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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 16

The title's "Mutual Love".... and it seems to be ironic if it's referring to the main events in the episode. Like with Saika's and Anri's case for instance.... it's one-sided love... parasitic love.
The second highlight in this episode I believe are the Shizuo and Izaya interactions.... well.... they're enemies, it's mutual, but not exactly love xD Haha! But of course, shippers see it differently~
The only couple that fit the title so far would be Shinra x Celty... but their relationship and lovey-doveyness isn't the highlight of the episode...
Either way, all three of them have something in common: They're all twisted.
That's awesome~


So it's revealed/confirmed in this episode that the main person/mother that Slasher!Saika's possessing is the interviewer's daughter. There had been this rumor of her going out with a certain teacher... and given the teacher's personality, it seemed that she's the victim in the relationship. But it turned out that she DOES love the teacher, and perhaps being possessed by Saika made her like that, that's why the teacher is now very scared just upon hearing her name.
In some way she finds out that the teacher's seducing Anri, and she doesn't like it. She has forgiven the one who's flirting but she doesn't accept having a love rival. She's as jealous as those bullying b!tches. Anri tries to maintain a low profile, but even by doing so, people still get jealous of her ^^;


Finally!!!! We get to see what Anri's made of!!! I knew it that her black and white vision had been hint enough even to those who aren't spoiled on the novels xD
She's a parasite and she knows it. At least, for a parasite, she's badass and her being a parasite was a choice, not because she couldn't help it. That's hell more acceptable than gazillions of other parasite anime girls out there =_= Narita knows how to make the supposedly annoying types very awesome~
And it appears that the one she depends to the most is Saika, the original one which is a katana blade unlike the chibi knife that Haruna was holding. She isn't capable of love since the tragedy 5 years ago.... and for a little girl who is so scared, she managed to control Saika! *_* Anri seems more incredible than Haruna for she managed to suppress it somehow (her eyes aren't red all the time after all) while Haruna is under the control of the Saika child.
Narita women.... you are so incredible... I knew it xD


Yet another revealation: if Haruna is Saika, then why are there still Saika trolls in the chatroom? And how do they post SUPER fast? Well, it turns out that it's because all those many people that were slashed by Saika hang out in the chatroom as well. But hhhmm... if that's the case, they should've had different IP's though... Izaya hasn't noticed? Or perhaps the first troll was posting by herself.... The senteces are repetitive and it's easy to press ctrl + v multiple times, ehehehe.
Anywayz, since Saika has become interested in Shizuo because of his strength, Shizuo was pretty touched upon hearing that. It seems that it was the first time when it was directly said to him that they love him for his fearsome power, and that made him happy. However, it was twisted love, (and twistedness reminds him of Izaya xD LOLz....) so he says that he hates them almost (not as much, because Izaya's still number one xD) as much as Izaya. Haha!


(I thought the setting of the series is 2004... how could the knife be made in 2009? o_O)
Shinra had come up with an explanation on why Saika slashes people. It wants to love humanity, but since it's a cursed blade, it can only show it through cutting people... and in order to cut it has to possess people.
I find it amusing that Shinra's the one who's able to understand Saika's feelings.... it shows that twisted people understand twisted people (or beings, in this case)!!! Hahahahahahaha xD What's more amusing though is that a normal person is explaining human twistedness to a supernatural being.... so even supernatural creatures can't comprehend insanity xD Hahaha!
Speaking of which, Shinra's explanation about Saika's behavior could actually be related to Izaya!!! O_O Just replace a few words:
Izaya loves humans. He loves humans... loves them so much that, eventually he stops loving any one individual and starts loving a thing called "humanity". All of humanity. When people are in love, they try expressing it through different actions, right? Talking, holding hands, embracing...He wanted to express her love through action, too, but not directly. In fact, he manipulates them..


