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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hetalia Manga and Anime in English!

I believe many of the fans are already aware that Hetalia has been licensed by TOKYOPOP (manga) and FUNimation (anime).

It's fantastic news because we'll finally be able to read/see Hetalia in English!!! and according to news, the dubs would even have accents! (But do take note that it has an MA rating due to instances of profanity, crude humor, and adult situations. Japan rates it as PG though.) What's more, the official Funimation site and Youtube Page has provided free streaming of subbed episodes, so please do check them out (for countries that aren't blocked).

Let's support official English Hetalia by checking out the subbed episodes (they're free anywayz. So go watch them if it's viewable in your country) and by purchasing the graphic novel and the DVD once it's released! The Japanese webmanga is already a phenomenon, and the Japanese manga & anime is a current hit and the staff's earning tons! Let's support the English industry this time... to give us more of Hetalia in a language that we understand. *_* Let's make it more of a success than it already is xD

There's already a traler of the first season DVD at FUNimation's blog. But for those who can't view the video (I think only those in North America could access it. You lucky people!), thankfully hirothepenguin has been generous enough to show us an alternative streaming medium:

APH Season One on DVD 9/14/10 from Eichi on Vimeo.

The DVD of the first season will be out on September 14, 2010! Don't miss it if you can get your copy from your place!

Below is the list of links of the available subbed episodes so far provided to us by FUNimation for free! Do check them out if it's viewable in where you're in. Descriptions provided are copied from the Youtube page. Compilation of links is huge thanks to mizu_takishima.

Forget everything you learned in history class, and imagine all the nations of the world as cute guys hanging out on a wildly inappropriate reality show. Now, toss in every stereotype ever and prepare to pledge allegiance to your favorite superpower in Hetalia: Axis Powers!
Episode 1:
When the nations gather to solve the world's problems, U.S.A. presents his solution to global warming and it's a pretty stupid one. Then everyone argues for a while, just before a flashback to WWI.
Episode 2:
Germany is prowling the woods of WWI in search of the enemy, when he happens upon a crate of tomatoes. Just as he opens the wooden box, Italy attacks! I'm only kidding. Italy mostly just lays around.
Episode 3:
WWI is over, but Italy won't quite pestering Germany. In fact, with WWII right around the corner, Italy pledges his undying devotion to his gruff friend, and a delightful Axis of Bromance is born.
Episode 4:
Italy and Germany have a new BFF: Japan. After a getting acquaited soak in the hot springs, Japan shows the guys his value as an ally by actually, he doesn't really do much. But he seems very polite.
Episode 5:
Germany, Japan, and Italy are on a deserted island, and they're making the most of such a pleasant environment. Especially Italy, who uses the free time make white flags and sand sculptures of pasta.
Episode 6:
Japan, Germany, and Italy roast marshmallows on the beach. The three guys may feel like the night belongs to them, but they are far from alone. Actually, marshmallows sound pretty good right now. BRB.
Episode 7:
U.S.A. takes a break from stuffing hamburgers into his face just long enough (barely) to reveal his plans for attackign the Axis. Meanwhile, much to Germany's delight, Italy's got an obnoxious brother.
Episode 8:
Since Italy's kind of a moron, he keeps getting captured by the Allies. But since he's kind of annoying, he keeps getting sent back to the Axis. And in a shocking turn of events, Japan answers a telephone!
Episode 9:
The Allies get together to split up their responsibilities for the coming war, which really just means: U.S.A. decides he'll be the hero and everyone else will act as his support. Meanwhile, isn't France dreamy?
Episode 10:
France is devastated upon learning he wasnt invited to the second meeting of the Allies, and as he reflects on the I'm sorry, can you excuse me for a second? It seems chibi Italy is wearing Hungary's dress.
Episode 11:
The moment of truth arrives in Chibitalia: will Italy accept the adorable Holy Roman Empire's offer? And while the Allies prepare for WWII, U.K. totally hangs out with a unicorn.
Episode 12:
First, a scene from after the war: France asks U.K. to marry him. It has something to do with Suez Canal. Next, a scene set before the war shows the Axis prepping to take on U.K.
Episode 13:
U.K. is aggravated after losing to Germany, so the lad uses the dark arts to get his revenge. In a scary room, he chants a summoning spell and unleashes Russia, the weirdest of all world powers!
Episode 14:
Germany goes to the supermarket to buy sausages. Ordinarily that wouldnt be exciting, but during this trip he manages to encounter every midly-offensive stereotype ever associated with every nation ever.
Episode 15:
Italy and Germany enjoy soaking in the rays of the sun, but Japan isnt thrilled about the prospect of exposing himself. Of course, a quick glimpse at his library proves he's not totally against nudity.
Episode 16:
A walk down memory lane reveals the moment when China found tiny, young Japan sitting all alone in the woods.

TOKYOPOP has confirmed that they'll be releasing Hetalia in English, and there's a Press Release Article about it for those interested to know more regarding that topic.
There's no cover available yet but news say that it will be out in bookstores "everywhere" on September 10, 2010. It's available at Amazon and RightStuff too but product availability on those sites is on September 28, 2010.


I'll update this post ass soon as I could (or feel lke it) if there'll be any new stuff regarding this. For now I am trying to find a way to grab a copy of the manga (hopefully TOKYOPOP will do it justice and don't be as insanely expensive as the other TOKYOPOP manga T_T) and the anime dvd (I think FUNi will do a good job on it.... I've heard the Baccano one was awesome~) once they're out... but no luck so far *despair* But for now, I'll drool over the 3rd volume of the Japanese manga~


Anonymous said...

Also, don't forget that the 3rd manga volume is out now.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, I didn't see the last note at the bottom. Nevermind~

Hyper said...

Make Pasta not War XDD

Miran said...

Wait, what country do you have to be from to watch? It's not available in the Philippines!

Anonymous said...

Nice xD
If this is gonn be dubbed by funimation, it's maybe gonna dubbed in german too! And than I can buy eeet~ <3

Aorii said...

Surprisingly I did not know this D:
Actually seeing it in manga form will be awesome given how discombobulated the whole thing is and that keeping track of individual chapters as they trans is a pain XD

@Miran: Funimations only accepts IP from the states, where they have copyright. It's against the law for them to stream it in certain other countries, so they just banned everyone else...

Hal said...

As I said in my last post for HWSEP09,

"I was really psyched when I found out that they'll be making a movie, AND that funimation will be undertaking the challenge of dubbing it.

I swear they are truly improving with each series they obtain, and hope to god that they will continue to do so for this totally phantasmagoria of a series. ^^ "

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1 & 2
I know but it's the japanese one so I didn't include that in this post ^^; Ehehe

@ Miran
Aorii-chan answered your question~ Though I've heard that aside from the states, it's also viewable at Canada.

@ Anonymous 3
I'm curious to see a German dub of this *_* I hope they will~

@ Aorii
Haha, true, hard to follow the webmanga for that reason. Though the manga version isn't exactly sequential either... (it's so unlike the others that has a chapter 1, 2, and so on. 4koma manga still ahve those!)

@ Hal
Nice to hear that and I hope FUNi continues improving ^^

Anonymous said...


I am a MAJOR Hetalia fangirl!



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