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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Season Preview: Winter 2011

Lack of hyper posts recently.... we've been really busy in various stuff this past few months. Hopefully this early season preview will make up for it ;D
Sapphire Pyro here, and I'll be dominating this post for now because I can xtine06 has some stuff to attend to. But she'll be adding her inputs here eventually ;D
This is going to be shorter than the usual season previews because aside from the fact that there aren't much upcoming titles in this season anywayz, uploading images just take me too long x_x I'll make up for it with... long comments, haha!
As usual, we;re going to be focusing on series only. As for OVA's and movies, I'm excited for Goulart Knights; Koisento seems interesting; but the one I look forward to the most is Supernatural; followed by Mirai Nikki:

SHE SCARES ME!!!! For some reasn I find her freakier than those Higurashi girls O_O.... COOL xD
IMHO, the upcoming season's shows don't seem to be as interesting as the previous season's. I familiarized myself as much as I can on the original materials of these upcoming shows.... but none had really hit me so far =/ Still, a number of them are still very promising so here goes:

Sapphire Pyro: *RECOMMENDS* As long as the anime staff won't mess up, this will certainly do well because the source material is so much fun xD
Yeah, yeah, it's the standard shounen wherein the main character is just so unbelievably indestructible that no one can beat him. But the funny twist in this is that.... he has to take care of a baby (though it's no ordinary baby ;P)! Plots with "babysitting" isn't limited to shoujo/josei alone! Hahaha!
This series can be appreciated by NOT taking it seriously. It's so ridiculous and amusing that could make you laugh your a$$ off because it's just so... crazy! Haha! But surprisingly, for a "stupid" story, it manages to show some intereseting twists and... it has a story!!!
Another thing that's so cool about this series are the fight scenes.... they're just so badass xD Ah well, we're talking about delinquents after all.... but at least the fighting characters here are actually likeable. The biggest relief for me are the females..... it's one of the few shounen series without a damsel-in-distress... w00t!
I used to blog this before but.... waaahh.... I can't do it anymore x_x

Cardfight!! Vanguard
Sapphire Pyro: *FACEPALM* Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???!!! Will these Yuugi Oh! wannabes ever gonna give up? Stop being a wannabe! I firmly believe that no series could replace Yuugi Oh in its throne.
*sigh* Or perhaps there are still tons of kids that suck up to these kinds of shows/games? But damnit... I'd rather they think of something new; create a new phenomenon! But noooooooooooooooo! Market over Innovation, huh? This is too sad...

Dragon Crisis
Sapphire Pyro: *HEADACHE* I've had enough of plots involving non-human girls being so fixated on a "normal" leading guy. The plot even mentions that she goes as far as wanting to bathe and sleep with him?
I don't think I need to guess abot it having ecchi and loli fanservice.... which I never appreciated. And this girl needs to be protected that much? Oh gawd, I'm so tired of stories like this. It might've been more interesting for me if the dragon girl is the violent type, not the fragile type. Ugh, just thinking how lame the plot seemed to me already makes me sick...

Sapphire Pyro: *INTERESTED* It had an interesting concept of what the future is going to be like: everything's so high tech and people can go around without using their real bodies. It's sci-fi but it seems to have some supernatural twist, because of the dark stuff going around in the convent. Smiles are being regarded as something significant in this... which is cute.
The story in the manga is pretty interesting so far (even with the usual "normal boy's life suddenly becomes not normal when he meets the girl" plot). The art's really really gorgeous too *_* I'm hoping for the anime's art to be better or more wonderful than the manga's. Those scenes seem nicer in color *_*

Sapphire Pyro: *NAH* I thought of checking out the first chapter because the plot mentioned about sibling love (younger brother loves older sister so much). Being an older sister with a younger brother myself.... I just couldn't resist it ;D
Sadly, this doesn't seem to be that different from other supernatural action harem shows (with fighting women)... it looked like only the women do the fighting... and of course they are sexy and will give the reader as much fanservice as possible.... yeah, even naked ones.
I'm not interested in boobs nor with women exposing their sexy legs. I see nonsensical fights and cfrequent blushes.... but a story I do not. Or perhaps I'm just being biased because this is not my type of fanservice... sorry =_=
I did get my brother to sister love though.... but the other stuff in it are just too unbearable for me ^^;

