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Sunday, September 18, 2011

[Anime] Tiger & Bunny - Saving the World is... Show Business!

Tiger and Bunny
of Sunrise
Directed by Keiichi Satou; Written by Masafumi Nishida
Wild Tiger: I'm a Super Hero. I arrest criminals and save the citizens of Sternbild. I'm catching a thief right now... *runs while... causing a lot of property damage along the way*.... people's lives are more important than that!!.... *becomes slower* Yikes! My power has reached it's limit for the day! *falls* Aaaahhh!!! Somebody... *closes eyes*
Dude in a Pink Robot Suit: You're quite a lame superhero to be needed some rescuing... and even be carried like a princess.
Wild Tiger: *opens eyes and realizes* W-what?
* Dude in a Pink Robot Suit catches the criminal and makes it to the headlines*
Wild Tiger: W-WHAT??!

= The next day =
Wild Tiger's Boss: You are going to pay for the things you damaged.
Wild Tiger: Ahahaha....
Wild Tiger's Boss: I have worse news than that...
Wild Tiger: Come on, I'll pay for it. I prom-
Wild Tiger's Boss: Our company is closing. You've got a new boss *hands over a business card*
Wild Tiger: W-what?

= Wild Tiger with New Boss =
Wild Tiger's New Boss: Ah, so you're Wild Tiger. First, you need to wear a new suit. *points a cool Green Robot Suit*. And, I'm assigning you a partner.
Wild Tiger: No way.
Wild Tiger's New Boss: If you don't want that, then feel free to quit.
Wild Tiger: Ahahaha.... fine, I'll do it.

= Wild Tiger meets up with Partner =
Dude in a Pink Robot Suit: Looking forward to working with you from now on.
Wild Tiger: O_O..........

Fictional City. Futuristic.
Super Heroes. Live Broadcasting. Points. Sponsors. Crimes. Powers.
Action. Comedy. Mystery.

4 Hearts ---> ADORATION

Tiger & Bunny is not your typical superhero show... yet it is just as charming and as exciting as your favorite superhero shows~

If you look into this series as the usual comical mecha show, you'll definitely be disappointed... since it's not even a mecha show in the first place. Tiger & Bunny isn't the type of series which you can appreciate for what it appears on first impression alone, but for what it is.

Tiger & Bunny has its superheroes participating in Reality TV. It's entertainment business, where the highest goal is to get good ratings. (1)

It's about rampant commercialization and corporate sponsorship.(1) There have been other series which advertise, blatantly or subtely, companies that actually exist in the real world. To viewers they're considered as trolling, but only in a series like Tiger & Bunny where this kind of "trolling" is... quite appropriate.

This series has been criticized for its predictability... but as if other superhero shows aren't as predictable. Cliches are alright if it's still written and executed well anyway. Besides, this series is deeper than it appears. It also serves as a social commentary, and it has more morals to share aside from the "power of love and friendship".

But the BEST part of the show are the characters. It has a huge cast, but all of them had a chance to shine, and majority of them had undergone character development. They are no stereotypes, and the do great stuff in their own way. They don't need good looks or cool powers to gain fans; they're just that awesome and lovable.

Praises to Tiger & Bunny for its fresh ideas, interesting premise, amazing story, and wonderful characters! This show knows how to humor you, make you cry, and drive you crazy because you are dying to find out what will happen next. It also reminds you that: Anyone can be a superhero, regardless of age and ability.

Tiger & Bunny is a very enjoyable show.... I encourage you to join the fun and cheer for our favorite superheroes~ SKYHIGH!!!! w0000t!!!!

(1) Ideas from the paragraph are based on or quoted from IceAndCream's review in MAL
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