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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 6

Ahahaha.... I wasn't able to finish this yesterday because my mother is such an expert in disturbing me at such timings =_=

Anywayz, there are a lot of Allied Forces screentime in this episode... especially Arthur and Francis~ Adding Alfred to the duo make them look more enjoyable, haha!


It's so sweet that Francis actually took care of sick Arthur. Rivals care~ I love it when rivals could actually look after each other if the situation's serious~
Arthur's temperature had been really hot.... but I still went to school before though my temperature is even higher than that. Haha! Make-up exams on math subjects are usually more difficult x_x

Back to Hetalia, ah well, it's still a rare occurence for Arthur to be that defenseless ^^; I'm amused with the evil look on his face and his creepy intentions. Hahahaa! But fortunately, Alfred dear came to the rescue (Oh he doesn't realize that he had been a hero in that simple situation xD Haha)

I think this should have aired before the other sick!Arthur part in the anime because it's kinda inconsistent. Last time, Alfred was doing some drama upon seeing sick Arthur but now he doesn't even get that he's sick ^^;

But at least now he thought of helping with the cure instead of doing just some drama speech.... but out hamburger idiot placed his favorite food on sick Arthur's head xD Bwahahahhaha! Oh that's cute... I hope that really works. Recovering fevers would've been fun.... and won't make you hungry either, haha!
In the drama track though (In Arthur's character CD I think), there's a continuation of this part. Arthur recovered and acknowledged that Alfred's hamburger therapy had cured him! xD Hahahaha! He wanted to do the same because it was Alfred's turn of catching a cold.... and one can already predict what cure Arthur has thought of xD (Yes, his cooking, LOLz)

Anywayz, this part ended with Alfred asking Francis what a cold is xD Hahahaha! He doesn't get it because of the saying "idiots don't get sick"? LOLz~ Come to think of it.... I haven't seen a strip of Alfred having a cold (drama cd tracks not counted).


After the opium wars, Yao was being pushed around by Arthur and Francis. They are very demanding (especially Arthur xD) and it's giving Yao a very hard time.
By the way, it's cute and funny to see Arthur and Francis eating together, hehe.

Arthur likes Chinese food (it's delicious! =D) but it's hilarious when he mentioned that he thinks it would've tasted better if he cooked it. And you know Arthur and his cooking.... hahahahaha!

Even Francis and Yao agree with us. Hehehe~

And his hardship isn't over even at home because Ivan is also there xD Hahaha!
Oooo... panda~

It had been kinda creepy that Ivan is just next to him. Haha!
It's adorable that Kiku came in defense~
But hhhmmm.... I wanted to see this as Asians being nice to each other.... but I remember reading something like Japan wanting to claim all of Asia so.... perhaps that's the reason why Kiku's being protective there. Haha!


Arthur was surprised that Francis was no longer wearing his flashy outfit. And the reason why....

is because it makes him such an easy target that even Feliciano could shoot him xD Hahahaahah!

Francis is already so down.... Arthur doesn't need to add more insults/teases.... hahahahahaha!


THEY ARE HAVING A SWORD FIGHT???!!! AWESOME!!!! *loves sword fights*
But they're in the world war uniforms.... and I'm pretty sure soldiers during that time rely on guns instead of swords..... so this is so out of place.... making it so crack amusing xD Hahahahaha!

Nice to see Francis to be a match to our former pirate~ But....

Favorite character is favorite character~ Fufufufufu..... oh here's bigger version if you want to stare with me~ Hahaha!

Francis kept on calling Arthur with his former "aliases" (punk, delinquent, troublemaker, etc.), which make Arthur badass by the way, and the evil look and aura that Arthur's showing confirms Francis' accusations on him. Hahahahahaha!

Then Alfred WITH THAT FREAKIN' ADORABLE FACE just had to drop by at such a timing~

He has overheard about the dark side of Arthur's former self and we can safely assume that he finds it cool xD
I still have my delusions of Arthur and Alfred having a mother father and son relationship so what they're saying could be imagined like this:
Alfred: Daddy was that badass before? That's so awesome~
Arthur: *evil mode off* Eh?

Arthur: You idiot! My baby boy shouldn't know those stuff! I don't want him to grow up like I did! He should be a good boy and the current me, who is a gentleman, should be the example that he should follow!
Francis: Whatever~
Whenever Arthur and Francis argue and Alfred sees them, he's ALWAYS laughing at them. It doesn't sound like he's making fun of them, but more of he's enjoying what he's seeing. He's an abnormal kid that likes seeing his parents quarelling. So even canon finds the Fr!UK fights amusing.... hehehehehehe
Speaking of the fights, I've read that most of their arguments are just ad-lib by the voice actors. And they actually enjoy it xD Hahahahahaha! It's awesome when seiyuus love their characters~
Back to the scene, Yao doesn't know what to do with them. He asks Ivan if they should stop the two.... but Ivan wants to leave them be.... and see them destroy each other. It's creepy, but it's a smart tactic if you want to do a lot of conquering. Hahaha! (Become one with Ivan! LOLz)


This is something that is supposed to be not possible but as if everything in Hetalia is possible and makes sense, so it's cute that the mangaka had thought of something like this xD Haha. So Feliciano meets his younger self~ It's soooo cute~ I wish there'll be a strip of the other characters having this kind of scenario too...... especially Gilbo because he dotes on himself xD Hahahahahaha!

Back to the scene, Chibitalia asks if he's gonna be stronger when he grows up..... poor Feliciano couldn't let his young self down and had to lie. (Is it just me or the background has his ahoges?)

And he was very depressed about it.... best friend cheers him up. Daaaaw~

Oh I love the 6th episode~ My favorite in this season, followed by the first episode (because it has chibi Gilbo!! and Lovino!!! And my North American twins!!! xD)
By the way, for the next episode, I dunno if it's gonna be the one with Francis and Elizaveta or another Ludwig and Feliciano thing.... but I want the news/rumor of the stirp with Antonio and Lovino in a future episode to be true *_*

Lastly, Himaruya has hinted that he had added new historical strips and he's happy that these characters had more panel time in the third volume. Gilbo and Lovino!!!! Yessss~ And with Peter there, Arthur will definitely have a lot of panel time too. My top 3 (Arthur, Gilbo, and Lovino) complete.... splendid~

It's kinda awkward to use their country names so I use their human names: Arthur (England), Francis (France), Alfred (America), Yao (China), Ivan (Russia), Feliciano (North Italy), etc.


Anonymous said...

In the Hetalia wiki it says, that in Episode 8 will be more about Romano and Spain. So you are right about that one.
And also it says that in the next Episode there will be Germany and Italy ^___^

Hyper said... I know what was so different about Ivan! He didn't have his scarf.

Anonymous said...

I really do find it hilarious how one person percieves so many countries. I mean, really! America is totally like the actual thing, haha! We're obnoxious, always butting it and trying to be the "hero", and eating hamburgers all the time. But that's alright, dearest Alfred! I love you anyways! <333

sasunaru2191 said...

I'm still lost as to what episode where America first appeared when England had a cold. Where his reaction was DRAMA.


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