Sapphire Pyro: *ROARS* Yes, I'm a huge sucker for mystery stories set in historical Europe.... but this one is really SICK... in a negative way!
I've seen a lot of genius characters but the genius loli here is just too unbelievably genius that makes her seem to me that the mangaka is trying TOO HARD to make this girl as incredible as possible. I mean, being able to read so many books yet talking normally to someone AT THE SAME TIME? Unless she's not human, I call her Mary Sue.
I've also read/watched a lot of mystery manga/anime, but the cases here couldn't be compared to those because the detective work in this sucks so much. The girl's deductions being correct are too coincidental... and she didn't even bother to investigate EVEN A LITTLE. She just knows everything! While sitting there! Oh gawd, another Mary Sue charactersitic. And did I mention that she's really very pretty? And it has been mentioned that she's like a human doll. I'll forgive this series if she is indeed one, or something like it.
The other characters? Leading guy's too lame to be a son of military officer. The inspector with a weird hairdo is too stupid to exist. The short haired girl has two sides and she's just there for the leading guy to have another person to talk to and be suspicious about for the sake of adding more "mystery" in this series.
And oh, it looks like the author is very proud of his/her knowledge in French because I was getting tired of only seeing the simple sentences like "How are you?/Are you alright?" and "I'm fine. Thank you." being written in French (I think they're supposed to be conversing in French, but only those lines are in actual French).... and ah, also the counting numbers in French in a certain chapter. Jeez, stick to Japanese. Or just use French words when it comes to terms and stuff.
I think I was too disappointed in this that I've been ridiculing even the little things. I can't help it!!! =_= BONES! Please do something else instead of this x_x

Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft
Sapphire Pyro: *FACEPALM* I am soooooooooooooooooooo sick of plots with non-human girls rescuing normal high school boys. IS THIS THE TYPE OF PLOT THAT SELLS????
Oh gawd... that thought alone is giving me nightmares.

Hourou Musuko
Sapphire Pyro: *OKAY* It shows a unique and more realistic presentation of what people with... complicated gender statuses feel and act like.
However, though the story's really nice and interesting, I find it boring. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the fact that it's by the creator of Aoi Hana or it's because I don't find this serious and dramatic slice of life shows that appealing.
Anyway, I think this series is good, but just not my kind of thing. It's hard for me to tell what makes it remarkable, so I suggest that you look into Aorii-chan's post for more appreciation to this title ^^

Houkago no Pleidas
Sapphire Pyro: *HMM* Car manufacturer involved in some highschool anime? That's.... something new. And it's by Gainax, huh? Perhaps it'll be something worth checking out because it's something.... quite unusual, hehe.

IS: Infinite Stratos
Sapphire Pyro: *FACEPALM* WHY are there increasing mecha shows wherein the machines could only be piloted by girls except for a certain machine that could be piloted only by the leading guy? Are they copying Evangelion and trying to be as popular as it? Oh crap.... so many imitators try too hard but can't see the obvious that legendary series can't ever leave its throne....
Back to IS... ah well, seeing that there are going to be plenty of girls here with the leading guy being the special opposite sex.... I sense ecchi and harem once again. No... I'm tired of this.

Kimi ni Todoke 2
Sapphire Pyro: *YAY* I am still not updated with the manga nor have I finished the first season, but I still consider this as one of the most heartwarming shoujo series I ever met. And when you think it's using shoujo cliches, later you find out that it actually doesn't. The characters are charming in their own way. The story's simple yet really lovely. You can't get enough of it ;D

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka
Sapphire Pyro: *NAH* Serial killers? Zombies? BUT THEY LOOK LIKE MAGICAL GIRLS THAT HAPPENED TO SEEM A LITTLE VIOLENT???? And the leading guy has to go along with these girls? Errrr..... I don't find the premise that fascinating anymore so.... pass.

Level E
Sapphire Pyro: *INTERESTED* I've read some chapters of the manga and oh my god it's soooo hilarious xD It seems so random at first but things start to connect little by little. It's so entertaining and at the same time so interesting xD Now THIS type of alien shows that writers should look more into.... not the sexy alien girl that always lets herself to be groped by the leading guy that many ecchi shows are not yet tired of using =_=
And ooo.... two studios working on it? Staff seems promising? I can't imagine this anime going wrong... especially that the original material is awesome enough ;D

Mistudomoe 2
Sapphire Pyro: *CRIES* I could never appreciate shows with children being as perverted as grown men; much more if in the show, they are hell more perverted than the actual adults in it. So NOOOOO!!!! STOP DOING THIS KINDS OF SHOWS!!!! IT SCARES ME!!!!

Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!
Sapphire Pyro: *CRIES* WHAT'S WITH THE INCEST CRAZE???!!!! Honestly, I could actually tolerate stories with incest BUT NOT OF THIS TYPE! Aaaaaaahhhh!!!!! I'M SCARED!!!!

