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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Manga Discoveries: God of Fire, Female Alien, & Anti-Church (ft. Crepuscule)

H*P is an anime and manga blog, so I didn't think of featuring manhwa here, because even if the art style's the same... they're still different from each other.
But drats, I happened to read Crepuscule lately and I couldn't get it off my head ^^; Ahahaha! Ugh, even if it's not exactly manga, I'll post it here in H*P, as a feature at least ;D So here goes:

It's about a human boy who has become an outcast in his community because his red eyes imply that he's a monster, particularly a vampire. However, one day he meets an actual vampire. They eventually become close friends and due to some circumstances, he was brought to a world where everyone is a supernatural creature. The boy who was mistaken for an "abnormal" kid among the ordinary kids before is now the "normal" one. Interestingly, he's still different among the rest in both sides. And as you read more of the story, he turns out to be even more different than he already is.
Back to the story, the two friends got separated. But the story doesn't just focus on how our main character will adapt to his new environment nor on how he will reunite with his friend. There is more to it; the mystery behind the painting and whoever helped our leading character easily pass his entrance exam are some of some of the keys that could help us unlock behind the mystery of the main plot.
The storytelling may be so simple that you could mistake it for a kid's manga. Many parts of it are actually pretty cliche even. But it's actually deeper than it seems.
It has a nice set of characters too. They could either annoy or delight you, but so far, I don't find any of them 100% stereotypical. I admit that many of the jokes are a little lame, but the characters are so adorable that you would no longer mind those ^^ Hehe.
This series isn't really that outstanding but even with its short chapters, it remains cute and interesting. I guess that's its charm~
By the way, I've heard that the creators of this series only post the chapters in some web forum.... and yeah, it's not exactly published officially. It shows that even those who aren't professionals can share to us wonderful stories =D
I'm quite hooked to this xD Setz's my favorite~ (He said "You will die" in a happy and innocent face xD Cracked me up so much) Hopefully he hasn't turned into a typical dark tsundere bishie when he got older.


From Left to Right: Hi no Kagutsuchi, Akatoki Hoshi Residence, Blood Soul
Favoritism: Akatoki Hoshi Residence > Blood Soul > Hi no Kagutsuchi

I salute to manga that use female aliens without making them as either hyper or naive sluts! Their ignorance on earthly behavior hadn't been used as an excuse for perverted fanservice!
This series seems to be focusing on different main characters.
The first was a touching love story... a nice romance between an alien and a human. And oh, unlike the usual, it's between adults... a married couple in fact. I'm so happy that it's unique~ And oh the end of the first chapter made me want to cry along with them ;_;
The second is about an alien, who is tasked to investigate earthlings, fearing that her cover might've been blown. I love it that she was focused on her job, and not concerning herself much on what human girls of her age are making a big deal of... since she's not human in the first place!
Another interesting thing about this series is that the stories of the two heroines that have been introduced to us so far are connected... and they also live in the same place! It's very cool when an author manages to have various stories and characters put together.
I'm so impressed and very pleased with this series ^^ I'm so excited to know what happens next =D

Blood Soul
There's been quite a number of supernatural action series wherein the main characters are part of a religious group that fights against monsters.... how about the other way around? Blood Soul is one of those. The bad guys are part of the Church while the good guys are the monsters. Ironically, the Church murders humans and hunts monsters; while the monsters protect the humans and fight for defense (and also because they're innocent from the crimes accused to them).
It's still to early to tell whether this series will turn out to be good or bad because the first two chapters were only an introduction. The main plot was yet to be stated and we don't know much about the main characters yet aside from them being kickass and the main duo have a pretty odd... combo. Hehe.
It's interesting and promising so far, hopefully the later chapters will keep it up~

Hi no Kagutsuchi
In this type of supernatural series, it is to be expected that the leading character would be special somehow even if he's still ignorant of the "universe" he's actually involved in. I'm fine with that.
And like the typical supernatural series, on the day the leading character meets the other main characters (who are used to the supernatural stuff going on and are quite good at it), there shall be an enemy attack wherein the other main characters would somewhat screw up and their only hope is the leading character. I'm honestly very tired of that.
I can't find anything in this series that makes it stand out. The leading character is even like a xerox copy of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, especially on the appearance and temper. They both have a brother whom they consider important too, as well as a father who seems to have a pretty important role in the plot. This lack of originality sickens me.
As for the other characters, you'll either find them amusing or annoying. Their jokes had no effect on me though.... my annoyance on them overpowered all my other impressions on the characters.
I'm sick of this kind of story cliche and none of the characters had helped in making this a delightful read for me. Too bad... I really liked the art style.


Luna said...

Crepuscule sounds really interesting =0 I hardly read manwhas (except for Moon Boy) so this will be a different read for me.

But wow, you certainly have read a lot of manga. I'll definitely check out some of these xD

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Luna
Moon Boy! I think I've read that long ago but since I'm so not updated, I forgot the story now O_O;;;;
I hope you also enjoy Crepuscule ;D

Ahahaha... well, these are just so many because I've been compiling the manga I've read recently and those I've read weeks/months ago. The ones posted so far are... just around 10% of the total, ahahaha! Hopefully people would enjoy the new manga I've discovered/hunted/recommended xD There'll be more to come ^^;

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