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Friday, November 26, 2010

Manga Discoveries: Flower Boy, Modern Samurai, & Smooching Cat (ft. Liar Game Drama Season 2)


Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally I've finished the whole second season and even the movie. Slept until 2 AM just to finish it, ahahahhaha!
Well, of course, the manga is still better.... in all aspects. I didn't see the point of making the series have Biblical references though (the vaccine thing became angel/demon stuff, and the Garden of Eden thing)... hhhmm... but it was okay. It just got my mom more intrigued, ahaha.
And oh, the drama gave me a nicer Yokoya, a female who's sort of like a Yokoya + Akiyama combo, a Nao saying she wants to see Akiyama more, and an ending. So I'm pretty satisfied xD Not to mention there was a scene like this and a poster image (not sure if it's authentic though) like this. Those two main characters keep on getting sexier, huh? xD Teehee~
Wah! Hey manga! If you plan to make the series much longer still... at least gimme more Akiyama x Nao scenes, will ya? Lack of OTP scenes is driving me crazy, haha!


From Left to Right: Hanamatsuri, Samurai Drive, Tenchi Shinmei
Favoritism: Hanamatsuri > Samurai Drive > Tenchi Shinmei

Hhhmm... is this really BL? Ahahaha.... well, yes, there are homosexual relationships.... but I don't see the relationship of the main characters as BL, so I didn't consider this series as BL in general ^^;
Anywayz, this series has pretty boys serving wealthy masters. Honestly, they're not that different from geishas so I didn't get the necessity of making the pretty possessions as male. Besides, they're wearing female clothes and acting as girly as possible anywayz. I didn't see a reason mentioned on why these wealthy masters prefer pretty boys (acting as pretty girls) over real pretty girls either. No signs of any female specie yet either. BL series are like set in a different world o_O
Ah well, putting that aside, the story seems to be more than just about rich people getting pretty boys. Possessing a "flower" isn't just about "owning" it.
The first chapter has this kid who wants to get the most popular "flower" no matter what, but it just so happened that the "flower" belongs to his rival. Then one day he gets what he wants when the "flower" himself volunteered to become his belonging.... but it turns out that the "flower" was just doing it in order to make his master happy. This made our rich kid question if getting what he wants would satisfy him... and in the end he decides not to purchase the "flower"... since even if he did, the "flower" still belongs to its original master. It was sweet~ It also turns out that the "flower" that the rich kid truly needs is just right by his side all along~
The second chapter was even more interesting, for this time the master was able to appreciate the "flower" even when he was not blooming so beautifully. The master has appreciated both the "flower"'s... errr... celestial side and real self.
I bet the later chapters would be somewhat similar with the first two. I'm relieved that the stories don't appear to be that shallow and neither does the series focus on having its two main characters kiss all the time (and other stupid things).
This has been a cute and heartwarming series ^^ As expected of Aki-sensei I guess, hehe.

Samurais during modern times, eh? Hhhmm... it's quite interesting, but the story (and not even the premise) got me interested.
As expected, there are bullies who abuse the privilege of carrying real swords on the streets during modern times. Those who take the samurai code seriously are the main characters.
I thought the characters would be appealing enough to make me go on with this even if I didn't appreciate the story much.... but the series begins with one of the leading guys (Takahara) becomes extremely interested with the other leading guy (Kokonoe) all of a sudden... it's like it was for the sake of starting the story between the two and force them to interact somehow =_= Also, the way Takahara is attracted to Kokonoe had been a little disturbing for me.... I almost thought this was BL x_x
And oh the cliche on their first battle together... they fight in sync... a perfect match... and they only became friends recently.... only talked to each other recently even. This isn't a supernatural series, right?
What annoyed me the most was when Takahara needed to be rescued on the first chapter, while on the succeeding chapters we learn that he's actually capable of handling small fry easily. It doesn't make sense.... what's with the inconsistency? It would've been better if Takahara was presented as kickass from the very beginning... or if he really needs to be the type to be rescued, then I'd forgive that incident if he's actually weak or not a samurai at all. That'll definitely work better.... not this!
Bah! I don't see the later chapters getting more interesting. I think most of the readers of this series mainly read it for the samurai bishies =_=
Though I had been very disappointed on this, there is one thing that makes it very enjoyable for me to read: The Humor. One of the leading guys likes cute and fluffy things xD And there's also... THE POWER OF THE GUM! xD Hahahahaa! It has been really amusing~
The jokes aren't enough to get me hooked to this series though. I'm not completely dropping this.... but excitement is certainly gone. If I happen to forget to update myself on the latest chapters... I don't care anymore ^^;

I had been trying to understand BL so I thought I should try to understand the likes of smut as well. But hhhmm.... I hope it's just because I haven't been picking the right smut series... because Tenshi Shinmei hadn't changed my mind on smut at all. Yeah, I still think smut sucks.
It's your typical supernatural romance wherein our helpless heroine has the power to see ghosts and needs the leading guy to rescue her all the time. And of course, the first time she had been in grave danger was when she met the leading guy. It was coincidence, destiny, fate, whatever you call it. Woohoo! Overused cliche!
It doesn't make sense to me. One of the reasons is that the guy needs to kiss the girl in order to gain spiritual power. I mean, WHY necessarily on the lips? Oh fine, even if we put that aside and won't see the "getting power from the lips" thing as something malicious.... how come his lips are being in other parts of her body, particularly the sexually stimulating parts when she was finally volunteering to let him kiss her? What was mentioned was just from her mouth, right? Why the hell did he go beyond that?
Moreover, the guy's human form is temporary, which gives an excuse that he could do it more often until he gets enough power.... which I would assume would be NEVER.
Guh, this "power absorbing method" was just an excuse for smut scenes. The heroine was also extremely easy to rape, by the way. Though of course the sexual harassments on her (by multiple characters) only began when the story started =_=
I don't understand why people enjoy such manga, unless they're perverts (I don't mean it in a negative sense, just in an err... humorous sense).
My dislike towards smut isn't exactly on the you-know-what... but more of because it prioritized fanservice too much that it forgot about writing a decent story.
On the bright side, this is more decent that the other smut series that I've read. Perhaps the heroine of this series being not that desperate in getting a boyfriend had something to do with that.
But still, I really can't imagine myself enjoying this series....

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Wow, you update your blog so fast.

About Hanamatsuri, I also don't think it's BL. It's more like josei. And the art is pretty too.

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