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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 9

This episode has more of the grandaddies, features someone's dangerously awesome driving skills, and reveals a certain someone's pedoness love for cute darlings. Heehee xD

Rome was SO DEPRESSED that he lost a fight but he EASILY cheered up after Germania just told him that he could just win the next time he and his enemy meets. The power of your best friend's words xD Okayz, either that or Rome's just SO EASY to cheer up. Hehe.

Next we have Kiku needing to go home but he's not that used to Europe. Feliciano offers him a ride.

And oh boy WHAT A RIDE he had gone through. Italians driving like that appears to be a popular stereotype xD Hehe.
Honestly, I think you could only feel the speed and danger with Kiku's reaction from watching that scene (poor Kiku. Oh his neck ^^;).

Alright, now to my favorite part (I waited for a chibi Lovino like FOREVER xD)

Antonio teaches his language to Lovino... and of all the phrases he could teach it's that!!! Hahahaha!
Spanish speaking people have confirmed that the writing was wrong (Supposed to be "un besso" not "uh besso". Perhaps the animators have mistaken Himaruya's "n" with an "h".) Even the spoken Spanish was said to be spoken wrongly.
But ah well, there's Engrish.... not a surprise if they do Spangrish as well ^^;

Back to the scene, Lovino was being a stubborn student, saying that the language was too difficult to remember.
Consider yourself pretty lucky that Spain bothered to teach your language to you. From what I remember, Spanish colonizers in my place didn't even bother to do that... making the Indios seem like idiots for not understanding what the Spaniards say.
Now I see that it must be his bias to Lovino... LOLz

Back to the scene once again, Antonio's boss checks up on Lovino's education. Antonio doens't exactly have something good to report but...

Upon seeing that Antonio's boss is a beautiful woman, Lovino suddenly became active in learning and said the line that he prefers learning, LOLz. Naturally, Antonio scolded him for it xD

Lovino is such a troublesome servant that he's eating pizza while "cleaning". Poor boss... his subordinate is more spoiled on chores than he is. Hehe. Antonio wanted to check up on how Roderich's doing. And he saw...

BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! I think this has been what people have been referring to as Antonio's PEDO VISION. Hahahahaha.... it's complete with the sparkles and cutesy sounds.
Unlike the Vargas that's with him, the younger brother is doing real cleaning... with a very very very cute face. No wonder he got so jealous to the point that:

He wants Roderich to exchange with him xD Hahaahahahah!!!!
Of course Roderich won't~ There must've been a reason why Roderich had let him have the older brother, LOLz~
Oh Antonio's desperate!huggle.... if Roderich is already used to huggles.... I'm no longer surprised why. Haha!

Roderich obviously refused so Antonio goes home.... and an angry chibi Lovino goes drama on him xD The darling's tsundere to the core that he keeps on hitting Antonio (that don't really hurt) and tells him to go away when he's obviously hinting that he's angry of him going away (tsunderes are so complicated, I know). Antonio doesn't get it at first but later he thought that Lovino might've felt depressed because he was being exchanged for his brother (in other words, he thinks Lovino didn't feel wanted... THAT or Lovino's jealous~). Antonio's reflection shows us on how OPTIMISTIC he is xD



Antonio apologized to Lovino, and Lovino angrily replied that Antonio should really be sorry because....

he blames Antonio's house for being too big that he can't find the toilet xD LOLz
The pee....
As usual, anything in Hetalia that seems serious or touching or dramatic would most likely end with a joke xD (Cleaning out the Storage not exempted! Only Ivan's serious strip was serious from beginning to end ;_;)

Oh what a fun episode xD But before I end this post, here's somethign awesome to shared:

~ Check out Hetalia Manga and Anime in English and support the English industry! =3
~ The Hetalia Character Songs index has been updated with Antonio's version of the ending theme! Hooray! IT'S AWESOME I LOVE IT!!!! Antonio has one of the nicest singing voices in this fandom xD


Hal said...

Germania & Rome-

Oh Germania you know you can't help being a nice guy, even to Rome.

Japan & Italy-

I was caught between wanting to laugh and hug poor Japan after having a traumatic experience carpooling with Italy.

Well on the bright side he coined "quality control" in the car manufacturing business. XDD

Antonio & ChibiRomano-

Oh my sweet Spain and his stressful days. XD He can be cute and hot when he wants to be, and I find his relationship with Chibi-Romano adorable. I can't wait for the episode when he has to save him from Turkey, that'll be a lot of fun to watch.

Oh and is it just me or does he look like England with brown hair? Lol, guess that means they're related on some level.

Movie/Funimation licensing-

I was really psyched when I found out that they'll be making a movie, AND that funimation will be undertaking the challenge of dubbing it.

I swear they are truly improving with each series they obtain, and hope to god that they will continue to do so for this totally phantasmagoria of a series. ^^

Anonymous said...

Lol... Ivan in the soundtrack pic...xD

PassingBy95 said...

No matter how hard I tried, I could not hear the Spanish. Maybe I'm weird D:

Also, PEDO VISION is extremely cute....

The whole thing with Kiku was funny, but it was even funnier due to the fact that recently Japan is having serious problems with Toyota cars... mainly involving acceleration. But they had to do it eventually, sooner is better~

I laughed too hard at Lovino blaming Antonio for a completely different reason. I had forgotten about that part.
Antonio's song is love. Especially when he adds in the other countries. And the opening, definitely.


DayDreamer95 said...

ugh, misspelled my own name... *is ashamed*
well yah, if you don't know that's me, *DayDreamer* 95. I was thinking of another website XDD

Anonymous said...

It's Dame un beso

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Hal
"Well on the bright side he coined "quality control" in the car manufacturing business. XDD"
=== It's good when something good is still taught even in gags xD

"I can't wait for the episode when he has to save him from Turkey, that'll be a lot of fun to watch."
=== OH ME TOO!!! It's so adorable~~

"Oh and is it just me or does he look like England with brown hair?"
=== You mean Spain??? o_O

@ PassingBy95/DayDreamer95
I couldn't identify the Spanish words uttered much either x_x

LOLz to the RL relation on Kiku's situation in the episode xD

Poots said...

I always feel bad that Germanic territory was cursed to be stuck with Rome and his grandson from the very beginning. xD Poor Germany/Germania..

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