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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Manga Discoveries Recommendations '09 to '10

I've read so many new titles in just one year.... I thought of reminsicing them and collecting those I loved in a single post to recommend to other people~ I think I'll be doing this in every anniversary.... if I remember...

I believe I have discovered almost, if not over, a hundred manga titles in just one year. Not all of them are exactly newly released, that's why I call them "discoveries" because it's only around recently I have heard of them or checked them out.
However, what I'll only be including are those I recommend... they are separated into three categories: 3 Parfaits (Recommended), 4 Parfaits (Highly Recommended); 5 Parfaits (Absolutely Recommended so don't think anymore just READ! xD)
I didn't include those new discoveries that are being scanlated by H*P.... since they're AUTOMATIC 5 parfaits, hehe. I also didn't include in this list those that I have already finished, like Azrael's EDGE, or those I didn't bother to make a first impressions post on the manga because I'll most likely say the same thing on its anime adaptation anywayz, like Durarara!!, or those that I failed to make a post of, like Kaichou-san no Koneko, or those that I've already finished but just not able to post a review yet, like with Seven Days, whose mangaka drew this post's top image by the way xD So here we go:


Afterschool Charisma

First Impressions | Info Page | Read Online
This is my most recent obsession that I bought the tankoubons and waiting like crazy for the third one (Already ordered the bookstore to inform me when they get it xD). Well, it's a turn off for me that it has to be in a highschool setting (which is so overdone =_=) and I don't enjoy the perverted fanservice.... but it has been hilarious and very enjoyable to read. I love history and oh I like this series' versions of those historical figures.... espcially Freud and Hitler!!!! xD It's also crazy in its own way, and the mystery intrigues me~ I love this series a very very very much xD

Boku to Watashi no Henai Jihou

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What I love about romance titles that aren't shoujo is that they're not that mushy yet they're freakin' sweet xD I love the main couple of this series~ They drive me crazy for their extreme stupidity.... but they're still freakin' lovable~ Not to mention hilarious! Oh this got me laughing so much~ I also find it interesting that the main couple's actually CANON but they broke up but still CANON. It's so crazy, I know, but reading this had been so much fun~

It appears boring but it has been really cute and hilarious that I ended up getting really hooked to it~ The leading guy's relationship with his young cousin are so adorable that I felt like I'm gonna melt from diabetes xD Haha! And damn, the sweets he makes doesn't help. He even looks like the main character of Mushishi (which is epic awesome, btw). My favorite though is his interactions with his friends.... especially Suzuki!!! Kyaaaaa~ My best friends~ *caught of what she's mainly after in this series*

It's a brilliant mix of psychology, art, and fantasy! It's so unique and creative, I'm so amazed~ It's very hilarious too! How things began was kinda random though... and the main character can be annoying at times... and some chapter!characters can bee too angsty.... but still, this is awesome! The majority won't be fond of its peculiar art style though.... but they're really magnificent! *_*

Supernatural concept with scientific references? Oooo... interesting~ And I've always been a sucker for stories that deal with souls and death. This one even has mystery and fantasy aspects because of the way the main characters deal with the cases. The guys of the main pair are very interesting themselves too. One of them has a special ability while the other's not even exactly human. Oh those two are entertaining especially when they're together. I love the comedy and the intriguing stuff in this series. It questions a lot about life and death.... very thought-provoking~

Seishun Kouryakuhon

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Akizuki Sorata is my shoujo manga goddess and I worship her for a reason: she makes freakin' awesome shoujo! Slice of life + school setting usually bores the hell out of me, yet she has created a series that I would include in my exemptions because it's just that good!!! It's a story about a group of friends dealing with growing up, love life, school concerns, friendship matters, and so on. It was so wonderful that it made me teary~ It's pretty funny too~ And oh my best friend fanservice.... I love all characters but Kurata and Isezaki are really addicting xD Hahahahha!

It's a very interesting story between different worlds and I know the main character appears to be some chosen one but I still find the idea of a hero saving a desert country with the power of nature! xD What's more intriguing for me is that the main enemy (if he is) looks EXACTLY like the hero.... and he has some twisted fondness with the main character. Not confirmed if they're siblings, but that's enough twin boys fanservice for me xD And hhhmmm... I think it's officially shounen-ai... but I'm not after that.... but I admit those parts are very hilarious~ Even sweet. Hehehehe~
Besides, the title has one of my favorite colors and one of my favorite gems.... they're both secondary to Blue and Sapphire.... yes, it's meant for me. LOLz.

