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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall 2010 1st Impressions: Guy Killing + Girl Hunting (xtra: Fortune Arterial's Bishie Vampire)

I suppose a lot have already mentioned on how generic and unimpressive Fortune Arterial is when its first episode debuted. I think the ones who could enjoy this are those who are bias to pretty art, bias to anything with vampire or harem, or other forms of bias. If not out of bias, then it's simply because there's nothing better to do. Really, it's so bad that I really wish to avoid it because it's so rich of overused plot elements and character stereotypes. The anime writers always have the freedom to change the manga's story flow, I don't know why they didn't bother to experiment with this one. Anywayz, this series may suck so much but.... damn this scene:

(screenshot form Aroduc's blog)
Gorgeous bishie that is crack meanie by morning, and a sexy bloody beast by night. STOP!!! STOP MAKING ME STARE AT HIM!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish there'll be some loyal fan who would be very industrious enough to take screenshots of this series, and then I'll just take & stare at this bishie's scenes, and then ignore the rest. xD Bwahehehehe.....

Alright, time for some quick impressions on the first episodes that I bothered to check out as an episode or just through spoilers (two for each). I don't plan on picking anything this season but I'm so easy to tempt so.... oh I just hope I won't be x_x

~ Watched an episode ~
[ Blood of the Reprimanded Dog ] - blood... gimme bloody corpses xD
[ The World God Only Knows ] - harem... rarely does it make me delighted
~ Just spoiled myself ~
[ Detective Opera Milky Holmes ] - magical girl fanservice
[ Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru ] - pretty cool & interesting seinen maid show but...


We have a kickass main character who is just so awesome that he easily beats a bunch of punks. But of course, he can't beat the main villain just yet... and the main villain can't kill our main hero as early as episode one, so we have this favorite excuse of the main villain saying that he like's the hero's eyes so that he could spare the dude's life.
Yeah, yeah. That part of the episode was crap, but the rest is intriguing.
You see, this series has a bunch of pretty boys but things looked ugly in this episode. It's not because the art is ugly, but I believe it's more of because it's being true to its theme. It's a dark series, filled with death and destruction. How could something like that have a pretty fight?
And it's not just a game where the hero is proclaimed victorious and yada yada. The winner is just used for political reasons. There's something going on with the drug stuff; money and power is totally involved. Our players are jsut their puppies fighting to the death. And when it's fighting to the death, we see struggles of survival (not just in battle), and also get to see ugly things like betrayal, cheating, etc.
It may be SRZS BZNS but the preview of the next episode hints that there's some crack too. And I guess those who are familiar of the game or are seeing the hints in this episode that it's also going to be having shounen-ai fanservice. I don't know if the anime will aim to have any pairings canon, but the teasers would be enough to delight the BL fans. I just hope it won't go as far as... you-know-what. That's just.... scary.
I admit that I'm also after fanservice from this show. Mainly, this guy:

Badass Bishie Pose + Wind Effect + Red Full Moon Background
Shiki is not only a fearsome kickass sadistic bad boy in the series.... he's also the one who provides me the BLOODY (literally) fanservice. There's usually a lot of bloodshed on scenes of him playing with his katana xD
Waaaahhh..... my blood splatters and sliced joints and ugly corpses and stuff.... all covered with that freakin' "darkness"... uuuggghhh.... I'm lazy to wait for an uncensored version x_x
Oops! My morbid tastes might have scared people ^^; Ahaha.... back to the series: I wish the series had focused more on the creative fight choreography instead of just the bloody and angsty stuff.... the story's already so dark, show me something cool ^^; The music's actually pretty good... just not the... errr... songs. As in the parts with a person singing. The one in the OP just sounds... weird... and the singing in the ED made me sleepy. But if there were no voices, they could have been soothing to the ears, hehe.


The anime adaptation was really good... especially the OP visuals! Really creative and... wow *_* The song... however... you don't need to be a grammar nazi to notice how awkwardly it was sung x_x She should've just sang in Japanese...
Watching the first episode made me nostalgic... I hope I can catch up with the manga soon (though I doubt I can do a 2-day marathon again like with Bakuman). I still remember why I liked it very much though: It's not your usual harem series. It's an interesting twist to see a main character actually capable of making girls fall in love with him if he wants to (when he's neither the "sparkling host club boy" type nor the "bland and so-so but for some reason everyone loves him" type).
And oh I love my OTP:

They're so cute~ And the girl reminds me of Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho (who is also a girl from hell with a ponytail and a broom). Oh nostalgia~

I love both shows.... Togainu no chi if I want to satisfy my gore fetish for my dark badass bishies then The World God Only Knows for the cute, teehee~

As for the others I feel that I've been wise enough not to watch anymore:

This is a magical girl series that.... isn't for little girls. The main cast is for the loli perverts, the female villain is for the ecchi perverts, the young boy villain is for shota perverts, the blonde bishie is for naked dude perverts, and the katana vdude villain is for... errr... serious guy perverts. In short, it seems to be a series that is mainly for perverts that want a series with a plot somehow. It looks stupid but it's certainly something new to see magical girls losing their powers on its first episode. But with the look of things, I think the series is more focused on the fanservice than doing something with the plot. So... *sigh*.... it's giving a bad reputation (sort of) to my favorite fictional detective...

I prefer butlers, not maids. But I still gave its manga adaptation a try. It was honestly interesting, but the umore didn't grab me much. And it also has something to do with the main girl: she's not really annoying, but her extreme naiveness is like begging me to hate her =_= I like her best friend though, and the other maid seems cool.
The ED looked fun; while the OP seems really creative to me~ I like it very much ^^ But even so.... nah, not following this one.


catur heni said...

Togainu no Chi has already released!!!
(btw, anyone knows that Togainu is originated from BL game?? it's my fave.)

Bastiansmagic said...

That FA screenshot is rather addicting...almost may need to make that a background....he's almost as sexy as Kyouhei from Midnight Secretary...

Hyper said...

The World God Only Knows is an awesome harem because its not really a harem but is a story that makes fun of your usual harem XD


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