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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Manga Discoveries: Demon x Half Angel, Wolves Become Bishies, and Occult Hating Girl + God Boy (Extra: OTP Moment in Hetalia Vol 3)

While I'm waiting for Arakawa Under the Bridge ep. 8 to load (I want more Ric x Nino xD).... I shall fangurl over my Hetalia OTP:

My goddess is still an expert in insulting Gilbo even though she was the one badly beaten up. And she still thinks she's a guy even with those stuff on her chest. I love her~
Oh Gilbo for being such an adorable dork for the fear of his own lunch haunting him xD He wants to take advantage of her but seeing her on such a revealing outfit made him think otherwise and treated her like what a guy should have to a lady. MY GILBO'S SUCH A GENTLEMAN!!! w00t!!! And he helped her out even though he's not in a good shape either. (Yeah, yeah, Vash did a similar thing to his darling little sister but it's Gilbo we're talking about!!!! Gilbo... mr. naughty shounen action boy... acting like knight in shining armor to my badass goddess~ Squeeeee)
But in the end, he misses his play times with her.... acting like a stalker to his best friend.... which I would like to believe has now become his crush. BUT GILBO YOU'RE AN IDIOT 'COZ RODERICH GOT HER HEART NOW!!!!
But I love my OT3.... heeeheeeheeeheeeheee xD

Alrighty, I'm in the mood for shoujo because of my OTP xD Fufufufufu.... some recent manga discoveries to share:
Akuma no Ororon - had so much potential but quite disappointing
Jiu Jiu - needs a lot of work but it's sweet~ wolves ftw~
[ Akuma no Ororon by HAKASE Mizuki ]

A lonely yet caring 15-year-old Chiaki, the half-angel daughter of the Archangel Michael and a human woman, welcomes into her home a dejected devil Ororon who pledges to stay at her side forever.
Both of them have been ostracized from their respective celestial realms--Chiaki because her origins are impure and Ororon because he is the youngest son of the Lord Devil and therefore a threat to his older brothers for leadership of the underworld.
As various agents of heaven come by to destroy the angel Chiaki, she learns that having the incredibly powerful Ororon by her side is useful. And as assassin after assassin comes to eliminate Ororon, he learns that Chiaki can teach him a valuable lesson about the sanctity of life. (Baka Updates)
I had high expectations for this because the plot was very intriguing (and anything with angels will interest me). I'm pleased that it had a lot of dark themes and bloody stuff, since hey! We're talking about demons here. A fluffy stories with such beings is just so wrong... though of course I have my exceptions.
Anywayz, though it was very promising and interesting.... it was a huge disappointment. People say that it's no typical shoujo but I disagree. It's only not typical shoujo because shoujo isn't usually as dark nor have a number mature themes such as this one did (I know I saw an exposed breast being groped), but everything else here is the usual supernatural shoujo crap: evil boy meets kind girl, she was the only one nice to him, he saved her from being alone, of course they have these tragic pasts, they fall in love, she gets into trouble, he saves her most of the time, he doesn't want to see her sad or hurt, she acts as a shield for an enemy to make him stop going murder mode, she only uses her power only when the mangaka felt like it, useless side characters are her friends but are around for her emotional support or for additional people to protect, blah blah blah. Honestly, those things aren't really bad... but put them all together so hurriedly and expectedly SUCKS. It didn't feel like there's a story. Characters were just doing what they felt like doing =_=
And speaking of the characters, they've got no personality or at least aren't dynamic enough. There has been no development except for the main couple (which is very very very little development) and oh gawd they try to be as angsty and as complicated as possible. What's most annoying is that the leading girl is a freakin' Mary Sue. Guh, just die.
If it weren't for the goodlooking three-eyed bishie and the fact that the girl's father is my favorite archangel, I no longer have any interest in this. It's so disappointing, made my head hurt so much.

