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Friday, October 1, 2010

[Novel Review] Demons of the Ocean (Vampirates #1)

Demons of the Ocean (Vampirates #1)
by Justin Somper
Connor: My twin sister and I got separated when we were shipwrecked.
Grace: Connor was rescued by the pirates.... while I landed into the ship belonging to the Vampirates!
Connor: Grace is in danger! I must find her!
Grace: I'm worried about Connor! I must find him!
I love stories involving vampires, but this recent vampire romance craze is making me sick. What a relief I had to read something about vampires again that is not entirely focused on romance! It made me happier that not only are the vampires her not mushy, their pirate traits make them kickass as well. The idea of a vampire and a pirate in one was really cool~

However, it might have been better if the existence of pirates that are vampires as well in the book had been a twist or at least a mystery instead of something that is obvious from the title of the series alone. Actually, not many of the twists in the story had been that surprising, even if it's so action packed and fast paced.

So many things happened in the book in every freakin' chapter yet there are still many things that are left unexplained. It appears that because the story tried to progress too fast that it didn't have time for character development.

Even the two main characters didn't have enough of it. If you think about it, they aren't really that different from what they were at the beginning. I have to admit that it's quite sickening to see Connor being too good in everything even for a newbie in a new way of life (it didn't take him too long to adjust to his new lfiestyle), and Grace being so lucky to be protected and pampered despite her selfishness and uselessness. I prefer seeing Connor having more weaknesses... and for Grace to be truly as smart as how the book tries to portray her to be.

My biggest problem with the twins is that... they're so special yet we don't know WHY. There has to be some explanation or significant clue at least on why our main characters take all the glory on its very first book. Harry Potter was The Boy Who Lived; Percy Jackson was The Son of Poseidon; so Connor and Grace are....?

The problem with the main characters isn't really the worst of it. I had so many other concerns with the flaws of this book but none of them could beat my problem with the setting. I mean, it's set in the future, where everything is supposed to be more advanced and high-tech... YET the main characters don't act like children from the future but some kids in the early 1900's. They didn't have problems in adapting to an environment that lacks technology because they appear to have no experience or idea about it. With that, I didn't see the sense of making the setting futuristic. It might've also been a great idea to have our pirate characters be on a high-tech ship... but they aren't. So the time period seemed pretty pointless.

I admit my disappointment with this series because I really could see it to be much better than what it is right now if only it did more interesting twists and avoided some annoying cliche. Nonetheless, I applaud to this series for its use of vampires: the vampires here are smart people, use a system, and still drink human blood. The sunlight weaknesses made them a little boring though (oh come on, does this mean they could only do battle at night?) unless the author does something about that limitation.

Many of the characters of this series have been charming and interesting in their own way; I love a number of them~ It was very enjoyable to read and had a satisfying ending (Hooray to focus on family love instead of romantic love for a change!). I look forward to reading more from this series.

C (OKAY! Not that great but isn't bad either!)
It's nowhere near fantastic but had several remarkable points~
3.5 Hearts ---> LOVE
I enjoyed reading this and I LOVE LORCAN!!! Hehehehe....