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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hetalia World Series - Episode 8

(I really love scenes of Ludwig with his hair down~ I hope he does that more often aside from times when he's sleeping ^^; Hehe xD)

For some reason... the animation in this episode hadn't been that good. But anywayz, the focus on the two main characters again but we get to see more parts that are before the WW events. We see characters from B.C. and a part of history where the characters are younger again. Chibi Gilbo had his chance, it's now chibi Romano's turn, FINALLY!


Oh these two are just like older versions of Feliciano and Ludwig..... Rome's just more muscular and Germania just had longer hair, hehe.

They're so alike in personality that like Feliciano, Rome is the talkative one, and the topics are often the same xD Most of what Feliciano talks about are food and cute stuff though.... but they're both lovable idiots, haha. Then they have a partner who lectures him, hehe. Germania told Rome that he should try talking about stuff other than women, alcohol, and fights.

It appears that Rome doesn't like the other topics he could discuss about. Hehe.

Well, that's a little amusing intro from the grandpas. Now we go back to the descendants:

So it continues.... Ludwig tries to understand Feliciano's behavior

Animal poking, haha! And Feliciano doesn't seem to mind being bitten by one. Haha!

Ludwig wonders why Feliciano ends up on his bed that is designed to be for two people and he is sleeping at the corner and not at the center. I dunno which the bigger mystery is: How Feliciano manages to get there or how come Ludwig has such a bed and is even like anticipating to have someone beside him ;P

Classic comedy.... completely random.... though have to agree that it's mysterious and amusing at the same time that a random bucket hits right on target, hehe.

Lesson learned: Don't chase Greece's cats. Ah well, not gonna do that anywayz, but i might do it if they're puppies, ohohohohoh~

Feliciano's so industrious in making white flags... hahahaha!

Another classic comedy.... the obviosu trap which Arthur did.... and Feliciano easily fell for it. Hehe. (I think Arthur also did one for Francis' army in one episode, but the pithole actually chased Francis and his men... LOLz The wonders of Arthur's traps~)

Oh Ludwig's so organized while I'm more like Feliciano. I want Ludwig for a wife husband~

Kitty got angry because it's trying to eat Feliciano's meal. Hehe. You love food more than kitties, Feli? GOOD!

Feliciano and Kiku cooked onigiri and made Ludwig try it. Ack... seeing this trio with Kiku wearng an apron makes me have hallucinations of them in a family setting (Mommy taught Baby Boy how to make onigiri, and when it was done, they had Daddy taste it.) AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

The day has ended... and Feliciano's still a complicated idiot for Ludwig. Hehehehe

Then the last part, FINALLY:


*ehem* The two took their share of Italy. Roderich claimed Chibitalia... and we already know what their life had been like. Now it's the turn of the life of Chibitalia's older brother, who has fallen under Antonio's rule.


But his expression completely changed upon seeing a The Lazy Kid dozing off in his house.

The Boss tells his minion about their difference in authority but the one being rules just shoved him off because of the disappointment that he's no pretty girl. Hahahaha!
I guess many have noticed that chibi Lovino's voice is so different compare to episode 1's. Seems like since their present selves have one voice actor, the staff had also thought the same for their chibi selves. Well, it's not bad, but their voice difference isn't that big ^^; Chibi Lovino just sounded like Chibitalia with an attitude. Ah well.... it's the same personality anywayz so.... it'll still be awesome. Hehe.

This time the Boss tries to make chibi Lovino do something.... but it appears that he's even more useless than his younger brother. LOLz (THE TITLE SHOULD'VE BEEN BASED ON YOU SO YOU WOULD BE MAIN CHARACTER AND YOU'LL HAVE MORE SCREENTIME AND I SHALL BE HAPPY xD)

Poor Antonio. But that's just the beginning of your many hardships with this spoiled brat xD Hehehehe. If this were Yojou-han Tatami Galaxy, Antonio might already be saying this line: It was our first contact but also our worst contact. Hahahaha!

So cute that Antonio talks about his troubles to someone like Francis (it's Francis we're talking about after all xD LOLz). Then Francis "helps" his friend by saying that Antonio should give Lovino to him xD Hahahahaha! How his voice actor said that line was so hilarious. The face and the tone.... those intentions... LOLz. Thank you Antonio for not letting Lovino go xD Hahahahahah!

Looks like next episode there'll be more of the granddaddies:

And most likely continuation of the Boss Spain and Chibi Romano strips... I'm excited~


Anonymous said...

Finaly the day has come when we can see Spain Boss and the disobiedient lackey!!!!!!!!!!!! Do your best Spain! Tears tears

P.S You're right about Chibiromao's voice. They had Chibitalia's voice actres do his voice in this season.

pammy said...


omg spain and romano too!!!! this ismy favourite episode eveeere

DayDreamer95 said...

Rome and Germania surely passed down thier personalities, if nothing else! I was also not expecting Italy! to pop up out of the covers!

ChibiRomano does sound like a sassy Chibitalia~
Fuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! ♥~Suuuuupeeeiinnn~♥ My little Boss of overflowing passion~♥ I have been waiting! X3 I just loved the running scene, the background and music were so happy~ And for no good reason at all, I like how his voice echoed his dissapointment~

LOL at Francis. "Then Gimme! Gimmme Gimme! Fork him over right now!", is the lovely translation I recieved xDDDD. That poor child, he would only be MORE traumatized if he had been raised by him... .

Anonymous said...

Yay Germania finally made his debut!

Anonymous said...

I actually loved this episode more than the others!!! <3
Chibi!Romano is now my favourite character (only because he is with Spain nii-san!!<3), and the daddies are the best!!! They seem like N.Italy and Germany but a bit older!! *---*
And France is always a pervert!!! xDxD
I'm so excited for the next episode to come out, I want it now!!!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ DayDreamer95
"That poor child, he would only be MORE traumatized if he had been raised by him... ."
---> the poor child's already traumatized in just having him around.... making him afraid of Francis even in the WW times, hahahahahaha!

@ Anonymous 3
The adorableness of chibi!Romano are much more adorable than those Chibitalia cuteness scenes IMO. I'm also very excited for the next episode because it seems that there'll be more of the boss and his servant, and the granddaddies xD

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