Fortunately for her, Shizuo hadn't heard her (I can't imagine Shizuo hurting a female, but his reaction would've been hilarious if he did though xD). The others did, and sure made them panic xD Hahahahaha!!!
SADLY, the anime didn't add the part of Celty's imagination upon hearing that statement. WAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I hope the manga doesn't do the same, because I think it'll be more hilarious if I see an official scene than just depend on my crazy imagination. Hahahahhahaha!!!!!!!
(And before people get the wrong idea, I find Shizuo x Izaya aka Shizaya amusing.... but I don't really take it seriously ^^;)


"PLAYING" is Shizuo's other term for "MURDERING IZAYA".
He went all the way to Shinjuku to PLAY with him.
But how come he has not been assasinating Izaya if he acually KNOWS where to find him. So you're not that serious about killing Izaya-kun, huh, Shizu-chan? xD
Oh yeah.... he calls it playing, right.... then perhaps we should take it literally.... HE ENJOYS IT xD
And even if it's an evil smile, he's still SMILING when around Izaya.... even if murder is in his thoughts. LOLz.
You two, your relationship's really complicated. I kinda understand why BL/yaoi shippers love pairing up these type of guys now.... Hahahhahaha!


(Your faces are so close to each other, LOLz xD)
Ignore the murder intentions, those two had been like having a quick chit chat between close friends.
Shizuo visits Izaya's place, looking for him. While he's looking around, Izaya has spotted him. Shizuo has been too excited to see him that Izaya shoved him a cold drink to cool off. Then Izaya asks why Shizuo's there while Shizuo inquires him if he has anything to do with recent events. It was a question and answer session. But since Shizuo has been accusing Izaya, Izaya calls him cruel and a bully (Doraemon bully? Were the subs right? LOLz, shows what kind of shows Izaya watches xD THE KIDDIE ONES!!!). Shizuo thinks that chances of Izaya having to do with it is 99%, but Izaya wants him to consider the 1%... in other words trust him. Trust and Izaya.... it's funny to think of those two words together... hahahaha!
So in short, before they kill each other, they do a harmless (at least physically) chatting first before engaging into battle. Oh come on, if they're that serious of wanting each other dead, I don't think they'll have patience for a chit chat xD But it appears that they do.... and like to piss each other first verbally before doing physically damage xD Haha!


And aside from the chitchat, Izaya would do his knife pose first to get ready. It's kind of awkward that Izaya is so confident with his chibi knife against someone who is labeled as The Strongest Person in town. But well, since last episode showed that Izaya doesn't acknowledge him as one... it figures.
But I'm pretty sure that Izaya knows he's not immune to being hurt from big and heavy objects. Funny that he took the time and watch Shizuo demonstrate his amazing strength.... when he could have used that time to attack or run away. Som possible explanations for that action: 1) Shizuo's strength still doesn't cease to amaze/surprise him 2) He is the type of fighter who doesn't play dirty in battles 3) Because the fans don't want him to leave the scene
Well, it's been quite a while since the last Shizaya confrontation.... unfortunately....


Celty has a valid reason for doing so.... BUT STILL!!! STILL!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


IZAYA'S NARRATING THE PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*
AND HE HAS SCENES WITH MY GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*
AND SHE'S SITTING ON HIS CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
And of course, continuation of the scenes from his episode.......


ginta67 said...

OOOMG!! THANKS SO UPLOADING SO MUCH PIX FROM Shizaya's "chat!!!" And extra kudos for blogging this ep asap cuz this ep was sooo DROOOL in ecstasy….plus the animation was top notch!

Izaya such a smug little bastard!! Acting all coy and innocent in front of Shizuo. LOVE that 99% & 1% line! The meteor line was also kickass!

Well based on the novel, there IS a reason why Izaya has confidence fighting Shizuo with such a tiny blade but I think he just got lucky that one time.

I can't wait for the next ep for the Izaya X Namie scenes!!! I hope Namie gets her feisty attitude back! She seems quiet like a robot since S2.

nanashi said...