[ Jiu Jiu by TOBINA Touya]

The Hachiouji family hunts demons in the darkness. The heiress of the Hachiouji family, Takamichi, lost her older brother at a very young age. She isolates herself, but, one evening, two werewolf pups are given to her. After just a few years, they have grown quickly, and they even go to the same senior high school that she does! (Shinnen)
The leading girl is honestly so boring and angsty. I'm getting sick of her speeches in wanting to isolate herself from the rest because it's her fault and she doesn't need anyone blah blah blah. And I don't see the fighter in her because though she does tough looks and fighting poses.... I only saw her get rescued and cry while holding a blade. Isn't she fantastic? *sarcastic*
But what's nice in this series isn't the monster fighting stuff, but with her relationship with her two pets. But even if it's fictional, I think it would've been better if those two wolves grew up over time (not overnight!) and also took time in getting to learn human manners (they had like learned it TOO fast =_=).
Anywayz, what I appreciated in this is that the bishies here aren't just bishies with animal form. They really act like their respective animals.... or at least behave and cuddle like such xD Their simplistic thinking and quick attachment to their master makes them more adorable puppies-like xD Hehe.
Despite the dull storytelling, the sweet moments between master and pets had somehow made up for it. I just hope there won't be romance between the leading girl and her wolf boys. It's not because I don't ship her with either of them; I'm just certain that it will make the series go downhill even further =_=

[ Seirei Produce by MIYAGI Tooko]

Shiina Momose doesn't believe in fortune telling and the occult, but for some reason, anything she touches destroys easily!
One day while she was on her way to school, a young man approaches her. He claims to be a god and believes that he was guided towards her. For that he had become convinced that she should become his first follower!
Naturally, Momose refused; but when strange things began to happen... she can't not do something about it! (Sapphire Pyro's crappy summary)
I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE BYAKUYA ZAUSHI so I was really really really looking forward to this and OHMYGOD I knew it that I could expect something awesome from awesome mangaka xD
By the way, this is a manga that you SHOULDN'T take seriously, because it's CRACK! The art may be gorgeous (very VERY gorgeous by the way) and seems serious but the story is CRACK xD
A gorgeous bishie out of nowhere approaching a pretty girl telling her to worship him and become his property can't be anything but CRACK xD What's more, he even told her something super sacred and important like his real name but he doesn't even know why. And for a god, he wants to be a freeloader at her place. LOLz
Another reason why I think this shouldn't be taken seriously is because if you see cliches and stereotypes in this, don't worry! I believe they're intentional xD Hahahaha! It's like a parody to your typical supernatural shoujo wherein miss special heroine will be paired up with a divine (or non-human yet awesome) bishie.
Oh it's relly really hilarious (I blame the leading guy for most of that) and I'm pleased that we have a decent heroine in this shoujo manga. HEROINES IN SUPERNATURAL/ACTION/ADVENTURE MANGA THAT NO NEED RESCUING ON ITS FIRST CHAPTER NEEDS COMPLIMENTING! And besides, she's a tough girl and not easily swayed. She's got a crack side herself for having this handicraft fetish, LOLz. Not to mention she's a Virgo! Yes, we Virgos are that awesome.... mwahahahahhahahaha xD
Seirei Produce for me is sort of like a shoujo version of Makai Ouji (which I also highly enjoy for obvious reasons).... Momose is just not a rich science geek like William, but they're anti-occult in the same level to the point that they won't easily believe any supernatural thing they see xD Moreover, THEY'RE BOTH HILARIOUS!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!! xD
Overall, it's very enjoyable and I highly recommend it. Watch out for the release of its first chapter at Omari's Sister soon!


Omari's Sister said...

I'm glad you "got" Seirei Produce! It's a complete farce even though it looks serious. I hope the following chapters can keep up the stupidity. Chapter 1 was fun to translate.

ahhhhh-america said...

Where would one look if one wanted to read more of that PRUSSIA awesomeness with Hungary~? I keep seeing people post them to different things, but I wanna read the whole English...

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Omari's Sister
"I hope the following chapters can keep up the stupidity."

I'm so hooked to this and I blame you. LOLz Thanks~

@ ahhhhh-america
somewhere at the hetalia lj comm

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