemate handed this over to me... I was staring at the cover. Haha!