I know one chapter couldn't really show the overall quality of a series, but the first chapter was really really good and it involves time travelling and history... which I'm a huge sucker of!!! The action, fantasy, sci-fi aspects of the series are presented awesomely too... not to mention it's freakin' hilarious xD And it JUST HAD to add a bishie that looks exactly like the main character to make me more pleased and satisfy my twin boys addiction.... fufufufufufuufu

It's an action fantasy series with best friend bishies.... that's enough win for me xD Hehe. What's more, the most powerful character there is the leading lady! I don't see that often in shounen~ Art is wonderful and fight scenes were fantastic~ Story's very intriguing as well... I like the plot twists~ And it just had to add some religious references.... why does this keep on adding stuff that I'm fond of xD And oh, I ship Mahiro x Hakaze... damn, they should meet xD


I'm a sucker for exorcism stuff~ And there are twin brothers! xD Everyone's cool in their own way. It's funny and... the leading guy is recognized with the sapphire flame he emits.... Blue Fire = Sapphire Pyro. It's meant for me ;D

Alice in Wonderland characters ALL bishies? It's hilarious and amazing already with just that xD Anywayz, I'm loving the mystery and enjoying the WTFness... hahaha!

I'm a sucker for occult and supernatural stuff... total win for me even if it's in the usual school setting. I love the mangaka's other work anywayz (Princess Princess) and... identical twin boys fanservice.... fufufufufufuufu xD

It's hilariously badass xD This is something to be read for entertainment... hahahaha! I don't get tired of its insanity~ And oh Hilda's my goddess by the way *_*

Devils being devils.... angels being your non-typical angels (because they can be mean and cruel)... and our main characters are HOTT cursed beings.... I'm so pleased~ It's also hilarious, even with the fanservice. And I freakin' love my bossy angel boy there~

It seems typical at first but there's actually more to it's story... and the characters are no stereotypes. This is very interesting~ And I love the best friends relationship (though they're having problems with that in the current timeline)... especially the dark haired dude~

Anything by Hidekaz Himaruya is awesome!!! xD I don't consider it as epic as Hetalia, but this is a really good series. It's also full of fluffiness and.... well, BL fans will see some scenes in a different perspective. I guess Seiji is to blame for that...

The mystery behind Karoku intrigues me xD And oh this is really entertaining.... I'm more of after the comedy and the mystery in this story instead of the action.... ehehehe.... Oh yeah, Yogi's so hilarious xD

It's premise kinda reminded me of D. Gray-man... because the main character hunts for possessed creatures. The stories are good; art is wonderful; and I love its dark fantasy theme~

I'm a sucker for titles with bishies that are complete opposites even in hair color but for some reason they have to work together. Haha! It's also dark fantasy... but more mystery, action, bloodshed, and insanity. Nice~

This is the first manga that I've seen wherein the leading guy is freakin' girly yet he's not gay!!! Heck, he's even girlier than I am xD Hahahaha! I find this series very refreshing and enjoyable~

As expected from Victorian Romance Emma's mangaka, here is one again a unique historical series... and rarely do I see manga featuring characters in this part of Asia~ What's even more unique is the main couple... because the groom is much younger than the bride! I love unique stuff~ Besides, Mr. Smith amuses me~

The anime's over and I know I'm such a loser for not catching up to it/ But anyway, on several parts, the manga had been better than it, story-wise. I guess both mediums are cool in their own way.

I know it's not original and has a lot of cliches..... but the mangaka managed to make it interesting and intriguing despite those. And the characters have been decent and cool in their own way... not just fanservice. Also, though it's officially labeled as shounen-ai.... I see it as shoujo ^^; Yuki's originally female anywayz, hehe~

This type of stories usually bore the hell out of me but this turned out to be an interesting story of how an old bachelor raised a little girl. It's sad, heartwarming, and pretty hilarious too! It's sooo cute~

Usually, in romance shoujo, leading guys are either perfect prince charmings or angsty badass tsunderes or a mix. This title's leading guy, however, uses "niceness" as a mask while deep inside he's a big jerk xD Sweet~ And the leading girl's a blackmailing b!tch that could order him around. It features shoujo cliches but will later mix in something different or... out of nowhere xD It wrecks my brain, but I love it xD Haha!


Phew! That's a wrap. A list of almost 80 titles huh.... WTF....
But anywayz, enjoy reading xD
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