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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Arcana Anthology Vol. 15 Fangurling

Wheeee~ I finally got it~

(this is just the blue version of the back cover by the way)
The theme of this volume is School & Uniform. And honestly, school-centric themes usually bore me to hell. However, there had been a number of series that have school settings which I ended up loving to bits (e.g. Kimi to Boku, Seishun Kouryakuhon, Flat, etc.)~ So, since Arcana oneshots are mainly done by ZeroSum and Ward (I love most series from those magazines) mangaka, I was pretty confident that this volume wouldn't let me down... and it really didn't!!! Because I already like majority of the oneshots even if I didn't understand much of it (Blame my poor Japanese for that) xD Besides, IT'S SO BLUE!!!! xD *always easily attracted to anything with the best colour in the world... Mwahahahhaha!*

Before I go hyper on each oneshot, here are a couple of downloads you might enjoy:
Super HQ Unedited Version of the Colored Cover | Table of Contents + Illustration Poster + Volume 16 Teaser
Sorry for epic fail scanning =_= That's the most I could do out of it. Well, better that than nothing? ^^;
Kana Yamamoto's illustration is GORGEOUS by the way. And I think I will like Volume 16's theme *_*

Now for each story.... let me warn you that impressions are based on mediocre Japanese and my understanding from just browsing the pictures ^^; And I don't understand most of the titles so I'll just mention the authors (because there's a cheat code for them xD). They're still spoilers and sneak peeks though, so enjoy~

1. Ayumi Fujimura's Story

Main character enters a new school but everyone, including the teacher, is wearing the other gender's uniform! He's so weirded out but he's so out of place so he decides the wear the girl's uniform the next day, but everyone is wearing the proper attire xD Most likely it's because it's just their celebration or a tease to the new student or something like that.
It's very hilarious xD I love it!!!

2. Takane Aoto Story

A group of boys had some dare in going to school at around 11 pm. The two main characters lost, so they did it. But they got separated, and the black haired one heard something.... but when he opened the door, it turned out that it was just his surprise birthday party. But later the main character realizes that there are more people than those that should be present in the party xD In other words, a ghost joined them. Haha! It freaked them out~
It's a really cute and fun story~ I love it!!!

3. D. Kissan's Story

I don't get this.... has something to do with chopsticks and tea? Or perhaps proper way of eating.... the teacher kept on saying that the performance of the main character is bad....
It seems fun and interesting... especially those two other dudes making fun of the main character xD I like it~

4. Mame Serikawa's Story

Main character's some tough guy/girl (I can't tell o_O) (name's Watanabe Sou) that fights against chibi monsters during classes.... and for some reason the pretty boy in class is impressed with him/her.... the same goes for another tough dude who is even glomping him/her.
Seems fun and hilarious like other Serikawa Mame works. I like it~

5. Gunjo's Story

Story of a group of three friends.... I don't get most parts... but the part wherein they seem to be talking about superhero/alien stuff amused me. Haha.
It seems interesting. I like it~

6. Verno Mikawa's Story

This is SO weird... apparently there's some naked dude... and a girl who looked so pretty and innocent at first started chasing him and touching his anus for some reason.
I was so disturbed. Seems hilarious though~

7. Hosuka's Story

This seemed boring because pages are mostly spent on the main characters talking to each other.... but things got interesting for me when one of them started talking about kingdoms while the other's laughing at him xD
Seems cute and interesting. I like it~

8. Erika Kari's Story

Two... club leaders I think... wanted to proposesomething to the student council president... and perhaps they should beat him to get what they want because they're competing... but the laid back looking president easily defeated them. Then one day his secretary(?) was badly injured... that got him panicked a lot. And for some reason he changed his get-up... and became a hott tough bishie... and for some reason approached the secretary in public like it's some BL manga... then everything was back to normal in the end.
I don't get it but sounds cute and fun xD I like it~

9. Rita Shirohito's Story

A tough kid who's acting like some mafia boss has tied up his kindergarten teacher (and his father). And he's having some quarrels with his classmate who's like some yakuza queen. Hahahaha! Later they reconciled but everything was back to usual the next day. LOLz.
IT'S SO CUTE xD I love it~

10. Yashiro Saeki's Story

Looks like there are grownup agents that need to go undercover in a school...? But the guy... or maybe he's the criminal... is disguised as a female student... and encountered the female agent, who is in school uniform.... and everything got so weird from there.
Seems hilarious but hhhmmm.... not my type.

11. Kenta Mizuhara's Story

It's a 4koma that seems to be.... about a guy who is fond of girls in school uniforms...? And a girl like that had been playing with his desires? Then some boy got jealous and... for some reason in the end he's now scared of this girl.
Seems funny~ I like it!!

12. Gane Mihoshi's Story

It's a school play with switch roles: girl plays prince while boy plays princess. Haha! But they got into a fight during the kissing scene... lots of quarellings but in the end they didn't do it.
It's so cute and hilarious xD I love it!!!

13. Natsuo Kumeta's Story

A crying boy that got his knee injured was helped out by another kid. They meet again in junior high (I think), and the other kid turns out to be a girl and is even taller than him. But for some reason they don't get to talk much and wants to say something to her?... then in the end they're in highschool and the girl's finally girly and he's taller than her.
Looks like a cute love story... I like it very much!!!

14. Arashi Shindo's Story

4koma story about some supernatural being that goes to school? It looks hilarious but I think it'll be more hilarious if I get what's going on x_x
I enjoy other oneshots by the manga, so most likely I'll like this too~

15. Shiro Maruyama's Story

The two main characters seem to be in a cute relationship.... waaah... I wish I get what's going on. Not sure if they're canon but it's like a toughlooking dude x brave girl kind of story... hhhmmm...
I'm so curious about it. I like it veyr much!!!

16. Ran Igarashi's Story

A trio of boys who fights against bad students, monsters, and typical villains... literally. Lots of action and insanity. Freakin' hilarious xD

Oh I look forward to seeing most of these scanlated~

I feel like I want volume 16 like NOW!!!!