XD There's a thin line between love and hate.

Anonymous said...

This episode is made for Shizaya shippers xD
*continue to stare at the chitchat pic*

DayDreamer95 said...

I caught up~! ;D
I finally finished watching all the current episodes, and my oh my was this an amazing episode to finish on. This episode answered so many things but added even more!

I like both the current and previous openings/endings, the openings are so high energy, and the whole "giving you a recap-slah-preview" just makes it so much more exciting! I also enjoy how each character is connected to one another in the endings~
I was wondering how Niekawa could be the mother, katanas are long, and even the shorter version used for seppuku and that... other one are not that small. :/ Besides, I think you must love ALL humanity to be the Mother, not just one guy. So cute though that all those babies were for Shizuo :3

Seeing Anri being all cool and pulling out that Mother was super cool, her being a lovig-humanity's sword's parasite is way better than those other pathetic girls. It is a mutual agreement, they both benefit~ Being a parasite for other humans is not easy at all. you would have to change yourself for the person quite a bit, and even more if you wanted to be liked back; I am happy Anri clarified that. And those flashbacks, so MYSTERIOUS! Never thought much about the black and white, just thought it had something to do with how she saw the world relating to how she's been treated/how she feels about the people in it. (Okay, maybe I did think about it! xD)

I liked how you MANIPULATED Shinra's comments, thar.

*Now a contributing member to Durarara posts!*
Cannot wait for the next one, I expect much action! :)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ ginta67
Np~ And haha, I watched this one asap because of the Shizayaness xD
I also like the meteor line xD Hahahaha!
Ah, I know the reason why Izaya's so confident on fighting against Shizuo too. But I don't think he's just lucky xD
I agree about Namie not being herself this season so far.... I want her to be herself again and bring us Izaya x Namie scenes *_*

@ nanashi

@ Anonymous
I hope there'll be more~
(them being THAT close is so awesome, yes? xD)

@ DayDreamer95
Glad you've caught up with the awesomeness. I agree to many things you've mentioned xD
And ah, for Neikawa, I think she's the mother on the current possessed groups simply because she's the source. The real mother is Anri's, and I think that's what Shinra's referring to.
And on Shira's comments, it fits so much, right? xD Shows that Izaya's love is like a blade's. LOLz

sh221bk said...

So much Shizaya! XD
It's amusing that the normally simple-minded Shizuo can become so sharp when Izaya is involved. Even Izaya commented on that lol
Btw, what's that reason for Shizuo's confidence in fighting Iazaya you were talking about? Please tell me, I'm soooo curious. :)

Omari's Sister said...

Hubby and I gave "Durarara" a second chance tonight after getting completely upset by episode 2. You'll be happy to know that we happily watched up through episode 11 :). We're are now definitely hooked! Thanks for the nudge a while back :)

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ sh221bk
Perhaps it's because being simple at times is the wisest thing to do on complicated matters, haha! And I think many of the cast wll agree with Shizuo's thinking of Izaya's 99% involvement on bad events, haha!
The reason of Shizuo fighting Izaya? But.... I'm not sure if it's something considers as "confidence".... He just wants to kill Izaya, no matter if he could or not. And with his strength, it has been possible. Unfortunately for him, Izaya's no ordinary dude.

@ K3
I TOLD YOU THIS SERIES IS AWESOME xD Heheheeh~ The suicide thing in episode 2 is just used to fleshen Izaya's character in a shorter period of time, not about teen angst. Hehe.
Hope you catch up on the later episodes. It keeps on getting better and better! =D

Early errr...tip: Don't be discouraged if you spot a helpless damsel-in-distress in later episodes.... because she's a Ryohgo Narita character.... his female characters always turn out to be awesome if they're not awesome from the very beginning (fine, either awesome or simply freaky... some freaks I find awesome while some.... creepy) Wahehehehe~

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