Rio - Rainbow Gate
Sapphire Pyro: *HMM* I have absolute zero knowledge on the original material but it has Pandora Heart's staff so.... hhhmmm.... perhaps it could turn out nice.

Sapphire Pyro: *FACEPALM* If you're only after the bishies, seiyuus, or prettiness, then perhaps this is something worth looking forward to. BUT I'm not one of those so I'M AVOIDING THIS CRAP!
I had NEVER seen a good anime/manga series that is based on a reverse harem game. The plots are more-or-less the same, and the bishies will all be too protective or have some special relationship with the overly special leading girl.... who will either be the naive type or the always-blushing type. AND IT IS ALWAYS HER ROLE TO BE USELESS AND TO CRY A LOT!!!! UUUGGGHHH!!!! JUST DIEEEEEE! DIEEE!!!!! DIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
Please don't liken this to Hetalia just because if Hetalia is to nations, this one is to zodiacs. Aside from bishies and personifications, that's their only similarities. Hetalia being NOT reverse harem and having women that don't need to be protected/rescued all the time made all the difference.
I love the seiyuus of Starry Sky. The artist of the manga is even a favorite of mine. But the plot's too hopeless.... it's impossible for this to be.... anywhere near impressive.

Sapphire Pyro: *NAH* Too kiddie... 'nuff said.

Sapphire Pyro: *SIGH* GIMME GAMBIT INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!! *ehem* Ironman was such a disappointment and I don't think how this Wolverine anime would turn out will be any different from it even if the trailer looked really awesome. I also think it won't ever be as cool as the Wolverine movie. (Hugh Jackman! Love ya!)
I'm sorry Madhouse... I love you, but I really think it's better when Western studios do Western comics. =/

Yumekui Merry
Sapphire Pyro: *SCREAMS* ANOTHER GODDAMN KITTY SHOW!!! STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!! *despises the kitty that freeloads at her home that she's being unconsciously bias to cats* I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE NEKO CRAZE!!!! IT ALSO DOESN'T MAKE SENSE THAT IT'S NEKO GIRLS WHO ARE IN THIS DREAM THING!!!! AAAAGGGHH!!!
There are so many species in the feline family. WHY CATS? There are tigers, leopards, lions, jaguars, and so on. THERE ARE SO MANY SPECIES IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM!!!! STOP USING CATS ALL THE TIME!!!! AAAUUUGGHH!!!

Alright, that's it. Opinions are opinions. First impressions are just first impressions. There's always the chance of the show being better than what you first thought of it (though from experience that doesn't happen that often).
If you want to see the chart version, Scamp was kind enough to create one


ayumikat said...

Will be watching David Production/Studio Pierrot's production of Level E, Beelzebub (for the comedy) and Fractale (interesting premise, art seems nice as well). May check out 'Rio' (Xebec) and 'Hourou Musuko'(slice of life) as well. I don't get the current craze of "incest" themes showing up on anime shows of late. Definitely not healthy even if one isn't taking it seriously.

rai said...

Baby beel!!!! I just love this manga..*still waiting for the anime to be released*

I really think that series having an amusing/amazing original plot are getting fewer and fewer (unlike those of the past decades). Most of of the series today have stereotypical characters and plot, mostly providing just fan service, not the kind of stories that can stimulate my curiosity and makes me want to read it all over again.

Some of the ongoing series right now that i don't mind rereading are:
One Piece
Nurarihyon no Mago
1/2 Prince (manhua)
Sengoku Strays

I always want to read stories that are gory, psychological, supernatural, mystery, involving detectives, etc...but only a few series matches my taste...

You're right in saying "Opinions are opinions. First impressions are just first impressions."

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ ayumikat
You have such awesome tastes as usual xD
*sigh* I hope they get tired of the incest craze soon.... it's just so... awkward... to see it every season x_x

@ rai
Yay for Beelzebub~
Ooo... I'm familiar with most of the titles in you rereading list... and oh you have awesome tastes (because I'm also into mystery, supernatural, psychological, etc. Mwahahaha)

abandonedfactory said...

So sad to see you saying Gosick doesn't have good mysteries. Where is my mystery anime?

I'll have to check out Level E. Sounds promising.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ abandonedfactory
Gosick had potential.... the mystery itself weren't really bad.... it's just used on the wrong characters. I think they would do alright if the creator would do something about the character profiles. Unfortunately, its story isn't incredible enough to make up for its pathetic set of characters T_T

I've just read more of Level E.... it's amazing! I think there are high chances of you liking it because you also enjoy Arakawa Under the Bridge ;D (Arakawa's more... ridiculous though, haha.)

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