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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall 2010 1st Impressions: Old Anime Super Hero + Modern Western Super Hero (xtra: Letter Bee Reverse)

I still haven't marathoned the first season and I no longer remember to which manga chapter I stopped. But I know one day I shall catch up on this and there's something that I won't change:

Gauche will always be my favorite character. xD
I'm not sure if they intentionally "reversed" it to the extent that the OP and ED credits are written in reverse. If it was, that was pretty cool. If not, maybe there's a problem with the copy of the video I watched ^^;

Alright, time for some quick impressions on the first episodes that I bothered to check out as an episode or just through spoilers (two for each). I don't plan on picking anything this season but I'm so easy to tempt so.... oh I just hope I won't be >_<

~ Watched an episode ~
[ Bakuman ] - epic shounen series by geniuses is epic. read/watch now!
[ Ironman ] - a huge disappointment. please kill the reporter. the music's good though.
~ Just spoiled myself ~
[ MM! ] - as expected, it sucks. there's an interesting twist though, but made me sad.
[ Sora no Otoshimono ] - it still sucks but I'm still quite concerned about my OTP


Well, the artwork doesn't seem to be as good as they look in the manga though. And for some reason, the first half was kinda so-so (it didn't give me a similar effect when I read the manga version), but finally it was starting to be the Bakuman I knew I loved around the second half. It was so funny and exciting xD Or maybe Shujin's the cause... haha! It's more fun to see how he acts with voice and background music xD Teehee.
The anime-only fans will finally be more familiar to the manga world thanks to this series. Hopefully that'll help boost up manga sales somehow, not only on Bakuman tankoubon or Shounen Jump issues, but even other manga and manga magazines as well.
I hope people won't be watching this just because it's mainstream shounen or only because the geniuses behind Death Note are had created it. Bakuman'samazing in its own way. It's no regular shounen.... seriously, what other slice-of-life shounen series that you know that made it this big? Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragonball.... the popular mainstream series have characters with superpowers. Even Death Note. I can't recall any aside from Bakuman.
In this series, we have kids with no superhuman abilities and can actually exist in real life. And unlike most mainstream shounen, it has decent character and story development.... rivalry's not with a tsundere and romance is canon!!!! I loooooooooooooooooove those that deviate from the usual xD
If you're still deciding whether to follow Bakuman or not, DON'T THINK ANYMORE! JUST WATCH/READ!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! REALLY REALLY REALLY AWESOME!!!!

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which reminds me that I have to catch up on the manga already. I think I stopped around chapter... 40+ O_O;;;; Gah!
Oh yeah, among all the OP and ED themes I've seen so far, Bias aside, Bakuman is still the best in both themes, in my opinion. Especially the ED! And yes, even the random super hero OP was... it was classic xD Teehee.


I'm no hardcore Marvel fan but I do adore movie/series adaptations of Western comic super heroes. I have been familiar with Ironman since childhood but I honestly only understood its story better upon seeing the recent movies with Robert Downey, Jr. Seeing Madhouse, a studio that I salute to, working on an anime adaptation of this popular superhero.... that got me really curious~
So, it has finally debuted and instead of introducing Ironman to us all over again, the target audience seems to be those who are already familiar with the story The story in this series seems to be original.... and instead of an Ironman series... it's more like an "Ironman in Japan" series. I mean, it's sort of like.... with "CSI: Miami" and "CSI: Las Vegas". That sort of thing. Same super hero (with CSI it's a different cast though, but still same "type of heroes"), just in a different setting for a particular season.
It's nice to see the cultural differences... and that Tony Stark is still in-character. (Stark speaking in Japanese is already o_O What more if he acts like one! O_O;;;) He doesn't seem to be as funny as his movie version though. :/
I'm not happy with this episode. My disappointment is the animation.... because it sucked. Perhaps they only focused on making the fight scenes and the OP/ED themes look good, because the rest look... meh. The music's very cool though.
The first episode is honestly a huge disappointment for me that I don't care about what happens next anymore.... if it weren't for this scene in the OP:

Is he an anime original or an actual Ironman character in the comics?
*after a while* I've been thinking about it and.... I've decided not to bother with this series anymore. Why?: BECAUSE OF THE FREAKIN' FEMALE REPORTER.
I am very very very very very sick of seeing a lame female reporter in a super hero series. Let me share that I don't like Superman and his story at all..... much more of the damsel-in-distress he always needs to rescue and apparently she is a reporter. See the connection? UUUUGGGHHH!!! I don't wanna see Louis Lane-like females!!! I will not be surprised if she'll be rescued by Tony in a future episode. (My relief that she's not the canon Tony love interest)
And even if that girl wasn't a reporter, she's already so annoying. The Ironman anime was already pretty bad for me.... but could have been tolerable if only her existence didn't make it worse. Sadly, bishie in the OP didn't brighten things up for me. I have a feeling that he'll just be some typical villain wanting to ruin Ironman for being a star and also wanting to destroy the world just because he feels like it. Meh.

Bakuman was fantastic while Ironman had been a disappointment. Fortunately I watched Ironman first, so I'm in a good mood right now thanks to Bakuman~

As for the others I feel that I've been wise enough not to watch anymore:

[ MM! ]
I didn't like the manga and the anime is just as lame. I'm surprised on the twist on the leading guy's crush though O_O that character almost became my favorite for being cute. O_O Sadly, even if there are several bishies here, it'll mostly spend more time on the fanservice type that annoy me. Gotta admit that I find the OP and ED theme songs pretty catchy tough, but the scenes make me puke. Ugh. The masochism idea was a waste... they just use it for fanservice and overused jokes =_=

As usual, my only concern here is my OTP while the rest I only wish them death Unfortunately, my OTP only had a quick moment on their own here. It seems that my goddess was sort of half naked when she showed the tattoo writing on her back to my fave bishie while they're inside a dark room.
Wait... dark room... almost half naked woman.... the two of them alone. It feels... wrong... O_O
But they're not doing anything.... fishy... I think. I don't even know if they're canon already. Well, they should be. Or maybe I'll just imagine it because I can't stand to marathon the whole series just to figure that one out =_=


abandonedfactory said...

I'm glad your excited after seeing Bakuman. I'm really looking forward to it as well. Too bad Iron Man failed. I watched half of season 1 of Tegami Bachi, and was increasingly unimpressed, so I won't bother with the new season.

Hal said...

Both Tegami Bachi and Bakuman were the series that I was honing in on when I saw them on the list for fall series.

Tegami Bachi as always is a work of art and poetry in motion with a style that is certainly going to get a boost up with the epic battles that are to come. And the music weaves in quite elegantly with the concept of the show.

I just love this series so much, both anime and manga, and pray that both will continue to progress and earn more recognition in the future.

Bakuman thankfully was a last-minute summer goal for me. Shamefully I did drop reading the manga when it still had some early chapters since I was trying to juggle some other series, and I didn't think to go back to it-that is until I saw it get the green-light for an anime.

Thankfully the hook of it's creativity kept me reeling back from time to time, but getting word of the anime is what really tugged me back my interest. So once I finally caught up with the series {which took about a week since I was busy with h/w and stuff], I was more than ready for the anime.

And boy am I ever glad to finally keep track of this series which has given me a bigger appreciation and admiration of the people who create the series I love everyday. ^^

Sapphire Pyro said...

I hope you get to enjoy watching the Bakuman anime =D Even though I loved the first episode, I don't think I could follow it ^^;
I had high expectations on madhouse. I'm really sad it hadn't been as great as I hoped =( Now I'm worried about the other western superhero series that they plan to do....
Tegami Bachi is... charming in quite an unusual way ^^; The crying leading character makes it difficult to see what's fantastic about the series... so I'm not surprised if not many had appreciated it, hehe.

Well said on what made Tegami Bachi and Bakuman so amazing ^^ (I couldn't wait for a week to marathon the Bakuman manga though, haha! I finished it up in two days despite my busy schedule. Aaaaaahhh!!!!)

I hope the anime adaptations of these two series continue to keep getting better and better ^^

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