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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 7

Ahahahaha.... I think this is one of my most delayed Hetalia posts ever.... well, it's supposed to be earlier than usual but I got busy in marathoning Angel Beats, nevertheless, it's once again so cute and fantastic~

Oh yeah, before I start the post, here's something awesome I've found:

Yes, a Hetalia dessert that is a PARFAIT and it's GILBO and he's into blogging. Now I see how connected H*P and Gilbo are.... kesesesesesese xD

Now onto the episode:

It finally featured a strip that brings high focus on my goddess and her weapon of absolute doom~ It's amusing that her frying pan hitting could be done because of a divine order. LOLz

By the way, my goddess is so BEAUTIFUL on any situation and in whatever she wears~

My goddessis also nice enough to be hesitant in hurting others provided that she doesn't think she needs to.

Well, she discovers her reason soon when she followed Francis and caught him stalking on Roderich.

Roderich, by the way, is so HANDSOME even with his eyes clothes xD He's so gorgeous that my goddess is in a canon relationship with him and even men go ghey for him. LOLz

Elizaveta has heard malicious thoughts on her hubby..... she is hesitant no more~ Hahahaha!

In fact, she doesn't want to just hit him. Any idiot that will give her beloved trouble will experience intense pain. Hahahahha! That's my goddess~

I'm happy that the anime made this strip longer. More Elizaveta scenes and lines, the better~

After that we skip to a trip with teen!Feliciano meeting up with his Francis nii-chan after not seeing each other for so long:

They do look much younger than their current selves.... and they're wearing earlier clothing~

Oh Francis.... those touches and positions..... porr dear Feliciano ^^; I think he has an idea of what Francis is doing... but he's so onnicent and fluffy that he doesn't know how exactly to react, hehe.

Oh gawd Feliciano... of all words you could be curious about, why that xD Hahahahaha.... and Francis even gladly explained it in detail. The censors are amusing xD

That scene really makes one wonder why Japan had thought of putting this in a kid's channel.... Funi's mature rating makes more sense. There's no explicitly perverted stuff, but still.... such topics..... omg but it's so hilarious xD Blame that character for bringing up such disturbing topics whenever he's around. Hahahaha!

Alrighty, after that we have dear Arthur doing some training:

The chibi form's adorable xD

However, one dude just had to demonstrate his superhuman strength while he's training:

Alfred's been dragging that thing for an hour just to ask Arthur for the keys for it xD Hahahaha! That's something expected from someone who had spinned around a huge animal as a baby~ Hehehe.

But still..... poor Arthur ^^;

It had effectively ruined his enthusiasm ^^;

Alfred's not human like you are, so ganbatte! xD Oh come on, who care if you're not as insanely strong as Alfred, you have the most exposed outfit in the movie anywayz~

Speaking of the movie:

Hidekaz-sensei drew the Allies in their movi outfits. So cute that he got worried that Arthur might be cold with those short sleeves xD Hehe. Exposure to more skin just proves he's that sexy, LOLz. Francis is so fabulous.... Yao looks great.... Alfred is Alfred xD... and like many others, I'm not used to Ivan being that serious. Haha!

Totally random: Speaking of Ivan, I remember that name in the Ironman 2 movie which I watched weeks ago. And yes, the dude's Russian. LOLz LOLz LOLz to Hetalia connections in my superhero movies~


Anonymous said...

I adore this episode to pieces. <3 Feliciano looks so cute as a teen~!

I have to say, I like Alfred's movie outfit the best. o3o *stares*

Anonymous said...

i literally had a fangirl outburst when i saw Arthur's movie outfit, he looks so sexy in red and omg i don't think there's any limits to how cute Feli kun can be

DayDreamer95 said...

Fufufufu, funny how Elizaveta and Francis have the same facial expressions, but for COMPLETELY different reasons. Odly enough, when Francis is doing the "YOU WILL BE MINE" face, he looks like his normal average good old pervy self. :3

Poor Arthur, you are just not meant to be a SUPERHERO!!! You're our little(a.k.a weak) Tsundere~♥ It's really a tie between Francis' and Arthur's clothes. Arthur looks fantastic, but I have to give credit to Francis for wearing pink! xD
No matter how hard I look, I just keep thinking that it looks like Arthur's giving Alfred the "you are crazy" sign with his fingers. 8D Maybe he is just playing with his

I do wonder why everyone has breast-pockets, though. I could never find a shirt with one that I could put to use...I guess it's like butt-pockets, never use those either. Still, it looks cool on them~

Anonymous said...

Oh my...poor Arthur.

Anonymous said...

omg! I hope Arthur does get cold in his outfit, so Alfred can give him his coat.... ;]

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawsh xD
I totally loved this episode. Feli needs to STOP BEING SO CUTE Dx
Francis totally made that scene epic.
And Eliza-chan.....IS WIN :3
HungaryxAustria is the only hetero-couple I support on Hetalia x3
But poor Arthur....Alfred and him are always competing x3

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 2
"i don't think there's any limits to how cute Feli kun can be"
---> I think that also applies to like... the rest of the cast xD Hahaha!

@ DayDreamer95
LOLz, you're right. Shows a single facial expression could have multiple meanings, haha!

normal + average + good + old + pervy.... as a combination sounds so wrong in several ways.... LOLz

I don't think Arthur's weak, but yeah, he's not meant to be The Typical SuperHero... hahahahah xD

"No matter how hard I look, I just keep thinking that it looks like Arthur's giving Alfred the "you are crazy" sign with his fingers. 8D Maybe he is just playing with his"
---> I like to see it that way xD

"I do wonder why everyone has breast-pockets, though."
---> didn't notice until you mentioned it O_O ah well, who knows, they might actually be putting somethign there xD

@ Anonymous 4
"omg! I hope Arthur does get cold in his outfit, so Alfred can give him his coat.... ;]"
---> xD That would be very delightful~

@ Ami
"Feli needs to STOP BEING SO CUTE Dx"
---> It's impossible, LOLz xD

Anonymous said...

This proves that Alfred is a HERO!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaw, it's teen!Ita

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