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Monday, May 31, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 10 (New OP! and Lil' Movie Stuff)

I'm really very PLEASED with the many Lovino screentimes in this season~ Oh Antonio, you don't need to wish for Lovino to be as cute as Chibitalia, he has his own style of cuteness!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaa~

Economy at Francis's place isn't doing well... and it's something that he knows that would make his rival very happy. Evil happy. But Arthur's evil laugh is so hilarious.... bwahahahahahahah xD I laughed so hard, took me a while to recover. Haha!

Francis was saying that Vash was lucky to have the banks that's why he's doing well. But Vash says he worked so hard (BLOOW, SWEAT, AND TEARS) for hundreds of yours to be what he is now (implies to me that there are so many hardships in Switzerland's history) while Francis had the advantage of having fertile lands.

Sadly, Vash's drama speech was put to waste because Francis doesn't seem to be listening at all (or at least, wrongly interpreted what Vash was saying) so he decided that he should just imitate Vash on the bank business~

Francis' bank, like him, was FABULOUS xD He concentrated too much on looking elegant and sophisticated.... it's exagerrated so much that he mentioned that the workers are just hired for the looks! Hahaha!
For an economy going down though.... he still had the money to afford all that.

The problem with Francis's country though, is that strikes happen everyday. I saw confirmation on that.... but seriously, until now??? How do you people survive when the necessities in life can't be accessed when those who provide it just felt like going on strike? O_O
I feel fortunate that strikes aren't that extreme in my place....
By the way, back to the episode, Kiku's the same here as last episode. He looks pitiful and adorable at the same time xD Oh that poor darling~
As for chibi Francis..... the sounds he makes while holding that strike sign.... bwahahahhahahahahahaha xD

Now yay to more Boss Spain:

Antonio went to visit and treated him with a tomato. The tomato was the pedo's lure to this gluttonous chibi. He even made Chibitalia sit on his lap and has been stroking him with such eyes and smile..... so pedo. LOLz LOLz LOLz It's so fun to tease Antonio as a pedo xD

Ah well, Mr. Pedo isn't totally biased to cute kids because he's capable of getting angry at little ones who don't obey him. Hehe.

He could get angry and give glares..... BUT he did his baby's work and even gave him the food. No physical punishment whatsoever.
Explains why your influence on Lovino's so great~ The episode shared a trivia that the tomato stuff in South Italian cuisine are Antonio's fault xD Hehe.

Next episode seems to feature another pedo and a baby... LOLz
Okayz, I've heard that the next episode would have something to do with the Italian brothers. I WILL ALWAYS WELCOME ITALIAN BROTHERLY MOMENTS!!!!
Episode 12 and 13 is even better.... and oh episode 14 xD

And FINALLY!!!! I don't get why the anime didn't do this as early as episode 1, but they have featured the new ED theme now and IT'S SO COOL and CUTE!!!! It's much better than MKC and I really look forward to hearing the versions of the other characters (I can imagine Gilbo doing some screaming on this. Hahahaha!)

This is my favorite scene in the ED theme because.... IT LOOKS SERIOUS xD It feels so out of place in that cutesy ending visuals. Hahahaha!
And yay to Italian words! I love you Feli!!! You overload in adorableness!!!


This is perhaps the new ED's single or something.... SO MANY CHIBIS xD CUTE!!!!
Speaking of singles, there's already a tracklist of the movie soundtrack and it looks like the villains in the movie are indeed aliens! Explains the many Alfred screentimes.... but oh that plot is so stupid and expected..... WHICH IS PERFECT xD I hope they'll make it turn out in a way that it was Alfred who did the movie.... I remember the strip of him doing a movie and those credits... bwahahahahaha xD Gilbo's reaction was epic~
And ah, lastly, in relation to the movie, there's a Hetalia Movie Event in Japan. Lucky people....


Hyper said...


D8 I so want to see that. I saw the video and it looks fun!!!

Akito said...

The new ending is awesome! I was hoping that it would be as great as MKC and... it turned out even better! : D I can't wait for the other versions! *has been singing it all day xDD* And you're right, the scene near the end looks so cool~

About the episode, I'm French, and my god, I laughed SO MUCH at the strike part! xD It's just so true, especially for the transports! Ahh, we French people always have something to complain about! =P

Anonymous said...

The new ending is like a drug to me!!! So damn awesome!! *----* (and yay for italian words!! *proud to be italian*)
And also the scene were the Axis have a sunset in the background is.... <3
And I Want to go to Japan Right Now!!! They are too lucky... ç_____ç

DayDreamer95 said...

Vash sounded like Edward Elric in this episode, especially when he yelled. . . .

It is not that bad Spain! Lovino is like a puppy, he is cute, but you have to clean up after him! :3 You are obviously not training him well. Also, poor Kiku, just can't get a break can you?!
That ending was a pile of pure sugar on my sweet tooth. I demand more~♥

YES ALIENS YES. I had been thinking Prussia decided to take over the world, or a Global Warming crisis, but ALIENS!!!! And I have always hoped the ending would be the American way. I laughed too hard at America crying over that body in that strip, it just struck a nerve.
But Tony oh Tony nooo, you had better still be America's friend! What is America without ALIENS?

I wish I had been there. I would have screamed at everything they said. I just love when Canada got his little moment of fame♥

ahhhhh-america said...


Anonymous said...

Marukaite chikyuu! maru kaite chikyuu! I'm still faithful to the old op but this one is almost as awsome as Gilbo! :D

Sapphire Pyro said...

Gah! I mean tED but I wrote OP in the title x_x *lazy to edit* Oh well....

@ Hyper
Yeah it does. Lucky Japanese....

@ Akito
Yay for the new ED =D
Whoa! Until now? And especially the transports??? Must've bene really inconvinient x_x

@ Anonymous 1
Most likely there'll be more Italian words in the full version. Looking forward to it~

@ DayDreamer95
Well, they have the same seiyuu so it's no surprise xD Hehe.
I had also been thinking that Gilbo would take over the world or it's Global Warming.... but Hetalia's ridiculous so the alien thing makes sense, haha!
There might be friend and enemy aliens, and Tony will be in the good side? Lots of possibilities, but most likely it'll be something funny and cliche xD

@ ahhhhh-america
Unfortunately, no. Only the Valentine's strips got close on proving that.... but no news of that part being animated yet ^^;

@ Anonymous 2
"this one is almost as awsome as Gilbo! "
I love it that something awesome is being likened to Gilbo... because HE IS xD Hahaha!

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