Daydream Sanctuary Features


My blogging style varies, but here are the specific types of posts that I make with a special format:

Split Personality
I’ll be blogging about my thoughts on the title in script mode, but I’ll be writing it as if two people are talking to each other, though both of them refer to myself. The characters are:
  • Sapphire – the girlie, patient, and nice type
  • Pyro – the boyish, sadistic, and cynical type

Fandom Blurbs
Includes at least two of the media forms that the blog covers (e.g. anime + manga). For each category I will include my brief impressions on the titles I’ve caught up, finished, discovered, or have heard of.
For each title, I’ll usually mention the following:
  • (Completed) – same format as the critiques, but it’ll be as short as possible, and won’t have a post of its own
  • (Latest Chapter/Episode Read/Seen) – chapter or episode number shall be mentioned; if there’s no particular chapter number, the number of pages will be mentioned instead
  • (Updates) – latest news I’ve heard of
  • (Spoilers) – rumours of what will happen in the story in the future
  • (Spotted) – what I recently discovered and my first impressions
  • (Bought) – what I just bought
  • (Borrowed) – what I just borrowed from people I know

They are generally considered as “Reviews” but I don’t think I can call them reviews because I don’t bother myself to do summaries. I write the plot though, but in script form, and they’re usually biased (I’ll make it sound interesting if I liked it, or make it seem pathetic if I hated it).
{ Picture }
Title or Alternative Title
Important Staff (studio, author, artist, director, etc.)
Plot (script format)
(See the list here and my elaborations here)
(See the list here and my elaborations here)
(See it defined here and my favorites, as samples, coming soon)
(or “Audience”, see the list and their explanations per media here)
(things that need to warn sensitive people of)

(See the list and their explanations here)

I focus on typing about the things I liked and disliked on a title, and my reasons for thinking so. I have my own rating system, one of them’s an honest verdict (Star Rating System) while the other measures how biased I am towards a title (Hearts Favoritism System).
I also mention information that seem to be worth remembering; they’re particularly the people behind such creative works, like the creator or the staff.
Someone has requested to me to mention the genre, target audience, etc. to know more about the title because the plot wasn’t enough. Of course I granted that wish, it was fun to do anyway xD
I only began this format around 2011 by the way, so my old posts have a different style, but generally they would seem the same, hehe.

About Old Posts
Some media are called “Parfaits”, and I mentioned “parfaits” instead of “stars” in some review scores. It’s because that was my old reviewing style in my previous fandom blog, called “Hyper Parfait”.